Sunday, December 31, 2017

Due Diligence Is The Watchword

Questions about living with the kundalini-life force are specific to each case. Why? Because a lot depends on what triggers kundalini. Applying the wrong method can produce erratic or even harmful results. Moreover, cases of spontaneous kundalini arousal — those induced without using any method at all — can leave the individual confused and wishing he/she never looked into it.

There are many books and webpages devoted to questions and answers in these types of cases. However, the very fact that so many books dealing with the aftermath of questionable practices exist points directly to the issue of having a safe, reliable, repeatable method in the first place. How does one know if a method is reliable? Was the experience voluntary or involuntary? Was it permanent or temporary? Was it painful? And if so, where was the pain located? Was sleep difficult? What about diet? Specifically, what happened? Did it produce the results listed Triggers & EffectsIt's important to be able to describe the experience accurately.

Thankfully, by employing a safe, reliable, and repeatable method like GFM, I was able to land safely. Of course, in the direct aftermath of my experience, I had many questions. What were the sensations and phenomena I was observing inside my body? What caused them? What should I eat? Would I be able to sleep soundly? Would my dreams be different? Would I be able to come to terms with the force that had occupied my body? Would it hurt me? Would it force me to do something I didn’t want to do? Could I make it go away? Could it run out of control? What were its capabilities? Would my sexual nature change? Would I be forced into abstinence?
"An ancient adept said: ‘Formerly, every school knew this jewel, only fools did not know it wholly.’ If we reflect on this we see that the ancients attained long life by the help of the seed energy present in their own bodies, and did not lengthen their years by swallowing this or that type of elixir. But the worldly people lost the roots and clung to the treetops."~ The Secret of the Golden Flower – Lu Yen - Richard Wilhelm, Translator

In my experience, the kundalini-life force as activated by GFM is benign. Moreover, GFM results are permanent. The kundalini-life force is with you for the rest of your life; day in, day out, until the day you die, after which, it will merge your essence seamlessly with the energy continuum.

And since practicing GFM is entirely voluntary, you will do so in the full knowledge that the results are permanent; you can’t make them go away. The kundalini-life force is there to help, to restore.

Kundalini is like driving a super-powerful car with many marvelous new features. You're not obligated to drive it at 500 mph or try out the new features all at once; you probably shouldn't...but you can learn to do so gradually. Kundalini will not only teach you to use the additional resources it endows you with, but it will make sure you do so under control, without abusing your powers. Accept and learn from it. It will change your Being and prolong your life.

Kali Yoga

Is it scary? Can it make mistakes? There are involuntary cases — those awakened without guidance or a method — where the mechanism that controls the energy dosages releases too much or too little. Practitioners using GFM or similar methods don't usually face these situations, at least, I have not encountered any. In all cases dealing with powerful energy cultivation techniques, due diligence is the watchword.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Logos Lux - Part III

A kundalini awakening affects a person's potential as a spiritual human being. The awakened one's consciousness encompasses the entirety of our Solar System and its power. Once consciousness is raised to the cosmic level, the newly developed Spiritual body becomes an antennae to the vibrations — spiritual and mundane — within our Solar System.

To understand how this works you have to think beyond Space and Time as well as the concept of Size. Sure, looking at yourself in the mirror you are tiny in comparison to the Solar System: The average person is only 5'10." But your consciousness is not limited by Size because consciousness is Spirit and is everywhere at the same time, hence it is not limited in any way. And awakening the kundalini means the awakening of consciousness to the Cosmic Level. When your consciousness expands to the size of the Solar System, you receive vibrations from other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy as well as contact with different inhabitants from different planets in the Galaxy.

So the totality of your potential then depends on awakening Kundalini energy. You become antennae for the vibrations around you. By awakening the Spiritual Body, you acquire the powers of the planets in the Solar System. You exist as the center of our Solar System with the Sun in your chest and the planets orbiting around it. The planets are your Higher powers which shape your character and enlarge your morals and ethics.

All polytheistic philosophies and religions give the names of Gods and Goddesses to the planets and "personify" the signs of the zodiac. All polytheistic religions are essentially Hermetic in essence since Hermeticism is the study of our Solar System — the elements, planets, and the zodiac. The Universe and its knowledge is at the core of all religions.

