Friday, May 31, 2013

Spiritual Evolution

How do you explain light to someone born blind? You may use words, but they won't understand. How can they? We naturally relate through past conditioning so if they have nothing to relate to, the matter will remain a mystery to them. If you have had a full kundalini transformation, you will find yourself unable to explain this new state to others. You will try. But you will fail. Time and time again.

Don't bother explaining yourself. You will be persecuted if you do. People are afraid of things they don't understand and base their judgments on their fears. Instead, don't speak about the light; BE the light. Become the source of light and lead the way. Others won't understand, but they will be intrigued, inspired. They will follow. Become special through your actions and others will be convinced. You can speak of riches all you want but once you share them with others, only then will they believe you. Only then will they want to have the riches for themselves, too. This is your purpose. This is why you had an awakening. To open the eyes of others so that they too might see the light as you do. Only then will you be fulfilled. You will find the unity which you seek.

When I first had the awakening nine years ago, I thought I was special. I found happiness in differentiating myself from others and thinking I was more blessed than the rest. As my ego started shedding its conditioning over time, the happiness of being different turned to despair. No one knew or understood what I had experienced. The wonderland I lived in was restricted to myself alone. I was lonely beyond belief with no one to relate to but myself. But something magical occurred. The ego began to shrink, and so did my loneliness. I no longer differentiated myself from others; I related in the most loving of ways. I now see every person as myself and every person is special, like me. I am no longer lonely; for the first time I'm full of life.

There are two parts to the Self: The I and the Ego. The I is found in the heart, it is a spark of the light of the Sun. The ego on the other hand is found in the mind. To test your will, God devised a master plan that requires your getting to the heart through the mind. To get to the God-Self, or the I, you must conquer the realm of the mind.

Duality is found in the mind, in the realm of the illusory nature of the moon. The realm of opposites. Which means that all fears and perceived negativity exist there. The ego thrives on fear. In reality, it exists only because of fear. The same as the I exists to love, the ego exists to discriminate between opposites. It doesn't love others, only the self. The ego is a thought, the same as the I is an intuitive emotion. It exists as part of memory, and memory is found in the element of water.

Our physical bodies mainly consist of water. Therefore physicality is linked to the ego. The ego is a liar. The biggest con the ego pulls is letting YOU believe that you are YOU. In reality, you are not.

Through a kundalini awakening, immense fire is released into the aura. This fire, when applied to the water element, sheds the ego over time. This is why, over time, your memory is purged and you begin to realize that who you thought you were, you are not anymore.

Memory exists because of duality. It is linked to the past. The ego exists through the past. Living in the past, the ego plans the future. In the mind. It creates desires. As the past is eradicated, so is the desire to craft the future, which brings one to the apex of the NOW. The overall purpose of the kundalini awakening is to purge consciousness so that it can exist in the NOW. And once it exists in the NOW, the mind realm has been traversed, opposites have been reconciled, the ego has been diffused, and one slips slowly into the realm of the heart. In this realm, the true Self is found — the I. And with it comes true unconditional love because love is the fuel of the I and the connecting link between Self and other Selves. Therefore, true unity is reached. Heaven has been found.

I perceived with this awakened inner eye, a geometric grid that appeared to my eyes, or brain, like a single unified field of intelligence. I could perceive this field directly.
The Grid-like Fabric of Reality
With a full kundalini awakening, accompanied by the breaking of the cosmic egg at the crown and the awakening of the spiritual body and the 72,000 nadis or nerve centers, the human being becomes the God-self. In an instant. In a flash, the human battery or aura is expanded from 100 volts to 100,000 volts. All the chakras or energy points in the body are awakened, and the light inside pervades all that is seen and felt and heard.

At first, this state is only a state of potentiality. Consciousness has to evolve over time to adjust to this new voltage. Karma from each of the chakras has to be dealt with and purged in order to reach its highest state and maximize the potential what's inside you. As before, the ego is still present, but it is wounded and starts slowly dying. As the ego dies, so too, the memory of who you thought you once were. It takes many years, many painful memories to purge your conditioning — many fears to overcome, many doors to open.

