Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Waves of Reality - Big and Small

The nature of a wave can be described using wavelength and frequency. Using music as an example, lower octaves, the deep bass sounds, are waves with longer wavelengths and shorter frequencies. Higher octaves, the kind of sound that breaks the wine glass in movies, have shorter wavelengths and greater frequencies.

The kind of sound that breaks the wine glass in movies have shorter wavelengths and greater frequencies.
Wavelengths and Frequencies

As shown in the figure above, the lower octave waves in Figure A complete one wave cycle at 50 Hz while the waves in Figure C have a much higher frequency and shorter wavelengths.

In an earlier post, Margaret pointed to the nature of the lower three chakras. These are the chakras in the earthly realm. I have written about the significance of the number 33 and it's relevance to kundalini in an earlier post. The three lower chakras represent, respectively, the elements earth (base chakra), water (sacral chakra) and fire (solar plexus chakra). This is a progression from slower, 'denser' vibrations to faster and more fluid vibrations.

As described before in my post 'The Divine Vibration', all existence is manifested as vibration. We come out of the primal big bang. All of the universe is sound or 'nada brahma' in sanskrit (nada - sound, brahman - the universe). This vibration descends from the fastest to the slowest from the crown chakra down. To the human being having a kundalini experience, however, reality unravels from the lowest to the highest chakra. 

The initial explosive opening of the holy grail or kunda (the terms mean the exact same thing and are interchangeable. The chalice or grail reference in Judeo-Christian spirituality and the word 'kunda' or pit in Sanskrit. A concave holding vessel). Then the rising of the 'holy ghost' up the spine, and it's ascent upwards into ethereal realms upon being cleansed of 'sin' or past conditioning and trauma.

My exploration of Indian classical music reveals that the lower octave sounds activate the lower chakras, the middle octave activates the heart and throat chakra and the highest octave notes activate the upper two chakras. 

Kundalini awakenings are classified into two categories:
  • permanent, the energy flows through the spine 24/7 for the rest of your life; 
  • temporary, there is an awakening for a brief period, and then the energy becomes dormant once again.
In my experience, the difference between the two is the piercing of the heart chakra. If the awakened kundalini is able to pierce the heart chakra, the awakening becomes permanent.

In my own case, after the initial awakening described here, I was in an awakened state, hyper-aware of everything. In the frantic search for answers, I ran into literature that explained this fact to me. At that point, I was determined to do whatever it took to make sure my awakening was permanent. The energy kept moving up and down my spine those first three months and I was constantly going into trance states, my consciousness totally moving with the energy, feeling each part of my body, opening blockages and unlocking more and more of my true self.
I realized that even after changing my diet and not making any efforts towards helping the energy, it was still flowing through me. It dawned on me slowly that I had a permanent awakening and that this was not going away. This realization caused both relief and apprehension. Relief because I got what I wanted — a permanent experience of the divine within me; apprehension because I realized it came with no finite end-point. The energy continues to do its work today as I type this.

Going back to the nature of waves, it can be said quite literally that the coarse manifestation of the divine, the densest waves, create solid earth. Not the planet, but the state of solidness, the element earth. At the highest level, the fastest frequencies manifest as thoughts, emotions and sensations. This state of emanation, from nothingness to existence at its most solid and palpable is represented by the Hindu symbol AUM, seen in the figure below.
Hindu symbol AUM
We reside in the 'waking state' in the earthly realm. Kashmir Shaivism describes the human experience as a cosmic interplay of the different levels of vibrations, creating the sense organs, the activity associated with those organs and the divine will that allows the eye to see, the nose to smell and so on.

We are basically consciousness trapped in a body of congealed waves, given the outward appearance of a limited human body with it's limited abilities. After an awakening, pure consciousness, from the higher vantage point beyond the corporeal amalgam of sense organs, witnesses the being that lives in that limited state.

This is the best way to describe my experience immediately after my awakening episode — the highest level I had attained up to that point in time. I was lucky enough to find the right books, websites and personal accounts and managed to put these words together. This description in no way does the experience justice, but is the best I can manage.

The following diagram from Kashmir Shaivite cosmology elucidates this concept further. In Kashmir Shaivism, the term Shiva is used interchangeably with the term Brahman and they both mean 'the absolute'.  The use of these terms should not be mistaken for the deities Shiva or Brahma used in popular Hindu mythology.
Shiva is used interchangeably with the term Brahman
Kashmir Shaivite Cosmology
I won't go into detail about the different terms used in the above diagram, other sites explain them much better and in more detail. I am only trying to connect the AUM diagram with the one above as being two ways of showing the same thing: the descent of divinity into limited-ness, multiplying waves creating complex states of reality, sense organs, the canvas as well as the images on the canvas that then forms our reality, perceived by the limited human sense organs. We call this our waking reality.