This coincides with the myth of Hermes Trismegistus as the World Teacher who incarnates every 2000 years to teach the world and bring it back in tune with the essence of Hermeticism. Hermeticism is the philosophy and spiritual practice of understanding the Milky Way Galaxy and the Solar System. It encompasses the whole of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life since these universal energies can all be mapped on the Tree of Life. Jesus Christ, although teaching about the monotheistic One God who is Love, also walked around with 12 disciples and called himself the "Son of Man," the offspring of the One God. Symbolically he was the Sun and his 12 disciples represented the 12 zodiac signs. He was said to have been the last incarnation of Hermes whose teachings have shaped the world for 2000 plus years through Christianity.

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus is said to have originated at the height of Egyptian prominence; sages and adepts from all over the world came to sit at his feet and learn from him. Then they returned to their respective cultures and countries and used his teachings to establish the religions that have Hermetic teachings and precepts at their core. Their Gods and Goddesses are attributed to the energies of the planets as well as the zodiac. Only after Christianity was established did the polytheistic veil drop and monotheistic religions arise, Islam being one of them.

Yes, there is a Source from which you came which is the number One, and the One God which is said to be Unconditional Love. In reality you cannot know the One God; you can only know Him/Her through the many Gods, hence the reason polytheistic religions were the first religions and offered a more elaborate understanding of the Creator through the different aspects of its Creation.

Monotheistic religions are confusing and teach ignorance to people since they took away focus from its Universal and natural component, the Solar System in which we live. Christianity has taken away the duality component and has proclaimed that God is Love and nothing more, giving rise to many meek and weak-willed people who let others do their thinking for them. This forgiveness without repercussions aspect has been used to dumb down the masses while those in power reign supreme. 

Jesus taught love. However, metaphorically he brandished a sword and was severe when necessary. What did he do when he walked into the Holy Temple and saw it was being used by merchants? He threw their tables on the ground in a furious fit. Every action yields an equal and opposite reaction. If this Law is not respected, then the balance will not be struck and problems will ensue.

Jesus' teachings have been misinterpreted by the Christian masses: responsibility for one's life and the lives of others have been replaced by forgiveness and repentance. You have to stand up for what is right and be severe when needed. What does a mother do to protect her child if it's in danger? Anything and everything in her power to counteract the threat. Nevertheless, the true teachings are reemerging; the world is undergoing a revival of Hermetic philosophy. Qabalah has become more popular over time and the veil of secrecy over mystery schools has fallen away with the advent of the Internet and its widespread use.

Since it is the driver of human evolution, kundalini energy must be investigated and normalized. The origin of the word "kundalini" as well as the use of yoga to awaken it are part of the Hindu tradition. The traditions of every nation, country, and culture have evolved from their respective placement on Earth. Life in India and life in North America are vastly different.

Kundalini energy in North America needs to develop its own usages and practices, separate from its Hindu roots. This energy is the force behind human evolution. How it works and operates in a given country and culture needs to be understood. Only then can we adapt its use to our respective cultures and traditions. Although kundalini induces the same effects, irregardless of culture, language, social norms, or geography, it is necessarily associated with religion in Eastern countries. In the West, it may need to take on a more scientific identity, for the very reason that Westerners are more apt to "understand and appreciate" subjects like kundalini if they are tied to the scientific method.

The kundalini energy is best understood through the Caduceus symbol which is carried by Hermes himself and has been around for thousands of years. The Caduceus has two snakes entwined around a central staff terminating in a winged disk with each snake's head facing it. They intersect with each other at six points, which represent the six Chakras and terminate in the Crown, where the winged disk represents enlightenment.

The Caduceus and the Chakras

The two snakes are the Ida and Pingala nadis, the carriers of the cold and hot currents in the body. The central staff is Sushumna through which the Kundalini energy passes. The energy rises from the bottom upwards through the spinal column and is accompanied by a hissing vibratory sound heard in the head as this is happening. This is why the kundalini energy has been described as a snake and the snake symbolism in all cultures when referring to this energy.

How does the kundalini operate? What is the timeline for the various effects that occur over time after an awakening? How does one handle the pitfalls that accompany an awakening? These are questions which are best answered through description and proper analysis and through logic and reason, to which, Hermeticism offers many keys.

Logic and Reason
Attributes of the planet Mercury, otherwise known as Hermes in Greek. The same Hermes who was named after Hermes Trismegistus, the carrier of the Caduceus staff, and original guide to awakening kundalini — the Serpent Power energy. Logic and Reason are the building blocks of intuition and its corollaries. We intuitively know the Truth of ontology. And by accepting this Truth, we build our logic and reason.

