Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Healing Properties of Kundalini

lower back getting stiffAfter spending some time on a Saturday afternoon moving some heavy cement slabs in the basement of my cottage, I noticed my lower back getting quite stiff and painful, particularly when moving in a certain direction. This was just another reminder that my aging physical body is becoming increasingly sensitive to the stresses and strains of life. I just cannot do the things I use to do, even though I still like to think I can.
daily meditation exercisesIn the early morning as I began my daily meditation exercises sitting on two round cushions designed for this purpose, I became quickly aware of the discomfort that I was experiencing in my back. I reminded myself that despite the discomfort in my physical form, there lies within its boundaries a more subtle body whose connotation is indestructibility.

 This subtle body, often referred to as the “Vajra Body,” is made up of thousands of channels through which flow numerous life-force energies. Unlike the physical body with its ordinary nervous system, muscles, organs and other components, all subject to sickness, decay and eventual death, the subtle body is free from these inevitable sufferings. In fact, once we have made contact with this clear, conscious body of light through meditation, our physical bodies are no longer a problem, or at least, not as great a problem.

a more subtle body

The various components of the subtle Vajra Body — its channels, chakras, energy winds, etc. — are all worthy topics, but today I want to single out the channel referred to as sushumna that runs in a straight line from the top of the heads down to an area in front of the base of the spine.
energy winds

Many experiencing “Kundalini Rising” are familiar with the sushumna and the focal points located at various intervals along the channel known as chakras or energy wheels. It is at these distinct focal points that the subtle body overlays the physical body through its lymph and glandular system, revealing their purposeful connection:
  1. To share how the life-force energies of the vajra subtle body can interact with the physical body to provide relief from physical pain as the two are brought into contact with one another.
  2. To introduce methods of mobilizing the life-force energies of the subtle body in a future post.
I am not speaking solely about the process of transcending physical pain by directing our full attention away from our physical bodies. I am speaking of the ability of the life-force energies of the subtle body to assist in the relief of physical pain through our meditation experience.

Each morning, part of my meditation time is spent in an activity which could be described as "tantra." Tantra has to do with the mobilization of the life-force energies of the subtle body with the intention of growing in spiritual awareness. These energies can be mobilized through five types of activities — vibrations generated through:
  • Breath
  • Physical movement
  • Visualization
  • Sound
  • Touching, stimulation, etc.
When we carry out those activities with the deliberate purpose of mobilizing our life-force energies (which can then be directed up the sushumna by intention), we discover nature’s most natural and effective method of healing and alleviating suffering in our physical form.

chakras or energy wheels

This mobilized energy erodes away the attention we place on our physical bodies by placing us in a state of inner stillness and calm. The blissful, ecstatic, vibrational qualities of this energy soothes and restores those areas of our physical form damaged by life's stresses.

Friday, August 21, 2015

How Do You know If Kundalini Is Active?

So how do you KNOW if your Kundalini is really awakened? For Gopi Krishna and myself, two persons who practiced Kundalini meditation, we were able to observe somatic and metabolic changes in the body as the sexual sublimation process engaged and as it ultimately reached a dramatic crescendo, ushering waves of pranic energy into the brain, igniting all chakras and opening up a vast metaphysical realm. In cases like ours, the proof is incremental and documentable: The trigger induces the effects and we followed the process as you might follow a laboratory experiment — one taking place in the laboratory of your own body.

For me, the effects have been benign. Whether this holds true in your case, I can't say. Withstanding the effects depends on your ability to accept Kundalini and adapt yourself to its dictates. I've talked with many people who have shared some, if not all, of the effects listed below, and, in doing so, have thrived:
  • Triggering autonomic self-healing mechanisms capable of correcting defects due to neural degeneration;
  • Rejuvenating the brain and the body as a result of intense neuroplastic activity;
  • Retarding the aging process;
  • Reversing self-destructive and addictive behavior;
  • Heightening and enhancing consciousness through the awakening of various metanormal effects and powers;
  • Cleansing the ego by removing the effects of conditioning and programming: self-actualization;
  • Clearly demonstrating that the spirit persists after death;
  • Helping to end dependency on ineffective health-care models; and
  • Facilitating the transition into the next state of being.
What about those whose Kundalini has been ignited accidentally…without any intention to do so?

