Friday, September 16, 2016

Kundalini And Out Of Body Experience

My first Out Of Body Experience (OBE) occurred when I was 21, lying in a George Washington University hospital bed after a appendicitis operation for which I was given a morphine injection. I wrote about it in my book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, from which, the following excerpt is taken — a visit to the hospital by my girlfriend at the time, Madeline:
JJ: “I was in this half-state between sleep and waking. A great glowing light filled the room. Suddenly, I was floating upward. When I reached the ceiling, I realized I could steer myself. I’m having trouble though. I command myself to roll over and I’m looking down at my physical body, asleep in the bed, and I realize that I’m in an altogether different body.”
Madeline: “So?”
JJ: “So I stayed up there watching my body asleep in the bed. I knew I could leave the room, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to get back. I knew I’d see amazing things, but I figured I had to return to my body, that I wasn’t ready to take off and leave it.”
Madeline: “Hummph.”
JJ: “Well, it opened my mind… Perhaps, I shouldn’t say ‘mind’ because the mind may not be part of it.”

Until my Kundalini awakening fourteen years later, I had no further OBEs. Since activating Kundalini, I've had numerous Astral Body experiences and am now able to put myself into the state at will. How is that possible? OBE can be learned. Yes, you can train yourself to leave your body at will. In my OBEs, I have experienced many of the abilities to:

  • Fly like a bird and even visit outer space,
  • Walk through solid objects like walls, ceilings etc,
  • Meet loved ones who have "passed on,"
  • Grow spiritually and gain awareness of your True self,
  • Visit the Akashic Records and see the past and the probable future,
  • Increase your psychic abilities,
  • No longer fear death,
  • Become a better problem-solver,
  • Become a better person in all areas of your life,
  • Engage with the pet (especially your cat) in an OBE,
  • Heal yourself physically and mentally.
Is an active kundalini necessary for OBE? It certainly doesn't hurt. Many kundalini adepts have shared most of, if not all of, these effects. But is it absolutely necessary? Aren’t the effects of an OBE a subset of Kundalini effects? Given the large number of OBE accounts over the centuries, I think they are. People have been experiencing OBEs without ever knowing about, or even having heard, the term Kundalini. In its own right — Kundalini is perhaps more difficult to activate, especially on a permanent basis.

Again, I experienced the Out-of-Body state spontaneously, and also as a result of kundalini. Perhaps, my first experience acted as a "warm-up" — a signal that this faculty would lie dormant until my meta-body was sufficiently reprogrammed, in my case, by kundalini, a condition that would eventually enable me to summon my Astral Body at will.

Only recently with the explosion of self-realization studies has a critical mass of interest in both OBE and Kundalini appeared, which has led to OBE self-learning materials.

Should you become interested and wish to explore OBE, one critical point to remember is: You retain conscious control over all your impulses. Just like my experience in the George Washington Hospital when I decided to pull back, you can exert the same kind of control. In other words, you can move forward incrementally, only undertaking OBE as you are able to master your emotions: fear, anxiety, etc.

I meet and talk with many people about meditation, NDE, OBE, mindfulness, enlightenment, and kundalini. It's easy to distinguish a genuine seeker from boastful pretender. Detached, yet present, emotionally composed, the seeker acts as a receiver and transmitter of metaphysical actuality, proving their capabilities over many years. 

Since awakening my Kundalini 40 years ago, I have mastered the techniques and highly endorse OBE as a means of spiritual development. Once you master it, there's no limit to the insights into the cycle of life and death that an OBE bestows on you, the traveler.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Dream Energy

One of the strongest impacts Kundalini has on me concerns the way I sleep and the falling-asleep and waking-up processes, and I wonder if other people have experienced the same thing.

Natalie by Paul Lyons
During the day Kundalini strips away anxieties, irritations and fears. When Kundalini’s at hand, it’s easy to see, almost visually, a big package of angst or negativity welling up from your stomach and to simply look away from it and let it turn into simple, pure energy, part of the continuum. Kundalini certainly improves task-oriented functioning as well as clarifying one’s position in the world at large.

At night, asleep, the energy’s just as strong, but it works differently. For the last couple of years I’ve been waking up to find myself pinned to the bed by a sort of shining stillness. There are no thoughts or feelings, just a bright force holding me still in the position that I’ve happened to wake up in (either flat on my back, or mostly on my right side, stretched out fully, not curled up). If I’ve got to go to work, be on the train in twenty minutes, think about placing an order with the builders’ merchants, tell my customers I need some more money — this stillness gets wasted. But since I’ve been back in Thailand with my wife and only teaching two days a week, I’ve been able to let this waking stillness, breathing very slowly and deeply, Kundalini intense and bright, take its own course and take hold of me. It usually lasts for about an hour. I have the feeling that I haven’t dreamed much, or at all, during the night (though, of course, it’s hard to say for sure) and that this bright stillness is dream energy, the subtle energy that would normally have gone into dreaming, but which has stayed in its raw, unmanifested state and hasn’t somehow allowed my brain to make dream narratives, faces, or places out of it. I checked this out in some books and believe that this bright still energy is what in Tantra is called tejas.

Psyche discovers her secret lover is Cupid

After an hour or so the stillness starts to burn, the Kundalini heat becomes more intense, thoughts start up, and at a certain point I reach a sort of overload, and it’s time to get up. But what then becomes crucial is that this prone, lying-down state of the last hour gets balanced by some uprightness and concentration. So, after a wash and ten minutes on the balcony getting used to looking at things again (mountains, a river, a singlet used to clean the floor) and listening to things (birds, insects, someone panel beating up on the highway), I sit in straight-backed, upright meditation for another hour. The stillness and the Kundalini are much the same but, for me, there’s something vital about being centred and upright (not lying down any more.) In alchemy, the prone position, symbolised by a horizontal line represents the Waters and Cosmic Female and the upright position, symbolised by a vertical line, represents Fire and the Cosmic Male. I have a hunch that there’s a lot in this and would be interested to know whether other people have experienced this same altered relationship between sleep and wakefulness once Kundalini is activated.