Ultraviolet and infrared exist but we cannot perceive them without the use of special instruments.
Light Waves
Sound is just one way of representing this reality. Using light waves as another example, we see the human experience as a limited existence between the confines of violet (crown chakra) and red (base chakra). We know that ultraviolet and infrared exist but cannot perceive them without the use of special instruments.

Just as the earth is round but appears flat to our eyes, we live guided by our senses, unaware that our higher spiritual reality only becomes apparent when the noise fed to us by our surroundings is bypassed. This state is achieved through a practice of meditation.


  1. Vivek,

    Reading yours and Margaret’s posts got me thinking about my Chakras at work, what it’s like to suddenly observe activity in the inner landscape and realize that it’s happening within my body, and that my body is loaded with extraordinary bio-chemo-anatomical sub-systems I never knew about, that most people never will. What a series of revelations!

    The Chakras at work, wow. For me, it was the Root, the Solar Plexus, and the Third Eye. I watched them actually do stuff, like watching a computer run a program.

    The Root Chakra activated suddenly while I was meditating. “On the day in question, I feel a sensation at the base of my spine like the cracking of a small egg and the spilling out of its contents. For the next month, I observe the fluid-like contents of the egg trickle out of its reservoir and slowly begin to climb my spine. What is this fluid? I can’t describe it exactly. It seems to emanate from the base of the spine and press upward. Each time I sit to meditate, it has risen a half an inch higher.”

    This next activity concerned the Third Eye and the Solar Plexus working together. “As the third eye battles for ascendancy, a hole opens in my abdomen and a force field of energy shoots out, following an arced trajectory outside my body to my head. A castanet-shaped gland in my head opens to receive its stream of energy. I can feel the muscle walls at my solar plexus pull apart and open. I feel the energy shimmering forth.

    “This dazzling display lasts about five minutes. Then two spear-like things — extensions of my nose, it seems — gang up on the castanet-like gland and try to pull it down. My entire head moves and twists uncontrollably as the muscles and nerves wind in all directions. But the gland will not be pushed and, climbing still further, it squirms and pushes its way into a space between the two halves of my brain.

    “Once this happens, the battle stops and all, including the two tentacles, cease struggling. And this gland, or Chakra, the third eye — whatever its rightful name — turns like a gyroscope, meting out instructions and assigning tasks. Probes touch specific locations in my brain, causing muscles throughout my body to react. It controls the elixir, directing it to designated locations. No longer chaotic, it’s very precise; a factory at work. All organs, nerves, glands — even the spear-like tentacles — snap to attention, ready to serve. I know — I’ve seen it. Under vibrant illumination, I’ve followed every movement as if I was watching a brain scan from within.”

    This was all before the ‘Circulation of the Light’ as described in The Secret of the Golden Flower. Now there are daily Son et Lumière shows at warp speed, produced and directed by the Chakras.

    I still don’t know the rightful names, but I can bear witness to their existence and their power, once they become active.

    1. Amazing description. So vivid. I have mentioned the throbbing third eye before. Another event was the flash of blue light that I kept seeing off and on. I wonder if others have experienced that. It is a flash of electric blue light, like a dot that flashes before my eyes, especially during times of revelation. The feeling of energy pushing through my spine and brain is a constant sensation. I have learnt to live with it to the point that it has become normal now. Fusing of the brain hemispheres causes the blue light to flash sometimes.

  2. Dear Vivek
    Thank you so much for your post, I was thinking of writing actually...
    I hope this is the right way to answer!
    I love your posts they are really well explained solid and grounded, I enjoy reading them and am learning a lot...I am hoping to share more and perhaps you won't mind giving me some insights when I get to the bliss experiences, still very baffled about it all and wondering many things
    I am very excited about the kundalini consortium, it's just wonderful!

  3. Thanks a lot Laila. I would love to be of help in any way I can.
    I am glad you enjoy the posts. I do my best to write about my own experiences.
    The one thing I would emphasize is surrender to the process and letting go of as much past baggage as possible. A state of clarity is underneath the mental chaos and the things we tend to cling to. It helped me to remember that any extreme thoughts were just one side of the coin and the opposite was equally valid. Using Tao-ism helped me embrace thos things, letting go and accepting the totality as is.
    I wish you all the best in your journey.

  4. I too think that Shaivism has a great deal to say about Kundalini activation, and is a great help in staying with the awakened energy, and, as you say, with the fact, that this process is irreversible. I agree that piercing the heart chakra is vital, as this is the place where kundalini carries us out of our selves. I like the cosmological diagram, particularly the part in the bottom righthand corner depicting the illusion of the separated purushas. This means, basically, other people, and one's relationship with other people in the awakened state is one of the greatest challenges (and delights) of Kundalini. There's a good discussion of the diagram in Phillip Rawson's 'Art Of Tantra', a rich and articulate book.

  5. I agree. The heart chakra is the place where permanent awakening takes place. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also discussed this, and it has become the goal i am working towards. The permanent awakening. I believe we can all have it. Through deliberate practice.