In cases where the individual cannot identify a trigger, you almost have to work inductively, from the effects back to the cause, from the symptoms to the trigger. If you can identify a number of acknowledged Kundalini effects/symptoms, you might conclude that your Kundalini has somehow been aroused. This is tricky because there’s a tendency to equate certain mental aberrations with Kundalini symptoms, persuading yourself that Kundalini has actually awakened when it hasn't. You must always verify everything you see, hear, or feel.

But suppose an individual is unable to identify a trigger, but is able to describe a set of psychic, physical, mental, and metaphysical effects that suddenly manifest themselves — effects that are so antithetical to, and even incompatible with, that person’s previous behavior or state of being. For instance, feeling the need to be alone when he/she was formerly gregarious, feeling sexually disinterested as opposed to feeling oversexed, a newfound aversion to addictive substances and behavior, dramatic changes in diet and energy levels. Obviously, the person would begin to wonder about the cause of these changes. And if that person was familiar with Kundalini, it might seem like a logical choice for a cause. But is it a well founded choice?

So, unless there's some indication of the actual trigger, there's really no way of determining if Kundalini is active. You must delve deeper. Kundalini is not to be trifled with. Make sure you're up to dealing with radical changes in condition (psychic, mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical) over your lifetime.

Kundalini is there for the rest of you life
Don't Rush To Activate Kundalini
Activating Kundalini has far reaching consequences. Unfortunately, strip mall Yoga salons don’t know much about the aftermath of a Kundalini awakening: It’s a lifetime responsibility and learning to live with it is often beyond the ken of those trying to sell you on activating it. Interested persons should think about why they want to attempt to awaken Kundalini and how they want to go about it. In other words, the choice of trigger?

Nevertheless, since effects vary from subject to subject, even though subsets of effects may be shared in many cases, it is useful to rate each trigger by the effects it induces. That way the individual can identify which triggers to avoid and which ones produce positive effects.

Now, the term "triggers" I keep referring to are really different kinds of detonators. The actual cause — the explosive charge — that "detonates" Kundalini activity is a quantity of stored-up, distilled sexual energy (explosive charge) preternaturally available at the moment the detonator (trigger) engages.

No matter the detonator (trigger) — be it drugs, for instance, or meditation, or even sexual rapture, each detonation causes a release of sexual energy. The initiate may not feel sexually aroused during its release because in releasing sublimated sexual energy, Kundalini works at a deep neurological level. One thing is certain, however, the sensations/effects/symptoms the individual feels when Kundalini activates are always due to the release and upward climb of sexual energy to the brain (only the dosages and frequencies vary).

For example, you may feel tired, enthralled, frightened, or depressed without any erotic undercurrents. Nevertheless, sexual energy is present. The reason you may not feel sexually aroused is because the energy Kundalini releases to the brain initiates a rewiring of neural and cerebral circuits, which once fired, can cause behavioral irregularities, up to and including bliss, psychosis, and depression, which in turn, mask the sexual sublimation activity taking place in the background.

There’s another element that must be accounted for, a deterministic element some call The Field. Not every person seeking to activate Kundalini is able to do so. At the same time, not every person in whom Kundalini becomes active wants it to happen. This is especially important at the present time when so many people are striving to activate it by so many different methods. Most of them have no idea what awaits them if they succeed. And if and when they do succeed, they are often ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath.

JJ Semple
So how is the determination made on who’s going to succeed? This is important because forcing a Kundalini activation is almost beside the point in evolutionary terms. Human evolution is nowhere near complete. Over time, the human race is going to reach higher states of consciousness. What’s more, our bodies will continue to evolve. Evolution will see to it; that’s how evolution works. So, basically, in your attempt to raise it, you are trying to jumpstart something that's going to happen anyway over time.

Anyway, back to The Field...