You start in the lower chakras: earth, then water, into fire and air, and finally spirit or aethyr. Always moving upwards. Once you have reached spirit, the battery's power is now integrated within consciousness and the human being becomes tuned to the vibrations of the outside world. Consciousness operates within the 4th dimension, the dimension of vibration with aethyr as its medium. The inside is the outside, the ego is completely diffused, and you are living in the NOW.

You're a God or Goddess in this world as related to the material plane and you are now above it. You have your feet on the Earth, but your head in Heaven. You will die and be reborn in a different solar system with a whole new set of life lessons and forms of spiritual evolution. What those are, nobody can know while existing on Earth in the physical body, but your ultimate goal has been reached in terms of your spiritual evolution in this earthly form.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Biology of Consciousness

New Age consciousness is a mass movement. Yet consciousness is related to human biology, a fact most people are unaware of. They see the treetops, but not the roots. Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time is a case study on how Kundalini overhauls one's biology to create a new human being in one lifetime. That is the power of Kundalini.

The question put forward, extrapolated from my experience, is: With the adoption of systems from other cultures, such as meditation and Yoga as well as the veritable explosion of New Age self-realization systems could the mass experimentation with these techniques ultimately trigger an acceleration of human evolution or will we have to wait for evolution to simply take its course? Is there sufficient critical mass to allow the various self-realization techniques to push humanity over the threshold of higher consciousness or do these techniques only produce temporary change in a given individual? If we could influence evolution by the mass practice of these techniques, which ones work best?

Yes, there are many paths, many systems, many techniques. They work in different ways. Some work by improving the individual's outlook and world view. Some actually overhaul the entire being. But how many of them alter brain chemistry in any significant fashion? Because that is where higher consciousness is forged. In my case, an activated Kundalini altered my somatic, metabolic, and genetic actuality, rearranging me physically.

While practicing a given system, one often becomes a devoted disciple, forgetting to evaluate the results with a critical eye. Does the system I practice actually produce results? Am I changing? How? Is my brain chemistry changing? For instance, am I able to function at a higher level? Do I have a greater existential awareness? Could I possibly give up sex and use my distilled sexual energy for the sublimation purposes? How can I prove I am changing? Can I demonstrate altered brain chemistry? Or have I only convinced myself that I must be changing because I'm an eager follower of such-and-such a system?

Our Multi-cultural World: Store Window Saris in Berkeley, CA
Is there a scientific way of confirming altered brain chemistry? A way of showing that Method A alters brain chemistry more completely than Method B?

Right now, scientists combating Alzheimer's offer solutions for increasing, or stabilizing, brain cell propagation. Cognitive techniques of all sorts, from tic-tac-toe to Monopoly to crossword puzzles to attention, memory, and coordination games. There are websites devoted to these types of exercises. Websites that after a few free rounds ask you to pay. Here's how one site, Lumosity, describes their neuron rebuilding program:
"The Human Cognition Project makes it easy for neuroscience researchers to study the questions that advance their research in ways that have not been previously possible. The ease of use and engaging nature of the Lumosity programs means that people enjoy doing the training, making it easy to recruit and retain participants in university-based studies. It also means that the database of users worldwide is growing everyday, giving researchers a new venue for exploring cognition not previously available. With over 14 million members worldwide having played hundreds of millions of game, Lumosity has the largest database of human cognition ever assembled. Researchers are actively exploring this database to understand the determinants of cognitive performance and cognitive enhancement — all in an effort to make the world a smarter place."
For all the buildup it's not really scientifically certain that cognitive exercises prevent the onslaught of dementia. So what about New Age consciousness enhancing methods? What about traditional methods, like Yoga and meditation? What is their track record?

I'm not sure there is one, except for scattered, unfiltered anecdotal reports — books like Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, for instance. Unfortunately, scientists don't approve of anecdotal data. Even the thousands of statements related to Near Death Experience make them uncomfortable, despite the fact that similar statements are collected from people who don't know each other, live in different places, belong to different religions, and don't share a common culture. Doesn't the notion of critical mass begin to apply here?

