Thursday, June 11, 2020

Breathing and Covid-19

Previously, we examined the relationship between foods consumed and the Covid-19 virus. This post examines the effects that kundalini mediation breathing exercises have on the metabolism. Do they fortify it? Do these exercises prepare the body to resist the ravages of Covid-19?

The answer is: nobody knows and there is no way to prove whether it this time.

Sure, you can imagine a clinical experiment where selected groups that have and have not practiced diaphragmatic deep breathing would produce results scientists can measure. We're a long way from being able to do this, both from an organizational and medical standpoint.

All we have is extrapolations and anecdotal accounts. Nevertheless, I believe that the Golden Flower Meditation breathing exercises I practice do protect me. Why? Because these exercises are the aerobics for the diaphragm. I have no scientific evidence to support this hypothesis, only the fact that while exercising strenuously, I'm able to breathe through the nose without gasping for air.
A few days ago the NPR program Fresh Air featured a Terry Gross interview with James Nestor, a researcher exploring the many aspects of the science and art of breathing:
"You can think about breathing as being in a boat, right? So you can take a bunch of very short, stilted strokes and you're going to get to where you want to go. It's going to take a while, but you'll get there. Or you can take a few very fluid and long strokes and get there so much more efficiently. ... You want to make it very easy for your body to get air, especially if this is an act that we're doing 25,000 times a day. So, by just extending those inhales and exhales, by moving that diaphragm up and down a little more, you can have a profound effect on your blood pressure, on your mental state."
~ How The 'Lost Art' Of Breathing Can Impact Sleep And Resilience
As I listened to this interview, I was struck by how much it echoes the techniques of Golden Flower Meditation:
"When you extend the belly, pushing it outward on inhalation and then pulling the belly in to expel air, you are embarking on a regimen of abdominal and diaphragmatic calisthenics. Starting this activity for the first time — whether sitting, walking, reclining, or lying down — you may feel a burning sensation. That is the muscles of the abdomen telling you that you are beginning to breathe correctly. Using the belly muscles is like pump priming, that is, using the handle of a pump (the belly) to activate the pump mechanism (the diaphragm)."
~ Golden Flower Meditation website - JJ Semple
Ultimately, there's no reason NOT to practice some form of yogic breathing exercises, using the diaphragm and the nostrils. The diaphragm is is just as important as the muscles you exercise in the gym, if not more so. I make sure the diaphragm "participates" in every movement I make, whether walking, yoga, reclining, exercising, or meditation — breathing through the nostrils as described in the Fresh Air interview cited above.
Listen to it. And purchase the book. It's adapted for this day and age. In depth serious research on the lungs, the diaphragm, the nostrils, the configuration of the breathing mechanism, and the importance of nasal breathing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Will I Still Be Eating the Same Foods After COVID-19

To avoid misstatements, I need to be very careful in writing this post. It could be deemed controversial. I mean, to think that there might be a connection between the foods we eat and our susceptibility to the COVID-19 virus! What gall! Indeed, what heresy...

Welcome to the New York Times article that introduces this assertion — that contracting COVID-19 is somehow related to diet.
"But while diet-related disorders increase vulnerability to the virus, limited national attention has been paid to lack of access to nutritionally wholesome foods that can sustain metabolic health and support a vigorous immune system."
~ How Poor Diet Contributes to Coronavirus Risk-New York Times, Jane E. Brody, April 20, 2020
I don't know whether this is true or not, but I'm  glad someone's started the ball rolling. We need more attempts to correlate the non-medical factors surrounding susceptibility to the virus.

Outside a Paula Deen restaurant
We Are What We Eat

Why shouldn't metabolism be one of the factors that determines vulnerability? After all, are we not what we eat?

Not only can markers like "excess fat around the middle, hypertension, high blood sugar, high triglycerides and a poor cholesterol profile," and low blood oxygen measure health, the article seems to infer they also measure metabolism. I don't know if these elements constitute the totality of metabolism, but I do know that I watch mine, using them as two-way feedback that keeps them in a safe range.