And we use logic and reason to understand each other and to communicate with each other when talking about different Truths. You see, Hermeticism is at the core of existence because it exists as a result of logic and reason in humans. And the kundalini energy is best studied through Hermeticism because only through logic and reason can we deduce what it is and how it works.

Kundalini is a Fire, but after a long period of burning away the dross and negative energies stored in the Chakras, it becomes liquid Spirit, akin to the Element of Mercury in nature. This is why the Alchemists, the Hermeticists, termed Philosophical Mercury the highest of the Elements, the Spirit. This change occurs after many years of purging of the negative energy through the use of the Kundalini Fire.

We are at the forefront in discovering how to study and describe kundalini energy. There needs to be a turning away from the conventional wisdom on kundalini; minds must embrace new ideas and approaches in studying this evolutionary energy.

Hermeticism is the core of all religions; the caduceus of Hermes, the first visual example of the kundalini energy, symbolizes healing for medical professions worldwide. Open your mind to Hermeticism and its power. Learn more about it and its many aspects such as the Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology and other subjects termed "esoteric" by modern day society. In it, you will find the keys you have been looking for and an understanding that revolutionizes not only how we perceive kundalini energy but also how it works.

Friday, November 17, 2017

What Is Self-Realization?

Along with enlightenment and spiritual awakening, self-realization sounds like an unattainable, if not undefinable state of being. One website makes the following distinctions:
“A definition of spiritual enlightenment or spiritual awakening is hard to pin down. This is, in part, because 'spiritual enlightenment' and 'spiritual awakening' have been used in so many ways to describe so many things, similar to the way in which 'love' is used to describe everything from a preference for ice cream to a merging with everything. And it is also because spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening are such rich and complex experiences that they are innately hard to define.
“Some definitions are very specific and narrow. One such definition for spiritual enlightenment is the complete dissolution of one's identity as a separate self with no trace of the egoic mind remaining. This sets the bar very high and means that very few people qualify as enlightened.
“The opposite approach is to say that everyone is enlightened, that there is only awake consciousness. In this view, it's only a question of whether this natural awakeness has been recognized or not. Of course, when a word describes everything or everyone, it loses some of its usefulness. If everyone is enlightened, then why even talk about it? 
~ What Is Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Awakening? 
By the first definition, most Westerners claiming to be enlightened would be scorned as a braggart because in the end there’s no objective way of proving the person is or is not. In the West we measure everything quantitatively, by a series of criteria, which, once passed, automatically confers a rank or title. Like Ph.D or MD.

As a kind of spoof to upper class imperiousness, we also accept that a celebrity bearing a title has every right to. Was Duke Ellington really a duke? Or LeBron James really a king? Queen Latifah really a queen? Does it matter? We take things like this with a grain of salt, but we don’t play around with academic rank. Claiming the title of enlightenment would appear to be a serious matter, yet there are no criteria. No board of governors to examine candidates. Yet, some are universally considered “enlightened.” Did they acquire the title by general approbation and word-of-mouth? In the East they have long-standing traditions for recognizing the qualities associated with self-realization; we, in the West, do not. So how does a Westerner earn the title? I would think someone claiming the title would need solid grounds to claim such ineffable status. 

And therein lies the irony. The spiritually inclined among us begin a quest whose ultimate aim is self-realization or enlightenment, only to discover that what they are searching for is undefinable and unattainable.

If they’re smart, they settle for something else, some incremental state of being, a shock to the Ego perhaps, brought on by meditation, through which, over time, makes one more aware of the non-dualistic nature of existence. Is that enough? It is for me: I’m okay with living for forty years with kundalini. I'm okay with the opportunities it’s given me to know and heal myself. Self-realization is incremental, at least, it has been for me — presenting me with a series of opportunities to delve deeper into my being, to deal with blockages, negative emotion, and egoic distortions.

Self-realization isn’t a status symbol; it’s a process. Although disciples may consider a teacher to be "realized," the truly enlightened person would never make such a claim. In the end rank and titles don't matter.
“My sense of kundalini is it’s your life force. It carries consciousness. It moves through the body in ways that both clear out old patterns and transform the heart energy, transforms the throat energy, transforms the brain so that there’s a dramatic shift in how we’re identified. For me, a spiritual awakening is a shift in identification out of our old created conditioned self into a sense that we are an energy, or a consciousness, that is universally connected.That here’s one consciousness moving through all of us. We get a glimpse of that.”
~ Bonnie Greenwell

Another colleague, Corinne Lebrun, uses a clever metaphor to explain kundalini and self-realization. She says that normal people are like a piano with only three octaves. When kundalini rises, by whatever means, suddenly the person is a piano with eight octaves. Whether or not the person takes advantage of, learns from experimenting with the additional notes, is up to him/her.