Visit the Self-Realization Restaurant
It's the same for Kundalini, for Tai Chi, for meditation methods of all sorts, for all New Age proclivities and predispositions. It's up to each of us to find a means of quantifying the neural regenerative aspects of a given system and then comparing the results with, say, cognitive game therapy such as Lumosity. In the future we will have to work together, but with so many different types of awakening experiences we can start by exploring with the brain chemistry altering capabilities of a science like Kundalini meditation, which actually floods the brain with dementia fighting substances, derived and distilled from sex energy.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening

A lot of very good information has been published on this blog about the kundalini phenomenon. I am thrilled to be part of such an erudite and articulate group. I thought it would be interesting to add a post on the kundalini symptoms that I have faced on an almost daily basis.

The energy serpent moving through the spine is the most common symptom and everyone with an awakening reports it. Beyond that however, each individual, with his or her karma and life experiences is witness to a variety of different experiences. Here are some of mine.

In the beginning, when the body began to contort, it felt as if an alien being had descended into my body and was taking it over, like a hand inserted in a glove that was wiggling to get a good fit. I, the observer, was still aware of the activities, but was no longer actively moving the body parts. The two main yogic postures that the body took were chakrasana or wheel pose and a forward bending action when I was seated, making my head touch my knees. Any resistance to this would result in pain. This was a completely new experience. It was interesting to note that the body performs the postures needed for your particular needs, to get the energy flowing through blocked areas. It was not important to know every single yogic pose or become a master. The energy knew where the blockages were and moved the body as needed to fix them.

The most amazing and illuminating experience came from the throbbing of the third eye. The energy did not flow sequentially from one chakra to another, lowest to highest. Most of the activity focused on the heart chakra and the third eye area. There was little or no energy movement in the legs. It was all in the spine, neck and head. My initial experience gave me the feeling of an egg cracking at the bottom of my spine, then an explosion in my heart, both events accompanied by visions and revelations. However, it was only when the third eye started to throb that the altered states of consciousness and revelations went into high gear. By this time, I had begun searching for books, websites and personal accounts on the subject. The throbbing third eye was the equivalent of receiving the rosetta stone to decipher the information in those books.

In the first few months, felt a need to cleanse the body of all toxins. Using laxatives and going on juice diets, taking supplements, I removed all built-up junk that had accumulated over the years. Damage caused by excessive use of alcohol and red meat was undone by the energy and it guided me to assist it in the detoxification process.

Right from the start of this journey, my libido went completely haywire. Initially, the awakening and cleansing was accompanied by an increased sexual appetite and constant thoughts and images of a sexual nature, followed by weeks of zero interest in sex.

A heightened sense of awareness. Usually, we are aware of two or three things around us at most. The TV, sounds of kids playing, maybe a conversation going on in the background. In my heightened state of awareness, I could detect every single thing going on around me. I had the sense of being so deep in the moment — with no intruding thoughts of the past or future — I could sense everything happening around me.

Time started to stretch and/or shorten. For example, two minutes lasted a lot longer during meditation and felt like a half-hour had passed or conversely, twenty minutes would feel as if they were only a few seconds. I would reach the state of 'samadhi' or total emptiness and come back to normal reality in an hour or two, not knowing how much time had elapsed.

A feeling of one-ness with nature. To this day, the first few days of spring brings total ecstasy. I can 'feel' the energy of the new leaves on the trees. Spring and summer are blissful and rejuvenating and winter brings the blues once the trees are barren. I have to prepare myself once the trees start to shed leaves.

I never saw the bright lights that others have reported. However, moments of revelation are sometimes accompanied by a bright blue flash. This is usually a pin-point that shines before my eyes, but a few times, it has been like a blue flash bulb went off.

These are just a few of my symptoms that I have felt or experienced and continue to experience over the last six years.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Few Days Ago I Was Petting my Dog

A few days ago I was petting my dog and suddenly got a very vivid visual flash of Cola Cao.
B&W Dogs Playing in Hiller Park
Dogs at Play — Hiller Park, McKinleyville, CA
I have no idea where this flash came from! Cola Cao is a Spanish milk chocolate drink in a glass bottle I used to drink as a child. Amazing is, I had completely forgotten the existence of Cola Cao.

