Seminal Retention

When the desires are stirred, it runs downward, is directed outward, and creates children. If in the moment of release, it is not allowed to flow outward, but is led back by the energy of thought so that it penetrates the crucible of the Creative, and refreshes heart and body and nourishes them, that is also the backward-flowing method.
~ The Secret of the Golden Flower
Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini
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While I was acclimating myself to living with Kundalini, there were periods when I only had one option: to stop ejaculating. I had to find a way to avoid ejaculation because it weakened me.

Yes, this notion is right out of The Secret of the Golden Flower. Not wasting the "seed energy" is the key to awakening and sustaining Kundalini...but if you must have sex (for whatever reason), seminal retention techniques are worth exploring.

Sexual Sublimation Powers Kundalini

As a result of my experience with meditation and kundalini, I’ve been invited to host signings and discussions on these subjects. During the Q&A sessions, attendees ask many questions about the sexual aspects living with kundalini, including questions about my personal sex life.

Many female readers of my books on kundalini have asked me if seminal retention techniques could help prevent premature ejaculation, not only for men with an active kundalini, but also for men without one.

Their questions got me thinking about writing a book on this specific issue. Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini not only addresses the above, it also explains how to sublimate sexual energy while practicing advanced energy cultivation methods.

Sex takes place in the bedroom
The Bedroom...Always Ready for Action

Higher consciousness and sexual sublimation (diverting sexual energy to the brain) are inextricably linked in most of the world’s meditation methods, especially those that target Kundalini activation. So where does seminal retention fit in? Seminal retention techniques can be used by male practitioners who want to continue sexual relations without the deleterious effects linked to ejaculating. One thing is clear: First, there’s a limited amount of semen in the male body. Neither you, nor I, can change this; it’s a biological fact. Second, although you can’t replenish what’s been lost, you can conserve what’s left.

From Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini:
“One night many years ago, my girlfriend and I were visiting friends in New York, arriving at their apartment quite late. Together, we had a quick snack before retiring to the guest room, exhausted. But before we could get to sleep, we began to hear “activity” on the other side of the wall.”
Excerpt From: JJ Semple. Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini
Excerpt from a seminal retention technique:
Muscle Contraction
Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles, that is the muscles around the scrotum, penis and anus every time you become too excited or aroused; if you aren’t sure which muscles to contract, practice interrupting your urine stream in the bathroom. This will show you how to avoid premature ejaculation...

Not only does this book contain more information on controlling ejaculation, it explains how to combine the power of deep-breathing, meditation techniques with seminal retention exercises. There are many more techniques, described in detail with the author's own personal experience notes.

These techniques and exercises are meant to be shared with your partner, both the sex part, the breathing and meditation aspects, and the "talking it through" part. Tell him/her what you're trying to accomplish. You'll find your partner appreciates being included in the process, as opposed to trying to guess what's happening.

To hear these techniques being applied in a relationship, listen to Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time...

...After you've read:

Seminal Retention and Higher Consciousness: The Sexology of Kundalini
JJ Semple's
Insightful eBook
Only $4.95.
Order Today!


  1. I have a unique way for this but I don't feel I should reveal it in a light manner to the World, however much I'd like to let everyone know. Funny implications!?

    1. I started my spiritual journey three years ago however I am still struggling with semen retention, it would be a great help if you could let me know the secret. It will expedite my spiritual journey. Thank you anyway.

    2. That's what the article is all about: you learn to squeeze PC muscle, for which, Wikipedia gives us the following definition: "The pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. It is part of the levator ani group of muscles."

    3. I do Karezza,she loves it. While doing it we both practice deep sexual breathing -- transmutes sexual energy upwards using 7 chakras. I will never waste the precious fluid.

  2. You email me and I'd post it anonymously.

    1. Hi jj. I live in venezuela. Dificult sutiation. In this momment dont have to.affort your books. I have been investigating kundaling awakening for 8 year. Some improvments but i really want a step foward. Do you have some strong material for you to pass for me to really master the techniques and the procedure to awake and sustain a kundalini trhough sexual energy. Lot of respect for you and this subject. Thank you so much and pardon me for my english. Thank you god bless

    2. Now im in a stage where need to improve more the impact of the sexual energy in the nervous system to achieve behaviors like wake up early 3 or 4am to take advantage of levels of serotonine or melatonine during meditation to get into the subconciens where traumas and other things.lays. thank you. Pardom my emglish again sorry