Kundalini supplies the opportunities — infinite in number and discernment — you must decide which path to travel and how far you are willing to go. If you want to call yourself King, Duke, or Queen, so be it. If you want to call yourself “enlightened,” you may be missing the point.

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Secret Power of Kundalini and its Effect on Human Evolution

At the base of the spine is a power,
A gland, a source of pleasure
That when aroused sends its fluid to the brain,
Ecstatically releasing its treasure.

Its essence, its medicine if you will,
Transforms the nervous system,
Stimulating growth and expanding awareness,
Creating genius and prophetic vision.

This new evolutionary mechanism
Pushes humanity ahead –
Jesus, Mohammed, and Moses,
Rumi, Lao-tse, the Book of the Dead;

Leonardo, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh,
Einstein, Tesla, and Newton;
All geniuses down through time,
Advancing human evolution.

The secret of all this is kundalini,
Known in Mexico as Quetzalcoatl,
The feathered serpent of the Aztecs
In the ancient language of Nahuatl,

The serpent of wisdom in Egypt,
The dragon of heaven in Asia,
Found in Persia, Greece, and Ireland,
Though the modern world has amnesia.

“Many are called but few are chosen,”
So says the ancient saying,
As adepts seeking spiritual liberation
Use the power of service, meditation, and praying.

It is said that kundalini guides human evolution.
It is posited that a new sense is revealed,
A spiritual mystical intelligence,
A psychic awareness unsealed.

Can a global effort be marshaled?
Can scientists and priests come together?
Can modern civilization
Master this science as it masters the weather?

The comprehension of this spiritual phenomenon
Could help blend the world’s religions into one,
Ceasing the ecumenical separatism
That threatens to blow our world to kingdom come.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Logos Lux - Part II

Our Solar System consists of the Sun and the seven planets orbiting around it. In the recent past, we've discovered two more planets — Pluto and Neptune so we now have nine planets, including our Moon which was counted as a planet by the Ancients. According to the Qabalah, we derive the totality of our cosmological powers as human beings on Planet Earth from the Solar System. These powers include our Higher Selves: each planet emanates a power that governs the different facets of our personalities and characters as well as our destinies.
The Qabalistic Tree of Life
The Moon regulates our Emotions. Our emotions work through the water in the body which make up 60% of our physical Selves. On a spiritual level, it effects the second Chakra, Swadsthihana, which is elementally the Water Chakra. But the action of the Moon includes Air as well as Water since it's the Air that moves the Water. Air is Thought which precedes Emotion. The Moon also regulates the tides of the seas and oceans. The Moon fluctuates in a back and forth action, best described as the movement of the pendulum. This same pendulum movement manifests itself in our emotions as well, since we constantly oscillate between opposites. Love and hate, big and small, up and down. The Moon governs duality which takes place in our minds and affects how we feel.

Mercury governs our Intellect, how we think, as well as our thoughts and the speed of thought. This is why Mercury, or Hermes, is always portrayed with winged shoes, thereby describing metaphorically his speed and movement as he is the actual Thought inside of us. In Egypt, he is given the name Thoth, which is the origin of the word Thought. Our logic as well as our reason is governed by Mercury. Mercury is balanced by the Moon, which metaphorically means that our logic is governed by our emotions and powered by our thoughts. Let those with ears of understanding hear this Ancient mystery. Thought is at the basis of all existence.

Venus governs love and desire. It is a fiery planet, but not the same fire as Mars, which is a raging fire. The fire of Venus is calmer and more of the nature of desires, especially of the sexual kind. It is the fire of emotions. It has an intuitive element to it since desires come from somewhere deep down in our subconscious. Venus is also connected to the Moon in that sense since desire manifests itself through the emotions. The impulse to seek romantic love and find a lifelong mate is an aspect of Venus. A big part of romantic love is sexual desire and while sexuality is more linked to the Moon since it's a more basic emotion that manifests itself as lust, lust can become love over a period of time. Love is an expression of the universal love and is unconditional, while lust is a base emotion relating to the physical body and its satisfaction.

