Medicate vs. Meditate

The statistics go on and on, painting a picture of billions of wasted dollars, millions of lost lives, and lots of pain and suffering.

Why do we willingly and passively surrender our bodies to the inevitable “side effects” of every new medicine on the market? What makes us take the “easy way out?”

To Medicate or To Meditate is a complex psychological, social, economic, and political issue. There are many layers to this onion, many reasons why consumption has gotten out of control. It’s no use pointing fingers, not if we’re serious about turning things around. There is no easy way out.

Nevertheless, there is a way out. And although finding it is largely up to you, we’d like to share some mind-body meditative practices, such as yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi, combined with dietary changes, herbs and supplements that helped us reject the false hopes offered by prescription and over-the-counter medications.

The magic word is: PRACTICE.

Practice allows you to make friends with your body. To take responsibility for it. It’s not only beautiful; it strives to be radiantly healthy. So support it.

We hope you find this information as useful in your daily life as we did when we rejected the “easy way out” many years ago!

To better health,