Yet years later and miles away from my beloved island of Formentera, a flashback to Cola Cao. More extraordinary still is the flash came back with the full awareness of myself at age seven sitting at Consentino’s Café by the beach. I am not just aware of myself, I AM myself at age seven. I am sitting in the chair in my wet bathing suit, my nose is immediately picking up the smell of the green plastic tablecloth just cleaned with a wet trapo. My nose is also picking up on all the other smells in the place. All these smells are separate and distinct as they include the delicious liquid chocolate of my drink as well as the smell of the coffee machine. The frying olive oil smells coming from the kitchen and the smell of the sea and seaweed; the dry twigs on the beach and the salt on my skin and the scent my brother’s wet hair.

I see everything surrounding me with a sharpness and electricity I have never seen before, except in dreams. The Mediterranean blue is glistening, the sand is golden and warm, I am aware of the specks of sand clinging to my bare feet, I can see the details of the sabina bushes and the pine trees, the gorgeous yellow of sunflowers growing in front of the café, and a lonely black beetle digging into the sand.

I have vision everywhere and can see in all directions. I am living an authentic Madeleine de Proust experience! My taste is enhanced, too, as the deliciousness of the creamy drink lingers in my mouth I can simultaneously feel the taste bud sensations of all the people around me including my brother drinking a Fanta Naranja, sweet and acidulated and fizzy all at once. I feel how the drink tastes to him, not to me.

Did I ever feel, see, taste, smell things so sharply as a child? I don't remember; it seems like a vaporous dream.

Yet now, in this instant, things are more real than real and, though belonging to the past, more present than they ever were. The recollection of the Cola Cao acted as a kind of a doorway.

This doorway led me deeper and deeper into more memories and feelings of the forgotten past, each more vivid than the other. I could choose to focus in on one image, for example  a green lizard biting a piece of watermelon on the ground. I could zoom into the image until I had a close up of the velvety texture of his emerald skin and tiny white teeth, or I could zoom into the sound of his body on the sand, or the teeth chewing on the watermelon. I could also zoom into the feeling he had while eating the piece of watermelon with the warm sand underneath and the soft sun warming his back. It was all so exhilarating!

I could also zoom into the feelings of all the people present in the café, the way Maria felt at the time and Consentino and my parents and the kids running around and the tourists sitting at other tables. I just knew how they felt. I could go where I wanted to within the recesses of my memories as if I were a master filmmaker.

Eventually, I actually had to stop as I had things to do…

During the Cola Cao experience my dog sat with me as if she was seeing and hearing with me, sharing my space.

When I do an animal communication, it is quite similar as the present becomes more real than real. I am talking of a communication with an animal that is not in front of me, an animal whose essence I capture as I let my spirit float towards him.

I share and exchange with the animal in this "non space, non time" dimension. If I’m tired or preoccupied, my senses are more deadened, but other times they are incredibly vivid and present. If I am with a horse, for example, I can inhale fully his wonderful scent.

It is all incredibly delicious to experience!

I enjoy those times because reality becomes bigger and more profound, time and space expand and become elastic. There is a feeling inside, a space of eternity, within which, silence is filled with sounds and scents images and feelings.

Double exposure – Parc du Chatelet, Paris
Through the Time Warp, Over and Over – Parc du Chatelet, Paris
I am fully aware at that time of the consciousness of the animal as we share our breaths and our feelings. His thoughts (even though they are silent and different then mine) pulse within me. Everything becomes awake, consciously vibrant.

In those moments, I realize what an extraordinary being an animal is. I realize the incredible vastness of his spirit, I realize the beauty of his soul, I realize the extreme sensitivity of his feelings and the natural flow of his thoughts. In those moments I almost capture what consciousness is.