For the trigger and the explosive charge to collide, The Field must move them into alignment; that’s it’s deterministic nature. This Field could be called The Energy Continuum or Consciousness or even a Quantum event, one whose moment is come to pass: the collision in time and space of Detonator (trigger) and Explosive charge (sexual energy), brought together by The Field (quantum event), thereby escorting an individual destiny through an evolutionary leap. This "happening" is much rarer than you might be led to believe.

What’s important for the initiates The Field does select is to realize that what he/she is undergoing is benign, any aberrant mental and psychic states can be stabilized by accepting Kundalini, not fighting it. So be patient. Let the rewiring and the restorative work begin.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Thing That Really Triggers Kundalini

If there’s ever to be a scientific study of Kundalini, so that Kundalini awakenings can become widespread and verifiable, then the single thing that triggers Kundalini needs to be isolated. Kundalini awakens in a multitude of situations, with a plethora of apparent triggers: drugs, meditation, emotional catastrophe, shaktipat, even the bizarre practice of erotic asphyxiation, but these are merely circumstances, that surround the moment of awakening, they are not the trigger itself. We must look deeper to find the first cause. I think an indication of what the trigger is can be found in two small statuettes, both bronzes, from the Kashmiri and Tibetan traditions. These bronze statues combine two figures, but were made for individual meditation. One is the Tibetan yab-yum image of Vajrasattva, the Diamond Thunderbolt Sceptre seated in upright sexual congress with Vajradhatvisvari, the Diamond Thunderbolt Wisdom. The other is the image of a rampant Kali, again in the upright position, straddling the erect penis of the dead Shiva.

Vajrasattva has huge eyes. They stare out across Vajradhatvisvari’s shoulder on the brink of terror. He’s staring into the void, one foot lifted in a stamping movement as her body climbs his in a zigzag motion like a bolt of lightning. In the other statue, Shiva’s eyes are closed, while Kali’s eyes stare straight ahead into the same terrifying ecstasy. This is the moment when the physical eyes see the complete reality of space/time, of which our visual world forms only a small part.
The Physical Eyes See Complete Reality
Kali’s Eyes Stare Straight Ahead

Relativity and quantum mechanics both teach that space/time is static. This reality need not be confined to mathematical formulae, or remain a mere scientific concept. It can be experienced bodily, as the statuettes show. If all of time and space is present here and now, it follows logically, and in the most down-to-earth way, that the moment of my death is present here and now. I can look at it, experience it. This is what Vajrasattva and Kali are staring into — the fact of ending. This is what the corpse Shiva has already achieved. So what, then, does his phallus indicate? Surely a dead body is an inert, flaccid thing. On the level of reality where this trigger of Kundalini is found, ending is an action. It’s frightening, but it is something that is done. Ending is not something that’s inflicted on me, even though my body might be in a state of prostrate inertia.

This is not sexual fantasy either. It’s the moment when experience accords most with reality. Our bodies, including our brains, are made up of subatomic particles. Quantum mechanics shows that subatomic particles are not "things," they’re "events." My body is an "event" moving through days and nights that are a matrix of "events." Kali riding Shiva is an "event." Vajradhatvisvari climbing the Thunderbolt Sceptre’s body is an "event." And, as Feynman showed in his space/time maps, every subatomic event is marked by the annihilation of the initial particles and the creation of new ones. Vajrasattva’s eyes and Kali’s eyes are wide and stare-y, on the brink of terror, because consciousness can go down to this depth. The inner eyes can keep open even at this moment of becoming void. This is do-able. It’s more than a verbal concept. Consciousness, at the most fundamental level, is a quantum process. It’s been shown experimentally that the human eye, when it becomes adapted to the dark, can detect a single photon, with its zero mass, and its status as both wave and particle.

A quantum process of consciousness triggers Kundalini, but the question remains, why, then, does Kundalini have such a radical effect on the external, physical body and on the human brain? If the trigger is so subtle, how can what it triggers — Kundalini — be so outwardly powerful?

