Saturday, December 26, 2020

COVID-19 and Kundalini

Is there a case for using kundalini's pranic energy in the struggle against the COVID-19 scourge? Any way an active kundalini might mitigate the impact of this scourge?

It depends the optic chosen to examine such a  relationship. Whatever else it is, it's fast moving. I find myself reformulating what I knew yesterday with the new information I’ve learned today.

Are You In Good Hands?

Through it all, I’ve limited my investigating to the use of energy cultivation techniques to monitor and improve health. The more impenetrable aspects of consciousness I leave to others.

There’s so much to be learned not only about COVID-19, but also disease in general and the role energy cultivation might ideally play in preventing it.

Any role kundalini might play begins with breathing (see The Science of Breathing and More Science of Breathing). After that, there's a potpourri of home remedies and medical research, not to mention wild ravings, such as the refusal to be vaccinated. Right now, traditional medicine is pretty much unable to make any sweeping claims on how the virus works and what it's going to do in the future... Not only because there are no trials involving kundalini and the virus, but also because every kundalini experience is different.

Today, I received a text message asking me to do a Podcast on COVID-19 and Kundalini. At first blush, there’s no way to make a credible association between the two, much less suggest any medical diagnosis or treatment, except to state that in my experience kundalini does not cure degenerative diseases, i.e., cancer, diabetes, heart issues. If you have mistreated your body, eventually it will reflect this mistreatment.

However, the breathing techniques I used to awaken kundalini, might have possibly protected me from the ravages of COVID-19. The virus targets the lungs and other vulnerable organs; I have spent 50 years strengthening my lungs. That said, one day my body will give out. Nevertheless, until that moment, I'm going to continue my breathing exercises. Could this practice apply to others? Why not? It's certainly a cost effective solution. Zero dollars and zero cents — one more reason to review the two posts cited above.

Aside from the breathing exercises, there are some interesting postulates having to do with excess acidity in the body — homespun remedies and such — research largely ignored by medical science. I may be stretching my knowledge a bit here, but I believe that most researchers — whatever their bent — agree that cancer and other degenerative diseases do not thrive in an alkaline body. If this is true, why does the medical establishment not test for alkalinity at every periodic doctor's visits?

Through kundalini, I have gained enough experience and objectivity to know that:

  • Proper breathing is crucial; there is much to be done to improve it, 
  • As of now, there's no vetted, science-based preventative or cure for COVID-19,
  • In fact, although modern medicine has many life-saving treatments, it is stuck in a rut when it comes to preventing sickness,
  • We are in a period where medical treatments are suspect; at the same time, regular people are using their bodies as laboratories as they attempt to find non-traditional cures: supplements, Eastern medicine (acupuncture), home remedies, alternative drugs, homeopathy, psychdelics, yogic practices. Are these two tendencies going to merge — East/West, traditional/alternate,
  • I trust modern medicine up to a point; I do not know how to set a broken leg or insert a life-saving stent. But after the stent is placed, I am responsible for avoiding future instances, as I am responsible for listening to my body when it tells me something is wrong.

In conclusion, it seems that there are as many common sense measures the individual can take — alkaline diet and diaphragmatic breathing techniques — as there are medical advisories such as, wearing a mask and avoiding crowds.

Breathe and be vigilant... Be a Practical Mystic.