And, above all, when I am able to feel the consciousness of a particular animal, I become aware within every cell of my body and depth of my spirit simultaneously that EVERYTHING IS ALIVE AND CONSCIOUS. I can bathe within that awareness as long as I wish as I know that as soon as I break the communication, the complete, extraordinary present awareness — that all is consciousness — will fade away and just become an intellectual thought, a notion in my mind… until the next time.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kundalini and Fear

Many years ago I came across an old Sufi story that resonated with me. I don't know why. The story goes that there is a big black dog who is extremely thirsty. Everytime it goes to the well to take a drink, it looks in and sees another big dog looking out so it becomes afraid and moves away. Eventually the thirst gets too much and the dog just jumps in the well and, of course the other dog disappears.
An allegory of fear
Dog Sees his Reflection in the Well — an Allegory of Fear

I understand that the big dog looking out from the well is the mind. The mind throws up all kinds of fearful thoughts when it feels its authority being threatened. In the writings of realized mystics and sages, fear at one point or another has to be dealt with. Not a crippling or paralyzing fear, but a fear that must be experienced and overcome in order for one to awaken spiritually.

In my own case, when Kundalini rose the second time, I was on a meditation retreat and I experienced the rising and falling of this energy. I had heard about the concept of surrender during the ten years I spent studying and practicing Mahayana Buddhism and had considered it to be the end of the spiritual journey. During one of the occasions of the rising energy I murmured "I surrender" and thought that would be the end of it. But it wasn't, and in that moment when I realized I had come to the end of everything I had known, I felt a tinge of fear. It didn't last very long, but it was there. Being brought to this place of fear and then having the courage to go beyond it is a characteristic of spiritual awakening.

I know my mind created this fear by the thought "I don't know what else to do." Then, following the experience, the mind quickly let loose a stream of other thoughts like "what has happened," "you're going mad." Following a spiritual awakening, the mind tends to do this because it feels threatened by the sudden expansion of consciousness. But there's only a limited period during which it manufactures these thoughts. That's why staying steady and not acting on the streaming chatter coming from the mind is so important. Just observe how the mind behaves without getting absorbed or drawn in.

I can remember in the months following the Kundalini rising having the words of the hymn I learned when I was in a Catholic boarding school in my head constantly: "do not be afraid." I would say them constantly to myself to manage the fear, which at times became quite acute, as the mind tried its hardest to throw me off course.

Gradually, if the mind is not listened to, the expansion of consciousness that an awakening experience produces becomes integrated, resulting in peace, joy, harmony, clarity — a life that flows and has balance. But this is not possible without confronting fear and when that fear is faced, it turns out not to be fear at all, but only a projection of a threatened mind.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


And death shall have no dominion.
Dead men naked they shall be one
With the man in the wind and the west moon;
When their bones are picked clean and the clean bones gone,
They shall have stars at elbow and foot;
Though they go mad they shall be sane,
Though they sink through the sea they shall rise again;
Though lovers be lost love shall not;
And death shall have no dominion.
Dylan Thomas - 
And Death Shall Have No Dominion 

A macabre presence hovered over me during my recent European trip — from city to city: London, Paris, Hamburg — the Grim Reaper, Death. Everywhere I went, old friends brought up the subject of dying, as in, “Once I consolidate… sell off all our stuff… prepare my will… settle up… let the children make their choices… convert everything to cash, I’m ready to go.”

Chelsea High Street
London Shop on Chelsea High Street

I didn’t take these utterings as a symptom of morbidity. It seemed like an honest approach to the matter. What’s the point in complicating your final years by holding onto to a lot of material things you no longer have any use for or derive any pleasure from? Seems reasonable to wind things down, no?

So if it wasn’t morbidity, what bothered me then? I suppose it was the finality with which they spoke about the process —its utter end-game futility, the closing of the final chapter, for now and for all time. Not that I went into detail on The Tibetan Book of the Dead or elaborated on the history of the Bardos with them. They aren’t people you can talk to about reincarnation. They aren’t easily convinced that death is only a stage in the development of the energy concentration known as I.

Towers of La Defense - Paris satellite city
Paris, La Défense

They’re highly educated, which makes it all the harder because they believe in the power of the rational mind and are therefore constrained by its limits. The mind is a wonderful tool, but by definition also a barrier if it's conditioned to place limits on the extent to which man is capable of developing. And if one believes those limits are dictated by the scientific method, then those limits become a barrier beyond which the individual cannot penetrate because he/she has neither the spiritual practice nor the flexibility of spirit of an Einstein, who once exclaimed, “I didn’t come to any of my great discoveries through use of the rational mind.”

