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In this series of online meetings, we address a wide array of kundalini topics - everything from awakening kundalini to living with kundalini. The dangers to avoid, the safest methods, religion and kundalini, self-healing, kundalini and higher consciousness, sexual aspects of energy cultivation techniques, and much more...

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Your Hosts:
JJ Semple -
JJ Semple is considered one of the foremost authorities of the phenomena of Kundalini Awakenings. He is also the author of four books on paranormal non-fiction, kundalini, meditation, consciousness, alchemy, and mindfulness, and their effect on human evolution. His first book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, is an auto-biographical memoir of his Kundalini awakening.

Corinne Lebrun -
Corinne is a Certified Shamballa Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has recently been featured in a documentary Kundalini: Awakening the Goddess, and seeks to help others find confidence and encouragement in their spiritual journey.

Prominent Guest Hosts

"When people ask me about the purpose of Kundalini, I tell them, 'If Kundalini didn't serve a useful purpose, it wouldn't be part of our beings. Evolution would have eliminated it, which makes no sense because Kundalini is the driving force behind evolution and evolution doesn't retain characteristics or mutations that aren't part of the evolutionary master plan. The challenge each of us faces in awakening and ultimately living with this powerful energy source is to do so in the safest, most benign and advantageous manner.' "
~ JJ Semple
The cost for the entire series is $200 Early Bird until 10/7/2012 (limited tickets available) and $225 thereafter.

Schedule: One and a half hours, 12:30 to 2:00 pm PST every Thursday from Oct 12, 2017 through December 7, 2017, except for November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving Day).
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One and a half hours, 12:30 to 2:00 pm PST every Thursday from Oct 12, 2017 through December 7, 2017, except for November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving Day).

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Logos Lux- Part I

People often talk about Spirit and Spirit Energy, but few actually know what it is. According to The Kybalion, Spirit is "Unknowable, Unmovable, All-Pervading- having existed always and will always exist." It is the Underlying Essence, the Primum Mobile, the Great White light. According to the Qabalah, Spirit is the highest Element, the synthesis of all the Elements. Alchemically, it has been called the Quintessence, and even alluded to as the Mercury Element because of its Mercurial, fluidic nature. Truth is, Spirit is the animating principle of everything that exists.

Matter is real to us humans insofar as we are in this physical body and are able to live and move our being on planet Earth. But matter is, according to Quantum Physics not real, something the Ancients always have known. It is Maya, an illusion. If you look at a molecule with a microscope and you break it down, matter is in reality just empty space with electrons and neutrons orbiting around each other. But at its core it is empty space. An un-reality.
Nevertheless, there must be an underlying reality, overlaid with this illusion of matter. So if matter is not real, then what is real?

What is real is Spirit. Spirit is in everything. It is the mortar which creates everything in existence. And as we are also Spirit; we have a Spiritual counterpart. It is our duty as human beings to get in touch with it. This is called in Christian terms, the Resurrection, or Rebirth. Metaphorically speaking, being born again, into Spirit. It is the raising of consciousness above physical matter into Spiritual reality that underlies all things.

In the Qabalah, Spirit is Kether, the Crown, the White Light and the highest state of consciousness attainable by human beings. In reality we can never know the Great White light directly. To do so, the 
physical body would have to die. This is why those who have near death experiences report seeing the White Light. We know it and of it through the next two spheres of the Tree of Life, Chokmah and Binah, Wisdom and Understanding. In the Christian pantheon, it is the Trinity. Kether is the Father, Chokmah is the Son and Binah is the Holy Ghost. These three are Eternal, that part of us which was never born and will never die.

The Trinity
The Christian Trinity

We have an ability to perceive reality through Intuition, by using what is called the Mind's Eye. This is the 6th Chakra, the one below the Crown Chakra, which filters the White Light or Spirit. Some of us are in tune with the Mind's Eye and some are so conditioned by matter as perceived by the senses and by the Ego that their Mind's Eye has calcified and closed up. They don’t perceive reality through intuition, but only through the intellect.

The intellect is the by-product of the Mind and its main operator is the Ego. The Ego lives in the Water Element, which comprises 60% of our physical bodies, as we are mainly made up of water. Now, in order to raise consciousness above the physical body and the Ego, we must apply heat and the Fire Element to burn away the dross and negative karma stored in the Waters of the body, in our memories. The Ego feeds off fear stored in the karma of our memories, through fear of the past. It is formed and lives with us, trying to convince us that we are it. One way to apply heat to old memories in order to purge them is by raising the Kundalini Energy.