Mars powers drive, ambition and competition in us. Its fire is very masculine and active, as the fire of Venus is feminine and passive. Since Mars is the Willpower, it needs a push from another planet since the Will has to be moved by something. And that something is Jupiter, since Jupiter is Unconditional Love. Love moves Will, but Will is also moved by the Intellect of Mercury since on the Tree of Life there is a path connecting each element. When Willpower is moved by Intellect, it's caused by the Ego or Lower Self. When it's moved by Unconditional Love, the action is pure and of the Higher Self. Too much Mars energy without the moderating influence of intellect or Unconditional Love results in anger, as this energy is just raw force with no guiding element.

Human Being as Center of Solar System
Jupiter is the mercy as Mars is the severity in us. Jupiter is unconditional love and stems from the higher aspect of the higher Water element as Mars is the higher Fire. They balance each other since Mars needs to fight for something as it's his nature to fight, and he fights for love. Venus is the lower Fire element and the the Moon is the lower Water element.

Keep in mind that the Water and Fire elements make up the hexagram or star of David. This is the symbol of the perfected human. When these two elements are in balance. It is our duty as human beings to learn to balance our Fire and Water elements throughout our lives. The Elements manifest through the planets. Lower Fire is the Intellect, higher Fire is the Willpower. Lower Water is the desire while higher Water is Unconditional love.

To break it down further, Fire acting through the Spiritual Self is Willpower which acts in the name of Love. When it manifests in the intellect its the Ego. Since the intellect is based on rationalizing according to what it has seen in the past, it belongs to duality since past acts attempt to calculate future outcomes. Only acts of love are in the present, in the now. This is where we seek to be. In the now. Water is emotion and is passive, it is involuntary. Water in the Spiritual Self is Love, while in the Ego it is lust. These are all aspects of the Self.

All polytheistic religions and philosophies use the planets to describe the different aspects of the Self. They personify the Planets, calling them Gods and Goddesses, in order to help us understand our own makeup and the forces acting on our characters and personalities. Monotheistic religions only refer to the One God and abolish the Many Gods. Yes, there is the One God behind all of existence. But since that One God is incomprehensible and immutable and cannot be known or reached by the humans as presently constituted, the Ancient religions and philosophies didn't bother trying to understand the One God. Yet, they used the Universe around us, and more particularly our Solar System, to better describe "how" the One God manifests inside and outside of us.

Saturn, the biggest planet of them all, regulates and governs time, old age, restriction, and society. It is closely connected to the Moon since its revolution is 28 years while the Moon's is 28 days. Saturn is therefore Karma on a grand scale as well as Materialism. It is of the Air element. The Air element encompasses Saturn and most importantly the Sun. But as stated above, Air is also found in the Moon since Thoughts precede and move emotions. Once again, Air is thought.

Obviously, the Sun is most important since it regulates Light and it brings forth Light into our Solar System. The Moon is the reflector of this Light, and it acts on us during the night when the Sun is illuminating the other side of the planet. The Moon is therefore the reflection of the Light, but not the Light itself. The Sun is Truth while the Moon is Illusion. Humans are influenced by both and it is our job to walk in Truth and discern Illusion as best we can.

What is Soul is a central question of all religions. The answer can be found by probing the cosmological role of the Sun and its relation to human ontology. Qabalistically, the Sun is called Sol, pronounced like the word Soul | sōl |,which again is related to the Soles of our feet which we use to walk on Planet Earth — a connection between Sol and the Soul which, upon closer inspection, we realize that one is basically the other.

The Soul is a Fire, it is Light, a spark within us, our center, our core. It resides in the Solar Plexus and has a direct connection to the Heart Chakra above it, between the breasts. It is Light and Fire and is said to be eternal and everliving. Hence we conclude that the Soul originates directly from the Sun. Better yet, using the Qabalistic and Hermetic framework, we understand that the Soul is the Sun itself. Maybe not in its totality, but in quality. It is a part of it and belongs to it. They are one and the same.

Jesus Christ as the Light of the World

Jesus Christ, the so-called Light of the World, preached Unconditional Love and gave his life for all of humanity because he loved us. Jesus was called the World Sun, he was the World Soul, and following him were the 12 disciples. The 12 disciples are synonymous with the 12 Zodiac entities. This mythos was present also in other religions and spiritual philosophies that centered on the Sun and the 12 Zodiac entities. In essence, it is very Hermetic. The Sun gives forth the Son, the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Notice that the word Son, the offspring, carries the same pronunciation as the word Sun.

This philosophy proposes that each of us is the Sun itself and that orbiting around us are the nine planets and the fixed 12 zodiac entities representing the totality of the Milky Way galaxy and the energies contained therein.

To be continued in Part III...
Read Part I

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Higher Consciousness And Kundalini

This is a complicated issue, both the consciousness and the kundalini parts, separate and indivisible.