My friends maintain that there is nothing beyond the life of the brain. They are like the skeptics who believed Columbus and the other early explorers would simply sail off the edge of the Earth.

They believe that once death occurs, the brain is as useless as a broken-down motherboard. And that's true, as far as brain tissue is concerned. But there's more to the mind than brain tissue; the mind is connected to an Energy Continuum. It feeds from its inexhaustible reservoir of consciousness and contributes to that source in its own right. Yes, the physical brain dies, but the pulsating energy that animated it lives on, thereby extending the boundaries of today’s known physical science, extending even the very definition of science.

Many of my friends were exposed to fundamentalism in their youth and did not enjoy the experience. So they took refuge in the mind/brain duality, and in so doing, created a bulwark against religiosity. Nothing wrong with that except they lumped everything in together: no difference between the doctrine/dogma of organized religion and the solitary pursuit of truth through meditation/Yoga. All of it is superstition and humbug.

"Quite apart from the charm of the new and the fascination of the half-understood, there is good cause for Yoga to have many adherents. It offers the possibility of controllable experience and thus satisfies the need for facts, and, besides this, by reason of its breadth and depth, its venerable age, its doctrine and method, which include every phase of life, it promises undreamed of possibilities."
~Carl Gustav Jung 
How one equates attending church and accepting without question the canons of organized religion with a solitary practice built on questioning everything and that ultimately leads to an awakening experience is beyond me! I understand the desire to tie up loose ends, but it seems to me that once that is accomplished — the decks are cleared — the only remaining item would be to begin asking the basic questions so frequently pushed aside during lifetimes of activity and achievement.
  • What was I here for?
  • Who am I?
  • What happens next?
  • What is the purpose of life?

To start doing some original thinking on the meaning of life instead of accepting the mantra-like orthodoxy of either organized religion or the scientific method. Yes, the scientific method can be as constraining as Catholic dogma, especially if it proscribes "undreamed of possibilities."

I recognize that questioning one’s existence is hard to do once old age closes in. It takes a reorientation of Being — a circumstance I encountered in the person of an elderly Swiss lady who sat next to me during the last leg of my journey from Zurich to San Francisco.

Elderly Swiss lady from Zyrich to San Francisco
On the way Home with the Swiss
I didn’t talk to her at first because I thought she only spoke German. But when, in the course of the flight — getting up to go to the toilet, passing trays back and forth, commenting on the vegetarian meal we’d both consumed — I learned she spoke English, I got to hear her amazing story. A widow in her 80s, she visits her son in San Diego twice a year for a month, but only stays a week with him because his wife is domineering and doesn’t like her.

The rest of the time she stays at Yogananda’s nearby Encinitas Self-Realization Fellowship, an interest she developed after realizing that spending extensive time with her family would be unrewarding. I was impressed by her ability to change course, to make her life over at a ripe old age. She told me it wasn't a product of "thinking things over;" it was the result of practice — through which, metaphysical actuality became as clear to her as the staring at a tree or the touching of the grass with her bare feet.

She enumerated the program of study she’d undertaken over the six-year period she’d been going to the fellowship:

And last, but not least:
To which she added with a twinkle of the eye as we stood up to deplane, “You do know we are incarnated again in a new body, over and over?”

“Yes,” I replied, “I’ve worked my way to many of the same conclusions, not by use of the rational mind, but by practicing the same techniques, albeit served up in a different tradition with some discoveries of my own along the way.”

“I’m looking forward to that new body,” she said, “tired of dragging this one around for such a long time. There is no death, something I learned just in time to prepare myself.”

And death have shall no dominion!

And it appears this notion is taking hold. Witness this interview in The Guardian with rock star, Tricky:

Q: You've got a new song called We Don't Die. Where do we go if we don't die?