If one is up, I eat a little less or more of that:
"The Pennsylvania-based Geisinger Health System created a food pantry in its Shamokin, Pa., clinical center that provides enough fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins to feed each family two healthy meals a day five days a week, along with weekly menus and recipes.
Among the first 95 members enrolled, there was a 40 percent decrease in the risk of death or serious complications and an 80 percent drop in medical costs per year, Dr. Andrea T. Feinberg and colleagues reported."
~ How Poor Diet Contributes to Coronavirus Risk-New York Times, Jane E. Brody, April 20, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Biology of Kundalini

Activating Kundalini begins with biological transformation, using energy cultivation techniques to arouse the body’s hidden potential.

Since kundalini is a biological phenomenon, it needs to draw energy from a biological source in order to accomplish its purpose. That source happens to be sexual energy, the same energy source involved in procreation. How could it be otherwise? The energy used to create life is the same energy used in re-birth. What other source in the human body has the requisite supply of the necessary energy to accomplish a rebirth?
Nevertheless, each individual is configured differently which means outcomes do vary, not only on account of anatomical, genetic, and neurological differences, but also because the triggers responsible (meditation, tantra, shaktipat, drugs, etc.) for activating Kundalini vary greatly. Different triggers produce different effects. In fact, the rules that produce a variety of human shapes and sizes in the physical world also govern the multitude of metaphysical effects that kundalini produces.

It is an unpredictable physiological process. For that reason, you need to study the phenomenon before presuming it's appropriate for you at the present time. There’s also a commitment/dedication component. So, is it reasonable to dedicate your time and efforts to an unpredictable process that demands commitment?

Transformation is not a single event, but a stream of energy events, each one a challenge. So much goes into completing the process: inspiration, motivation, discovery, detective work, exercise, meditation — to say nothing of frustration, disappointment, and disinformation. Choosing a viable method is vital. The path is long, hard, and uncertain.

Up till now, there is no one method for shepherding a novice through the entire process that has a one-hundred-percent success rate. However, Golden Flower Meditation worked for me, resulting in a full-fledged, permanent kundalini awakening.

On the flowchart below you will notice two phases, what Ram Dass called the You do it! and It does you! phases. In the first phase, you do all the work. Whether consciously or unconsciously, deliberately or accidentally, you become inspired. Whatever! It’s up to you to find and manage the various elements. Motivation, detective work, decoding, practice are also up to you. It’s only during the last phase that things get really interesting, not that they’re uninteresting beforehand. But there definitely is a transition from the You do it! to It does You! phase.

Kundalini flowchart

To put the preceding flowchart in perspective, imagine a similar chart tracing the path of a typical American doctorate level education. The process is long — getting a PhD is a grueling process — but the information is readily available. Want to study chemistry? No problem. Ten thousand college catalogues at your disposal. Get good grades in high school, find a college that suits you and you’re on your way. On the other hand, informing yourself about secret teachings such as kundalini is not as easy. There is no approved curriculum, no regulating body, no accepted practices, no Secret Teachings for Dummies guidebooks. You’re on your own. All you have is your own inspired motivation, some hint that there is something out there — something for you. Beyond that you have no idea what’s in store for you. No idea that the overhaul you are pursuing is really a biological process. Golden Flower Meditation leads to a neuro-biological overhaul.

Through my practice of Golden Flower Meditation, I discovered the remarkable self-healing capabilities of the Kundalini~Life Force. My nervous system was stimulated such that the natural chemical substances of the body were recombined and used both to correct a deformity and also to induce a higher consciousness. After successfully activating the Life Force, this amazing energy source inventoried my entire body, immediately transmitting vital energy throughout the nervous system to the deformed parts of my body. What kinds of conditions are treatable? Any condition caused by damage to nerve endings or circuits.

How does GFM work? Correctly implemented, the active Kundalini triggers a process known as sexual sublimation that distills seminal fluid, or cervical fluid, in the case of a woman, and draws this distilled extract of sexual energy up the spine into the brain. This kicks off autonomic self-healing mechanisms that use the nervous system to revitalize neural related disorders. Normally, GFM has little effect on degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, or stroke. However, by practicing GFM and eating more pure raw foods, the body is less likely to degenerate.