What is the Kundalini? Kundalini is the latent energy in man which resides at the base of the spine and which is said to be coiled three times. 
Raising this energy happens through the use of spiritual practices, by meditation, a traumatic life experience, or even through the use of recreational drugs. The energy rises through the spinal column and into the brain. Once raised to the top of the head, it triggers an awakening of the Spiritual Body counterpart, whose purpose is to attune us to the subtle world of the Spirit. This is the Body of Light.

Kundalini Rising
Kundalini Rising up the spine into the brain
This Spiritual Awakening, the highest Degree of Enlightenment, occurs after many, many years of purging and transforming. Enlightenment basically means to be In-Light, therefore it is akin to the Resurrection of the physical body into the Spirit, as the Spirit is Light. The two words mean the same thing. Enlightenment is the state of achievement while Resurrection is the process of attainment to this goal.

Kundalini triggers the awakening of the Spiritual body which, according to the Hindus, awakens the 72,000 nadis. Once this occurs, the awakened human becomes like a tree, with feet rooted in Mother Earth. Awakened ones receive vibrations from invisible worlds that are attuned to the World Aeon, the Aura of the Earth. These awakened nadis serve as receptors while the air around us serves as a medium of transmission of energy signals related to thoughts and feelings. This is the source of Telepathy, which is the direct knowledge of another's thoughts, and Empathy, which is the direct knowledge of other people's feelings.

Air is also linked to Spirit and in some Spiritual practices it is considered as the Spirit. But Qabalistically, Air is an Element, and therefore a part of Spirit, but not Spirit itself. But since Air moves both Water and Fire Elements in the physical realm of matter, the same property is given to it through the Alchemical Elements. "As Above, So Below." What takes place in the Microcosm, also takes place in the Macrocosm. And vice versa.

Air is Thought, while Water is Emotion, and Fire is Willpower. Thought moves both Willpower and Emotion, hence Air is said to be suspended between Fire and Water, which represent Life. Visually, it is the Hexagram or the Star of David, a Jewish symbol relating to Life itself. W
ithin the Earth's atmosphere, Air is all around us; all life needs air in order to survive. Without air we cannot breathe and without breath there is no life. Simple as that. Air is Life.

Once an individual's Spiritual body and the 72,000 nadis are awakened, consciousness is able to receive and perceive vibrations and the person is termed "psychic" to a greater or lesser extent. Being Psychic is the ability to perceive worlds beyond the physical by using "psychism," the psyche, 
or the Mind. Hence it is an internal process of receiving. The awakened nadis are the antennae while air is the medium of transmission of vibrations. This is why people say that a Kundalini awakening, the raising of consciousness, and awakening of the Spiritual body, catapults the person into the world of Energy and Vibration. The Ancients called this the 4th Dimension.

Energy is an invisible substance that we talk about all the time. Upon closer inspection, we will see that Energy and Spirit are oftentimes interchangeable terms. Spirit is therefore Energy, and it can be measured and quantified due to its vibrational frequency. But there are varying degrees of Energy — Spirit being just one of them — that vibrate at the highest 
frequency. Once you start lowering vibration, you are able to tune into different vibratory fields between Spirit and Matter. Matter is said to vibrate at such a low frequency it is practically at rest. While Spirit vibrates at such a high frequency it is invisible. But both occupy the same Space at the same Time. Raising the Kundalini enables you to experience this Other World that is normally imperceptible by the senses.

Tesla talks

It is our duty as human beings to raise consciousness to the level of Spirit, thereby raising our own vibrations. Vibrations affect everything, and if we raise our own vibrations we immediately affect everything and everyone that comes into contact with us. Vibrations work through induction. Hence they emanate and jump from one person to another, affecting everything from living things to inanimate objects. Quantum Physics now corroborates this process, knowledge the Ancients discovered thousands of years ago. We cannot look at anything or give anything attention, without changing it in the process.

So, what is consciousness? As human beings we are "consciousness," able to perceive the world around us through the five senses, and
 through the 6th sense of intuition, the Mind's Eye. Consciousness is everything around us, it is Spirit. You need the vehicle of consciousness in order to perceive and experience the world. Consciousness for humans works through Attention of Willpower.