The universe is held together by four forces: the strong force, the electromagnetic force, the weak force and the gravitational force. The strong force binds atomic nuclei together. The electromagnetic force is the force that holds in balance the process of attraction and repulsion between charged particles, and allows particles to form new combinations. The weak and gravitational forces work on more long-range interactions. Kundalini is experienced as power because Kundalini begins as a flash, a "lightning flash," of the strong force (Vajra also means "Diamond Thunderbolt") at the nucleus of the atom, and then works outwards, or rises, through the more material manifestations of the electromagnetic and weak forces (the body in space and time). This is why the circumstances that surround a Kundalini awakening can seem so confusingly varied. The sexual symbolism of the statues is appropriate, because this lightning flash that triggers Kundalini, is very similar to what can happen at the moment of orgasm, if consciousness strips itself down to nothing, so that orgasm is suspended and something else comes into being.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Transphysical Energy Activation During Fast Sleep

 ~ Speculations over a recent personal 13 minutes fast sleep experience ~

Introduction - Terminology
Due to the unusual nature of my experience I am going to use some newly created terms not contained in any English dictionary.

Normal Sleep
According to Wikipedia, sleep, as we all know it, is a naturally recurring state of mind characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of nearly all voluntary muscles, and reduced interactions with surroundings. In my text, I call this “normal sleep.” During an eight-hour night, this type of sleep undergoes several phases. Wikipedia categorizes at least four phases of sleep in detail.

Out of Body

Fast Sleep
This is actually a type of normal sleep that lasts a very short time. Normal Sleep lasts a few hours, but Fast Sleep, according to my personal experiences, is Normal Sleep that lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Fast Sleep could also be understood as one or more hours of Normal Sleep that bestow the same benefits on the brain and body in only a few minutes  as many hours of Normal Sleep. I am not able to specify if this very short sleep contains all four phases (of a normal eight hours night time sleep). I tried to make an experiment at a clinic where electrodes would be placed on my brain, but the neurologist had to cancel the meeting. So, I don’t have an answer to this important question.

Unconscious Sleep
Due to the lack of answers and scientific measurements, I can’t specify what phases occur during a fast sleep experience. Therefore, the only difference I observe over the past 2-3 years is that all my sleep experiences consist of two parts. One part is completely unconscious and I am cut off from all sensory inputs. We all experience this and, according to Wikipedia, it is likely associated with what they describe as NREM Stage 2 (N2 - 45-55% of total sleep in adults) and NREM Stage 3 (N3 - 15–25% of total sleep in adults, i.e., deep sleep, slow-wave sleep), in which the sleeper is less responsive to the environment and during which environmental stimuli no longer produce any reaction.

Coming Back to Your Body

Semiconscious Sleep
This is either a transitory phase or a unique phase of Fast Sleep. According to Wikipedia, the closest analogy I can come up with is NREM Stage 1 (N1 - 5-10% of total sleep in adults, i.e., light sleep, somnolence, drowsy sleep). But what I have actually experienced is, at least in good part, different from what Wikipedia describes. In this type of sleep, which in the majority of cases is a unique phase of Fast Sleep, I fall asleep, I close my eyes, I feel more and more drawn towards a deeper state of sleep, my muscles begin to relax one by one, and finally my diaphragmatic muscles relax and my breathing enters a noisy, snoring phase.

Here what's unusual: I am not cut off from auditory and tactile senses. I can hear my own snoring and I can hear (and then remember in the awakened state) a normal conversation in the room, if there are other people present and if they are not making loud noises. I can hear music and, while sleeping, I become conscious of the fact that I am asleep. In my entire life, I never had these experiences before my biological transformation. Because my muscles are completely relaxed, I cannot say if I'm cut off from my visual sense or not, because my eyes are closed, but I can tell the difference between light and no light in the room or if the light suddenly increases. At first, when this happened, and for the very first time in my life, I began to hear my own snoring. I woke up immediately because I felt frightened. Always the same stupid question “Who’s there?” woke me up in seconds. But after hundreds of the same experiences, I got used to this, and my mind didn’t raise that question anymore.

Inception, the movie
For those who had not watched this movie, it would be better to watch it before reading the rest of my story. Here is a brief description from the IMDb that underscores the film's merits and good ratings.