  3. Inspiring this knowledge
    I have been trying to understand the concept and practice of seminal retention and internalising the male orgasm
    Over the last decade I have managed to successfully reach the point where I can choose to ejactulate or not while experiencing the orgasm
    The benefits have been significant such as consciousness to impregnate or not, more substantial, intense and extended orgasms, more sexual energy, much more rapid recovery of hard phallus through the sexual encounter, developed pelvic floor and core strength to name a few physiological aspects and not to mention the psychological benefits of improved sexual encounters and personal increased energy levels.
    Thank you for your blog and your wisdom I personally feel the vast majority of men and humanity would be substantially benefited by the self empowerment and enlightened behaviour of these practices



    1. Ok, Archer. It seems we both know how to do this. I wonder how many people have the knowledge to retain the sperm inside them and still feel the orgasm? I say, "I wonder" because I have read and seen the videos about Moola Bandha or Mula Bandha but no one goes that far into the "orgasm part", which is still felt and achieved but no ejaculation nor sperm leaves the man's body. This way we activate the energy to the brain, the same way but strongly, I think! Let me know if I put my "foot" in it or I am wrong somewhere along the line with this explanation? The reason I say to JJ that it is a "secret" is because I haven't found a Google search with clear details on this method. Have you? And, as some Guru stated "humanity could benefit from this knowledge" but we ought to be careful to let the cat out of the bag just anywhere and any old how. What do you think? Best wishes. Rui

  4. JJ, When I first encountered your blog and book, these techniques and your emphasis on seminal retention was extremely useful. Previously, I was not focussed on it. These days I can actually feel the sucking sensation at the base of the spine which is transporting the seminal fluid upwards. Not following methods to retain semen is like spraying gasoline on the highway just for fun when you have embarked on a journey on a desolate road and there are still a 100 miles to go before you reach civilization. In this case, the brain needs the fuel a lot more urgently.

    Procreative, or worse, purely recreational ejaculation of sexual fluids to satisfy cravings can take a backseat. Putting these techniques in place also involves "moola bandha" which is essential for safe flow of energy through the pelvic region. Thanks a lot for this invaluable advice.

  5. As I state in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time:

    "I had my ups and downs, but awakening Kundalini is a trade-off, in my case, a choice I was willing to make. I traded my potential to copulate at will for the capability of channeling sexual energy into my brain, a trade-off that allowed me to revitalize my entire nervous system, and subsequently rebuild my body according to its perfect blueprint."

  6. Reading the post and the answers, I might add, just as a neutral comment, the fact that, after one succeed, for the first time in his life (referring to male experience) not to lose the semen and simultaneously to make it reabsorbing (transforming, transmutating, sublimating, whatever), THEN, the control over the ecstatic point of the incoming ejaculation (measured by some chinese tantric experts) as 99% of the maximum, can go literally even further the 100%. I did that. And all is about training the semen vesicle little tiny muscles. There are two groups of muscles. One of them are acting automatically and subconsciously and they only get the semen put. The other group, almost unknown by the medical physiology, are located at the outer duct of the vesicle, JUST BEFORE the outer duct melt with the outer hole of the bladder (after that they merged together on the ureter). Well, there is a very tiny, small, millimeter muscle which never moves, never get contracted in the entire life of an untrained male individual. So this is obvious why nobody knows that it still exists... Why does not move ? Because you never trained it to move. That is why. But it is not impossible. But first, one can do a very good job even without that, as beginners, in using the other larger groups of muscles contractions and education, which had been presented in the post. But I mean, AFTER one has successfully accomplish that, then next step can even make this new stage possible, whereby one may experience the 100% ecstatic state and even beyond, ... just like having the most powerful an indepth intimate relation with an amazing female partner, without ever having any worries about losing the semen. These are words from my own experience and I invite you to boldly go into this area of human trans-physiology as I call it in my books.

  7. Personally I have found that touching my penis in any way is to close to masturbation to be useful for seminal retention.

    I had the best results with sexual sublimation (or celibacy- whatever one might call it!) by not thinking about sex and doing keggel exercises while peeing. I would essentially stop peeing in the middle and hold it for a few seconds and then release and do it for about 100 times every time I went to the bathroom.

    I definitively agree that sexual sublimation is the healthiest thing any man can do.

    1. Thank you Matt for your interest. I'll try to prepare more info in the near future, but my english is not very good. If you have any unclear sentences, words... let me know about.