That which we give attention to is where our consciousness is. If we give our thoughts attention, then we are in our own heads, in our minds and our consciousness is turned inwards. We are basically living out only what we think. If our attention is inwards, then we are in the Ego. If it is outwards, we are resonating with Spirit. If we focus our attention outwards into the physical world, we connect our consciousness with all living and non-living things and by uniting our consciousness with what is outside of us, we become One with the thing we are looking at. By becoming One with it, we stop living in the duality of Mind, and attune to the Moment, the Now. Since Past and Future only exist in the Mind as a form of duality. The Spirit lives in Singularity; while the Ego in Duality.

The Now is a rapturous Moment. In the Now,
 human beings feel a phenomenal emotionality. And since we love to feel good, we strive to be in the Now. We do so through the creative arts, by meditating, or through acts which make us literally lose ourselves. The creative process excites our imagination, which puts us in touch with the Now. This is why an artist, poet, or musician gets so enraptured with creating that they lose track of time and exist only in the Now. Another way is through meditation — either focusing on something, an object or thought and holding it, or by working to silence the mind. Both processes put the person in touch with the Now.

In reality, all life is a form of meditation, since we are constantly thinking about something. Even focusing to not think is thinking about not thinking, hence it is a form of thought. Thought is at the core of everything in the Universe — at least, as far as our Milky Way Galaxy is concerned. Talking about different Galaxies and the feasibility of existence there is to talk without factual knowledge. So when talking about the Universe, let it be understood we are only talking about our Milky Way Galaxy and our own Solar System. be continued in Part II and III

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Self-Realization Begins At Birth

Self-realization begins at birth; it is the journey as much as the destination.

Consider the words of Indian author, Tarun J Tejpal, cited at the beginning of Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time:
"The greatest book in the world, The Mahabharata, tells us we all have to live and die by our karmic cycle. Thus works the perfect reward-and-punishment, cause-and-effect, code of the universe. We live out in our present life what we wrote out in our last. But the great moral thriller also orders us to rage against karma and its despotic dictates. It teaches us to subvert it. To change it. It tells us we also write out our next lives as we live out our present."
~ The Alchemy of Desire —Tarun J. Tejpal
The author insists that karma can be "improved." Whether it actually can or not, I don't know, but I lean toward believing.

I came to The Secret of the Golden Flower (SGF) through serendipitous happenstance. It was only after I started practicing the method that I realized its empirical value as a manual for activating Kundalini. Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time pays homage to those ancients: Chinese, Tibetan, and Indian, who, during solitary, self-imposed exile, developed techniques for self-realization. I believe that my journey closely parallels theirs much more than it does the more modern, feel-good, New-Age Western approach so prevalent today.

It wasn't an ability to see beyond my circumstances that led me to start meditating. It was a combination of dire straits, detective work, and luck. But something in me blazed — some spark of self-awareness allowed me to find the right, and only, means (The SGF) to restore me to my perfect body. There was also a personality component: I’m resilient.

After a childhood accident, my body slowly imploded. As a consequence, my abilities in maths and music disappeared. The changes were physical, caused by interference with vital nerve conduits — the result of my refusal to tell doctors about the splinter lodged in my ankle. This is difficult to understand because most people live their entire lives with their bodies in a single morphological state. They experience normal growth, but do not lose faculties or abilities and do not change their base morphology.

My 1977 meeting with Gopi Krishna in Kashmir was my first encounter with a confirmed Kundalini practitioner/researcher. He got me thinking beyond the difficult-to-reconcile spiritual aspects of Kundalini. He got me wondering about Kundalini meditation as a scientific process and a Kundalini awakening as the result of an experiment — one performed in the laboratory of the body. A deliberate and repeatable experiment, the techniques for which, can be passed along. My books update the SGF for today's audience, making its teachings more accessible and more structured.

Gopi Krishna was the first person who understood my condition completely. And he provided practical information on living with Kundalini.

Kundalini practitioners are like the people in Close Encounters of the Third Kind — obsessed. They undertake a great journey, and like most explorers they want to share their experiences with others. I wanted to write my story earlier, soon after it occurred in 1972. However, much like Gopi Krishna, I felt I had to wait until the experience ran its course. Little did I know I would still be experiencing the after effects some 40 years later. Still, not a single day goes by without some concomitant due to Kundalini.

The changes wrought by Kundalini are:

  • Heighten and enhance consciousness to effect a release from Karmic bondage,
  • Increase psychic abilities, astral travel, OBE, as well as creativity,
  • Reverse self-destructive and addictive behavior, be a better problem solver,
  • Trigger autonomic self-healing, retard the aging process,
  • No longer fear death.

