Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The First UK Conference on Kundalini Takes Place Two Months from Today

Two months from today brings to fruition a strong inner instruction I received to organise the first UK Conference on Kundalini -  in 2013, the Year of the Snake, no less. When this instruction was first given to me, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Organising a conference was so far out of my comfort zone it seemed impossible. But then I recognised that I've experienced Kundalini energy myself, so from that standpoint the conference would be authentic. In January 2011, I set to work booking a venue and contacting experts on the subject.

The Year of the Snake - 2013

My aim is to cover a variety of topics related to personal experience, not concepts, theory, academia. Kundalini has taught me that the experience becomes knowledge only when the energy rises. Thus the unknowable becomes knowable. Until that point we are dealing with second hand accounts and opinions, not experience, and I want this conference to be about experience. 

For me, the title of the conference Science, Psychosis or Serpent represents the ways that Kundalini manifests itself. There are eight speakers:
  • Author JJ Semple will discuss his Kundalini awakening in scientific terms and give a demonstration of Golden Flower Meditation, the method he used to raise Kundalini permanently and safely,
  • Catherine G. Lucas, founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network, will address coping with psychosis and how to avoid confusing it with Kundalini,
  • Isabel Clarke, a consultant psychotherapist for the NHS, has written a number of books exploring the link between psychosis and spirituality,
  • Sarah Culliford, a psychiatric nurse, will explain the effects of Kundalini on her personal and professional life,
  • Frances Goodall speaks about her own Kundalini experience and how it enriched her life,
  • Yogi Master Shiv Charan Singh, the founder of Karam Kriya Yoga school, will share his personal experience with Kundalini Energy and how he managed to balance it while enjoying the benefits of a life filled with greater clarity,
  • Using a live snake, Kwali Kumara, who does yoga with snakes, will speak about the serpent as the symbol of spiritual enlightenment,
  • Steve Taylor will present his research into 33 cases of spiritual crisis/awakening and will speak about the energetic link between these experiences.
The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness of Kundalini, the dormant energy at the base of the spine within all of us. It is our natural evolutionary energy and is not to be feared.

I want to demystify unexpected shifts of consciousness and remove the uncertainties surrounding Kundalini. And although I would like to show the link between Kundalini and altered states of consciousness, this might be a bit too ambitious for a first conference because feeling the energy rise and observing its impact on the brain requires a high level of awareness of the inner landscape. So, for now, this will remain an unvalidated hypothesis I continue to work on.

Roll on...Two Months Time. There are a few places left, so if it's something you would like to be a part of go to our dedicated website and book up.

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