Thursday, January 23, 2020

Morality and Kundalini

Because we exist in an energetic universe, there is nothing to prevent an immoral or dangerous person (by society's standards) from activating kundalini. We can only hope that, once active, the impact and the immensity of kundalini experience will, at a minimum, steer the person towards a respect for the Golden Rule.

Don't believe we live in an energetic universe as opposed to a moral one? Think about the origin of each: the source of the first is Consciousness; the origin of the second is man-made religion, an activity devised by man for the purposes of social cohesion.

Consciousness does not take sides; it's the driving force behind evolution. It judges mutations: beneficial, harmful, or neutral, without getting involved with particularities. It doesn't function as the Judge Judy of evolution, ruling on whether a given human interaction is fair or not.

Religion depends on social cohesion and civility. If these moral forces implode, as they have over my lifetime, what will replace them? We've already seen the rise of authoritarian tendencies.
The Merry-Go-Round of Life (courtesy of RP Bradley)
More empirical proof can be witnessed by the way we treat one another. We've mostly thrown the Golden Rule to the dogs — this basic religious teaching is no longer observed or practiced, even lip service to it is rare.

You see evidence of it everyday. In drive-by shootings, in random attacks, Internet bullying, fake news, violence against women, economic inequality, racial hatred, whack-a-mole wars.

Can kundalini jump in and quick start human evolution or do we have to wait eons of evolutionary space/time before the brain's most grievous characteristics are eliminated — its mammalian characteristics?

If you consider that we evolved from one-celled animals to what we are today, it is logical to assume that, given a similar amount of time, we will, once again, change forms many times over. Short-sighted animals that we are, many among us, believe that we have reached a state of perfection, that we can evolve no more. Quelle arrogance!

It is impossible to project exactly what formal changes human beings might undergo. Nevertheless, if I were to guess what that form we might take, I'd first ask myself which mutations cause the most problems as far as human life is concerned?

I'd have to answer: the body itself, the source of all our problems: war, materialism, money, overwrought emotions (jealousy, hate, pride, rage - ten commandment stuff). If we were to ultimately evolve into "bodiless beings," these issues become moot. This may sound crazy, but it is consistent with evolutionary purpose and process — in that evolution eliminates harmful mutations.

Am I hypothesizing that the human body, which some of us worship, which every one of us would like to worship, is an evolutionary mistake? Kundalini tells me that there is more to me — to everyone of us — than a body.

There's a lot of mystery and confusion around kundalini, what Gopi Krishna aptly termed "the evolutionary energy." It's become a hashtag, a meme. If you activate it, you half expect it to solve your problems and change your character. Not so. If you're a bad person, you alone can change your attitudes and personality. Kundalini can provide the objectivity to see things as they really are, but it can't change your behavior. You alone can do that.

Religion, on the other hand, is so much opinion and polemics. The challenge is to bring back that part of it common to all religions, the one moral activity under each individual's control — the Golden Rule.