I have experienced most of them in one form or another, and this is a mere subset.

I was attracted to The SGF because of its stance vis-à-vis the real world:
"When there is a gradual success in producing the circulation of the light, a man must not give up his ordinary occupation in doing so. The ancients said, 'When occupations come to us, we must accept them; when things come to us, we must understand them from the ground up.'"
Living with Kundalini is something most people don't think about while they are trying to raise it. My method (GFM) takes about a year, but once raised, you have to live with it for the rest of your life. There is a long period of adjustment. Kundalini not only changes your metabolic and somatic systems, it affects how you relate to the world and to others emotionally.

If we didn't inhabit bodies, there would be no material attachments, no negative emotions, war, greed, pride, fear, pain, etc. Kundalini makes us feel we should be rid of these things. But however petty, selfish, imperfect, or foolish the world outside may seem to us, despite living in a body primed with Kundalini energy, we are still human. At the same time Kundalini is developing greater consciousness, we must not neglect real world obligations.

I have worked hard at developing a foolproof method for activating Kundalini — one that works for every individual. Nevertheless, we are all different. Some people, try as they might, are not able to activate it. Not only must matter (psycho-sexual fuel) collide with essence (primal consciousness), the collision must take place in a kind of Quantum event that determines success.

It will take critical mass to vet Golden Flower Meditation, or any other method for that matter. Are we on the right track to achieving critical mass? I think the numbers show we are.

There are many types of Kundalini awakenings: deliberate, permanent, temporary, accidental, casual. Gopi Krishna's and mine were permanent, but that doesn't mean we were set for life. Kundalini only provides fertile ground for continued spiritual development. Nothing is automatically granted; the work is never done.

The aftermath is just as problematic as the actual awakening. So are the reasons and the motives for undertaking the activation process in the first place: you should have a good one. It's not a casual or frivolous undertaking.

I believe I was lucky in that respect. Forty years ago when I activated Kundalini, I had never even heard the term. Unlike many today, I wasn't looking for extraordinary powers; I was practicing a breathing method, hoping it would help me find myself and repair my body.

Once activated, everything came together. It's been that way ever since; it's the gift that keeps on giving — once you realize you have to surrender to its power.

I don't regret my past. I was lost and now I am found. In fact, living a self-destructive life taught me to be empathetic, to put myself in the place of others. In this era of narcissistic self-aggrandizement and self-absorption, empathy is an indispensable human quality.

I didn't know what I was doing. Headstrong trailblazing, perhaps, but my ignorance allowed me to press forward without second-guessing myself. And it just so happened that the method I discovered — the Backward-Flowing Method — doesn't allow the energy to travel up the wrong channel in the spine.

If you think about it, there's always a first time, always someone out on a limb, doing it on their own. I am one of them. I didn't realize until later that I was using my body as a laboratory. Yes, there are pitfalls, but as Gopi Krishna pointed out there are very few people — even in India — who could answer his questions about Kundalini with empirical authority. Yes, you can do it with supervision, but how do you know the person supervising you knows more than you do? And suppose you do encounter problems, how can another person really help? Are they sufficiently realized to exert some magical power or will they simply comfort you by talking common sense? In the end, each person has to find the techniques that work best for him/her. It's not like dancing or cricket where coaches can correct improper form or posture. We're working with inner space where self-observation plays an all-important role.

There are systems that work and systems that don't. There are systems that work for certain people, but not for others. At the beginning supervision is useful, but many Gurus tend to have something else going. If that something else involves the cult of personality or money grubbing, then it's not useful.

The SGF talks about sexual sublimation, Gopi Krishna talks about it. So do I, and many others. As for my process, I didn't say, "I'm going to sexually sublimate." I simply started breathing correctly. The sexual component was a seamless by-product of my breathing. Once you master Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing, you feel an energy build up in the lower belly. At this point, you command the energy to change direction, which draws distilled sexual energy up the spine to the brain. My book, The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death explains the process in depth.

As for why it’s so hush-hush in India, Indian friends of mine tell me that Gurus talk about Kundalini in terms of religious doctrine, thereby excluding those practices that are inconsistent with their doctrines.

Americans are caught up in an opposite paradigm. To raise Kundalini, there are thousands trying everything from harmful drugs to intensive Yoga to drinking exotic tinctures to questionable Tantric practices. Gurus/Teachers, whatever their origin, are territorial, out to protect their own domains. Sadly, there's very little collaboration, very little sharing of information as challenges are encountered and new techniques come to the fore.