A: The weird thing with me is I've had close people die, like my Mum, but I don't get sad at death. I miss them, obviously, but move on. That's not because I'm a bad person or emotionally numb, but there must be a reason it don't affect me. I think it's because death doesn't really exist. I don't believe in it. In some ways I was lucky my Mum died when I was that young. I've seen friends lose people as adults and be so traumatized they can't eat or go off the rails and into prison. But I've never had a conversation with her. I'd love to sit down with her for one hour to see what she was like.

And death have shall no dominion!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Serpent and the Garden of Eden

In the beginning was the Word (the I), and the word was God (highest word we use to exemplify the Creator), and the Word was with God.
~The Book of Genesis, which states very clearly that we are all Gods since we have been given the power of the spoken Word.

Then come Adam and Eve: Eve eats an apple, disobeys God, Adam gets upset, nakedness ends, and they leave Eden.

Or is it? We are all Gods, right? Something is off here...
The SERPENT. He who is found in the cause, must also belong in the effect. In other words, find the serpent, and you've found your way back to the Garden of Eden.

Kwali Kumara helps attendees overcome fear of snakes
Kwali Kumara at 2013 UK Kundalini Conference
Now who is this mischievous serpent? From olden times up till now the serpent has been related and linked to the Kundalini. Why?

When the awakened Kundalini travels up the Sushumna channel, through the hollow tube of the spinal cord (which looks like an upright snake) accompanied by a hissing sound a snake might make, this awakening moves a person into a 4th dimension — the dimension of vibration.

We are all a part of it, but a person with an awakened Kundalini becomes an antennae for receiving vibrations from the outside through their spiritual body that is awakened when the Kundalini pierces the crown center resulting in the awakening of the 72,000 nadis spoken of in the Hindu tradition. By awakening our own Tree of Life, the pain body is dropped and consciousness moves past the lower chakras or elements into the three highest chakras where everything is perceived through the Aethyr or Spirit element. This element uses air as a medium so everything that is within our ozone layer is readily perceived or seen by the mind's eye of a person. Hence, the term Cosmic Consciousness as related to Kundalini. A person's aura is completely absorbed into the Aura of the Earth itself.

Now, as we were created, so we create. Through thought. Normal waking consciousness encounters two types of thought. Voluntary and involuntary. Will power and memory. Once the Kundalini has pierced the crown, those two come together as one to form the power of imagination. But this kind of imagination eradicates any past and future memories of the Ego enabling the Self to exist in the Now perpetually fueling itself through limitless creation. Through the Now, the Self sees itself for what it really is. A "Thought Image" in the Mind of the All (God). There is no more need to dream, as you are now fully living in the Dream of the All (God) and through the Word can objectively create any reality. This is Truth. Let those with ears hear.

All is thought, the Universe is Mental. View the world around you as a thought in the dream of God. As God thinks, you are moved. With that He made you in his image. And He made you think so that you can create as He creates. But as we are all thought images in the dream of God, in His head, try to envision the world around you as being in your head. Your eyes stare in front of you, but you are actually looking at the back of your head the whole time. And everything around you is very real, there is no break in consciousness. Kundalini is a gateway to this state, conscious and subconscious united as one. The world perceives what it is, a fleeting image in the dream of God with you as a subject. All fear and pain leaves you in this state, you are held firmly in the mind of God.

Kundalini, when risen to the crown and beyond, brings about the Kingdom of God as spoken of by Jesus the Christ. In this emotional glory, each person is a King or Queen of their own Universe. Every moment is a rapture, all karma is dissolved and one rises above the wheel of karma in its dualistic aspect. The Lower Self unites with the Higher Self and the weight and pain of past memories is erased. By erasing the past, the desire for crafting the future (its opposite) is also dissolved bringing one to the apex of the Now. In the Now, all potential is found, and with it the bliss of unconditional love, which is God Itself.

In order to manifest as matter, God made man through the process of involution. In him He left a spark of the Sun's light so that man may use this spark to evolve into the spiritual body and restore himself to the Garden of Eden. He gave him self-consciousness, the ability to record and play back his memories and dreams over and over, which made man feel unique and special, but cut him off from his Real Self.