My personal experience – the story as it happened 
Although I had been experiencing the Fast Sleep phenomenon for more than two years since my transphysical energy activation, what I am about to describe diverges decidedly from the sleep experiences I was used to. Fast Sleep in my case is a short 10-15 minutes Semiconscious Sleep which occurs at the confluence between normal awakened and normal sleep. At the border, somehow, the conscious mind is not fully at sleep. The hearing sense remains active and I hear my slow, snoring breath. Nighttime sleep is composed of several episodes of Fast Sleep alternating with Unconscious Sleep, the total length of which amounts to somewhere between 3 to 5 hours, for an average of four hours. During daylight I may have one or two Fast Sleep episodes, all of them semiconscious, with the hearing sense active, but lasting no more then 15 minutes.

What I am about to describe is very speculative and is based upon a unique experience which happened on June 12th, 2015 at exactly 11:30 am while I was watching a Stargate Atlantis episode. At that moment, I felt I was dropping into Fast Sleep, which is nothing unusual for me. I observed that if I allow myself to be drawn into sleep, I’ll feel much better for a long time after awakening. So I acquiesced instantly, but used the remote control to stop the film, thinking I’d resume watching it later. I was in bed, and when the moment came, I put my right hand over the top of the remote control, which was on a table next to the bed. I pressed the pause button…then my fingers relaxed over the remote and in just seconds I fell asleep. In little less than one minute, I slipped into Semiconscious Sleep; my hearing was active and could hear ambient sounds.

I was in a Semiconscious Sleep state; I was also aware of the passage of time (over the past two years I had learned to accurately estimate how much time I was spending in each state). This time, I experienced about 7 minutes of Semiconscious Fast Sleep that I’ll call Level 1.

What happened next…well, this was really unusual. Suddenly, I fell into a much deeper state of sleep that I'll call Level 2. I began dreaming. In Level 2, I was cut off from the hearing sense, but the visual sense became partially active and I saw some indescribable pictures flashing by in a kind of place where I was involved in doing something, exactly what I am now unable to recall. The impression I retained after awakening from Level 2 was that I was there for at least 35 to 45 minutes. I had the impression of spending 40 minutes there whatever “there” was. When I awoke in my room, the TV was still on, the movie was frozen on the still picture frame where I had stopped it before going to sleep. I tried pressing the Play button to resume watching the movie, but the button didn’t appear to function and the LED indicator of the HD player displayed Fast Rewind, a signal that it was re-synching to the frame where it had been stopped.

I suddenly realized that I was still sleeping and that I only passed from a Level 2 dream into a Level 1 dream, and I was dreaming this scenario of pressing the button on the remote. After very short time, I was completely awake. The interesting part of these details is that the HD player has a screensaver and if it pauses for more than 15 minutes, the screensaver automatically switches on. But this had not yet happened. So with this interesting information, I could make some measurements.

I estimated my total sleep at 13 minutes: passing from awake to Level 1 took approximately 1 minute, being there lasted about 7 minutes, semiconscious, hearing active. Then came the Level 2 sleep, whose duration was yet to be determined. Another minute was spent returning to Level 1, which included seeing the room for the first time while asleep. All of this felt very realistic. There was nothing astral about it; I was not outside my body. This is very important to mention. I was not having an “above view” or a "view from the corners of the room.” I estimate the duration of my Level 2 dreaming inside the dream had lasted no longer than 4 minutes although my impression was that I was there about 40 minutes.

The resemblance of this story with the movie Inception is so shocking. People will say that my account is a fake, a self-deception because I was influenced by the movie. But what if it was real? Scientific geniuses might conserve an amazing amount of time while asleep. For example, eight hours of this type of sleep could actually correspond to 80 hours of energized, uninterrupted work.

There are stories about people experiencing unusual states of consciousness and making amazing discoveries. In Inception, the three levels of sleep are represented as: 10 seconds in Level 1 means 3 minutes in Level 2 which means 60 minutes in Level 3, and about 20 years in Level 4. Obviously, Inception is a sci-fi movie, but I now see there is a seed of truth in it, one I never thought I’d experience in my life.