What if there were a mechanism in the body capable of revitalizing the brain and the nervous system, of counteracting the ill effects of neurological degeneration? That mechanism exists. It’s known as Kundalini Shakti  — the vital energy responsible for your incarnation. To avail yourself of it in later life for creative and for healing purposes, I practiced Golden Flower Meditation. It’s not the only method, but it is one I found to be permanent, voluntary, safe, repeatable.

At the moment, Kundalini Shakti is in hibernation, waiting for you to activate it. A popular explanation, really a misconception, says that if kundalini is not awakened, it is dormant, completely inactive. If that were true, we’d all be dead. Kundalini has a maintenance aspect, Prana Shakti, which is always functioning. It’s actively at work on you now, maintaining your autonomic functions. The life force has two aspects: Prana Shakti maintains your basic functions such as blood flow, digestion, and breathing; Kundalini Shakti fosters self-healing while opening you to higher consciousness.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Morality and Kundalini

Because we exist in an energetic universe, there is nothing to prevent an immoral or dangerous person (by society's standards) from activating kundalini. We can only hope that, once active, the impact and the immensity of kundalini experience will, at a minimum, steer the person towards a respect for the Golden Rule.

Don't believe we live in an energetic universe as opposed to a moral one? Think about the origin of each: the source of the first is Consciousness; the origin of the second is man-made religion, an activity devised by man for the purposes of social cohesion.

Consciousness does not take sides; it's the driving force behind evolution. It judges mutations: beneficial, harmful, or neutral, without getting involved with particularities. It doesn't function as the Judge Judy of evolution, ruling on whether a given human interaction is fair or not.

Religion depends on social cohesion and civility. If these moral forces implode, as they have over my lifetime, what will replace them? We've already seen the rise of authoritarian tendencies.
The Merry-Go-Round of Life (courtesy of RP Bradley)

More empirical proof can be witnessed by the way we treat one another. We've mostly thrown the Golden Rule to the dogs — this basic religious teaching is no longer observed or practiced, even lip service to it is rare.

You see evidence of it everyday. In drive-by shootings, in random attacks, Internet bullying, fake news, violence against women, economic inequality, racial hatred, whack-a-mole wars.

Can kundalini jump in and quick start human evolution or do we have to wait eons of evolutionary space/time before the brain's most grievous characteristics are eliminated — its mammalian characteristics?

If you consider that we evolved from one-celled animals to what we are today, it is logical to assume that, given a similar amount of time, we will, once again, change forms many times over. Short-sighted animals that we are, many among us, believe that we have reached a state of perfection, that we can evolve no more. Quelle arrogance!

It is impossible to project exactly what formal changes human beings might undergo. Nevertheless, if I were to guess what that form we might take, I'd first ask myself which mutations cause the most problems as far as human life is concerned?

I'd have to answer: the body itself, the source of all our problems: war, materialism, money, overwrought emotions (jealousy, hate, pride, rage - ten commandment stuff). If we were to ultimately evolve into "bodiless beings," these issues become moot. This may sound crazy, but it is consistent with evolutionary purpose and process — in that evolution eliminates harmful mutations.

Am I hypothesizing that the human body, which some of us worship, which every one of us would like to worship, is an evolutionary mistake? Kundalini tells me that there is more to me — to everyone of us — than a body.

There's a lot of mystery and confusion around kundalini, what Gopi Krishna aptly termed "the evolutionary energy." It's become a hashtag, a meme. If you activate it, you half expect it to solve your problems and change your character. Not so. If you're a bad person, you alone can change your attitudes and personality. Kundalini can provide the objectivity to see things as they really are, but it can't change your behavior. You alone can do that.

Religion, on the other hand, is so much opinion and polemics. The challenge is to bring back that part of it common to all religions, the one moral activity under each individual's control — the Golden Rule.