By localizing the Self in an individual body, man lost his birthright, the Unity of the Real Self. An artifice, called the Ego, was developed to separate Self from other selves. In order to find Unity again, God devised a painful process — a death had to occur. This death is the death of the Ego. Man's selfish animal nature had to be tested through pain in order for the Ego to die. The death of the Ego is a test of faith. You can't be reborn if you don't die.

Therefore, to all who have activated Kundalini! Rejoice! You are evolving and through this evolution the Ego — the false self — is dying. When the smoke clears, and the pains of the lower bodies dissolve, you will see the Real Self — the Light which is You — and You again will find yourself in the Garden of Eden.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Self

When I was a flamenco dancer in Madrid, Spain, I used to go to practice at the guitar shop. They had a room tucked in at the back filled with half-completed guitars. As I practiced my dance steps and choreography on a wooden floor mat, I was aware of all the naked, unvarnished, half-molded guitars hanging on the wall or lying on the shelves.
Cow in Morning Mist Sees her breath
The Self and Animal Self-Awareness
That room was filled with sweet smelling wood! In this room instruments were conceived and allowed to come to life. One day, these guitars would be finished, varnished and stringed and they would become beautiful instruments. I believe that once an instrument is finished it takes on a life of its own and gains consciousness because the intention of the guitar maker  is involved in its making, and also because they are made of organic materials such as wood. In those days I loved sharing my time with these delicious, unborn, wood-scented creations. As I practiced behind closed doors, I could hear the doorbell ringing at the front of the shop as people came in. I could also hear the voice of Pedro, the guitar maker, chatting away and joking with clients in a beautiful rolling Castilian Spanish.

I passed the time imagining what each instrument would become and the glorious sounds each would produce in the hands of an expert musician.

Guitarists often refer to their guitar as their woman. Accomplished musicians often have a negra and a blanca. A dark one and a white one referring to the type of wood used and the type of sound created. They often have a mistress and a wife, as they call it, and they refer to the instrument as a live being that speaks to them, expressing all kinds of moods and whims.

The reason I am writing about this is for something to come fully alive and thrill you with beauty, something has to be taken care of, carved, and shaped with precision and great attention.

Ten years ago, I started having the most extraordinary "bliss experiences" I could have ever imagined. I’ll go into that at some other time. But what I have seen is that even though they are incredibly transformative, awakening experiences, they don’t transform the "essence" of who I am, the wood, so to speak.

It is my intention, my passionate desire and my work that do that. I have to constantly work at building my foundation and my fabric through establishing more truth, more integrity and compassion and through purifying inner weaknesses. I have to work on myself regularly to detach from the chaos of emotions.

Not an easy task! Each time I think I’ve achieved a sort of standard, Life shows me it is not so and sends more challenging experiences my way.

The spirit doctors talk to me about "building my house."

If your house is strong then a tempest can come in and it will not be destroyed and can easily be repaired. If the house is weak, it will crumble.

On the other hand, tempests, they say, have their purpose, they clean the atmosphere, move the earth and feed the land.

Yet you don't want your house to fall apart. Your house is your real Self.

I have found that the bliss experiences and incredible energy surges I have felt over ten years need to be housed in a solid foundation.

There were days when my body could barely take it. I thought I was going to break or explode because the energy was so strong. One day, at a ranch in the middle of a forest in the east of France, I was literally thinking I should go to the hospital because it felt like something had cracked in my heart and it was spilling fiery liquid blood. Even though I had experienced so many things, I thought maybe this time something was really wrong with me. Maybe I was seriously ill? But watching the horses nonchalantly ruminating in the field, the delicious fragrance of horse-earth-grass-leaves and hay all in one convinced I was not ill. Something was happening to me, something bigger than my understanding, but it couldn't be illness because my perceptions were enhanced and I felt strangely connected to everything around me.

I stood there, going deeper into myself, feeling the spilling stream of fire, my heart throbbing to the sound of the horses' powerful teeth crushing the hay, feeling I was one with all of them. I was one with the whole herd inside of me, I was them, they were me, and I was also light and ethereal as I was the intangible scent of horse-earth-hay-leaves all at once.

The loss of my sense of persona was exhilarating, I was determined to find my true home, my real Self.