The Kundalini Consortium Podcast

This podcast explores the many aspects of cosmology that contain the principles of life and nature. The process of awakening hidden resources within our bodies in order to understand.

Where does such important information come from? It comes from the ancient science of self-knowledge, a discipline that existed before the discovery of modern material science. There are many resources for self-knowledge science. If you want to research the concept on your own, read The Secret of the Golden Flower. It’s where I first discovered the principles of Golden Flower Meditation (GFM).

Discover its cleansing and healing powers in my book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. It details the obstacles I overcame in activating it, how a childhood accident deformed my body. It describes how I discovered GFM and how it awakened my Kundalini.

To find out more, listen to The Kundalini Consortium Podcast.

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