  8. Here is a taosist book if someone interested to read about it more. All the techniques mentioned in this post are stated in this book

  9. I read all books about kundalini in polish language, and I know this spiritual masters and teachers you quote, so I know the subject and i had and still have kundalini experience. I used seminal retention technic intuitively before Secret of the golden flower was in my hands. Really, I felt masturbation have a secret when I close my eye and try to stop ejaculation and orgasm. But this was a time when I made sex with my girlfriend every night. but Kundalini rise was in empty room, lonely. It was the longest night in my life, next morning a was changed , and my sex drive disappeared. In one moment. Now, after metamorfosis I haven't orgasm in normaly meaning, A feel stream of energy when i'm on sexual desire near elaculation,and it's rise to my head begun from sacrum bone, This is my pleasure, and it's scared becouse It's weird and abnormal for medicine. I can control sexual impulse with awakening kundalini energy, when i want. That revitalized my body ,nervous system and mind, I'm never tired as myself,

    Second way to wake up kundalini is in the moments when I'm listening my favourite music and experienced streams of energy from inside a head/brain those goes down to corpus , hands, legs whole body. Impulse to Nervous extasy came from great music.

    I need to end this post, but remember, seminal retention , stop seed, is a chinese taoistic technic for beginers to initiate kundalini, and it's work. But be careful, ask yourself , do you want trade your sexuality? Maybe that's all you have, Sometimes I want back to unconscious matrix.

  10. JJ Semple, your story is very interesting, we have many similar points, i have problem with my eyes, incorrect track , my eyes moves separately when I'm not try to focus attention. Strabismus. In fact, I used drugs like you, Read the same books And maybe all off that was the cause that kundalini arise in my body. I appreciate trying awake kundalini like meditation, yoga, and another safety methods. My adventure with kundalini was spontaneously ,unexpectable, without support and brings suffering, isolation, misunderstanding and so on. But it's worth because "she" change men to better in moral and intellectual aspect also is healthy. I describe poetry, in my original, language for myself.

  11. Martin, as another member of the Kundalini brotherhood, you describe, and reinforce many of the descriptions and notions expressed in my books and on these pages. Thanks for contacting us with you account. By the way have you had a chance to review our latest titles?

  12. I have wasted my semen in intercourse or by age self since of 18 to 31 years of life , nearly every single day.I use to feel energetic after the ejaculation ,so I thought its good for body and the process of intercourse I have mastered my ability to hold my ejaculation to when ever I like in intercourse say 2-3 hours.

    But now I am free from almost free the carnal desires and I have started my spiritual journey , am practicing yoga meditation everyday for it.

    But I want to know is it possible for me to get anywhere near to awaken my Kundalini , as I have wasted so much of my semen.i am sad and scared cared thinking what stupid I had done in my previous day in search of ecstasy.

    1. Want to find the answer to your question? The only way I know would be to use your body as a laboratory in an experiment:

      1) Find a method that works for you (This is the method I used:
      2) Practice the method as prescribed.
      3) See it though to the end.

  13. I have been practising witholding the orgasm for over2years now,the benefits I can feel,although like the Author states,breathing exercises should be practiced alongside this practice.

  14. Hey JJ, I read some of your books and really enjoyed them. I’m interested in practicing the golden flower method, but one thing I’m curious about is the importance of nasal breathing. I have a deviated septum and while I can breathe okay through my nose one side is somewhat blocked. While I sleep I generally have to breathe through my mouth and sleep on my left side to allow for better airflow through my nose. I could get my septum removed but like to stay as natural as possible. I realize you don’t want to give medical advice, but I’m wondering if you can give your thoughts on whether you think it would be good to get fixed or if I can practice the meditation with it. Thanks!

    1. Good question. You might consider delving deeper into dental solutions. In James Nestor's recent book "Breath," he describes the work of Dr. Theodore Belfor, the discoveries he's made and the practical solutions he uses to deal with issues like yours. It starts with a Cone Beam (CBCT) Scan.

      You can purchase the book and search for the Belfor section or you contact him directly, as per this email I received form his office:

      Hi JJ,

      As Dr. Belfor outlined, his evaluation begins with a 3D Dental CBCT Scan, it might be possible that your local dentist or imaging center can direct you where to have one done. 

      Here are the instructions for the technician:

      * It is important that the scan is taken with your teeth together with a natural head posture (no chin cup if possible).
      * The CBCT scan must have a field of view of 15 cm x 15cm minimum. 
      * The multifile dicom data should be emailed to;,  in a zipped file.
      After Dr. Belfor evaluates your scan, we will schedule an approximate 1 hour Zoom Video call for you with him to go over the evaluation which will determine how best to treat you. The cost of the evaluation is $575. 

      Please let me know if there is anything further we can help you with. 

      All the best,

      Kim Velona
      Dr. Theodore Belfor, DDS 
      Office Manager 
      917.617.2704 office

      You might find this a better option than removing your septum. I would purchase the book first so you can understand the evolution and the nature of his approach and treatment.

      Let me know how it turns out...