Sleepwalker to Enlightened
Pyramid of Consciousness
Just thinking about it got my head spinning, which led to more questions than answers:

  • If there's such a state as higher consciousness, does lower consciousness also exist?
  • How do higher and lower consciousness relate to each other?
  • Is consciousness — higher or lower and all states in-between — relative or absolute?
  • Are the various levels of consciousness definable by various manifestations?
  • Is Enlightenment the highest state of  consciousness?
  • Is Enlightenment an absolute state or is it relative?
  • Relative to what?
  • How does kundalini affect consciousness?
  • What if both relative consciousness and absolute consciousness exist?
So I started a list (don't we in the West always resort to a list?) of what attributes and qualities might constitute higher consciousness.

Manifestations Of Higher Consciousness
1) talents/powers/gifts

sudden acquisition of:
  • language
  • musical ability
  • art/photography abilities
  • writing ability
  • math ability
  • healing ability (oneself or others)
  • prescience
  • clairvoyance

2) realizations

  • oneness
  • no death
  • a purposeful life
  • all violence is self-hate
  • part of an energy continuum
  • there is a pre-conception design for the body
  • renunciation of material objects

3) sensitivities, aversions to

  • diet – meat, etc.
  • alcohol, cigarettes
  • drugs
  • electro-magnetic energy
  • noise
  • harsh sunlight
  • prescription medicines

4) states and conditions

  • visions
  • out of body experiences
  • revelations (as opposed to realizations: more micro than macro, for example, the imminent death of a friend)
  • invisibility, astral travel

It's a long laundry list of superhuman attributes and abilities. Whether one individual can manifest all of them, I don't know, but I would imagine it's more like a smorgasbord, not one YOU choose from, but one that confers the requisite assortment on you, according to your personality, character, karma, and level of attainment.

So if higher consciousness annointees manifest an assortment of the above, you can imagine the opposite end of the spectrum and the types of attributes the members of the lower consciousness group manifest. I won't elaborate; news blogs and journals are full of examples of the lowest common denominator behavior some human beings are capable of.

Can a person be more or less enlightened or is there nothing in between the state of complete enlightenment and the state of being completely unenlightened, i.e., an individual that spiritual teachers describe as being under the control of dualistic mind/emotion paradigm?

According to Osho, enlightenment does exist, but because of the variance among individuals, people not only come at it from different starting points, they also exhibit different states of attainment, a statement that gives credence to the notion that higher consciousness is relative, not absolute.

I see it as a process. Whether the result is full or partial enlightenment — because we inhabit bodies — there is always work to do. And that's why it is not a battle between information on consciousness and consciousness itself. Labels don’t matter; polemics don’t matter. What matters is how you manage the process on a daily basis.

I can see my process in my mind’s eye. When I look back at my life, a stranger stares back at me. This is not uncommon. In this work, life isn’t a straight line progression; it’s a series of leaps and plateaux. Whether you’re a reformed prisoner or a spiritual seeker, you probably identify with having experienced the unbearable feeling of being lost, followed by wondering if change was possible. That’s the first step. Seeing the person you once were in the rearview mirror and wondering how you were ever that way, I not only look back at one instance of my Being, but at several, shaking my head in wonderment at the various ‘me’s — even some that appeared after kundalini rising. At first, I thought I had achieved something. Like the priest who graduates from the seminary, I was unable to resist the propaganda my ego fed me about being spiritually fast-tracked.

Whether or not I am any nearer to enlightenment now than I was forty years ago, I do not know. Before I activated kundalini, I was a tangle of lost perspectives and jumbled thinking. And yet, back then, even as a preteen, I knew an ultimate being existed in me and that I could self-actualize. My childish consciousness envisaged such a transformation.

As a child, I felt capable of doing things without my knowing I was doing them…as an instrument of consciousness. Sadly, as I grew older, I put these notions or insights away and, for a while, I followed the conditioning of my social surroundings. Later, after much discomfort and failure, I came back to my early insights and thus enabled kundalini. It allowed me to step outside the mind and emotional patterns that had so long controlled me. I felt very close to the insights I’d had as a child. I began to see that even under the influence and control of the ego, I’d had moments of clairvoyance all along, spurred on, I suppose, by what Gopi Krishna called the evolutionary impulse. And I was able to learn from a series of life lessons.

Lesson One: In the hospital at age 21, I had an out-of-body experience. This confirmed that I was more than my physical body.

I can see it in my mind’s eye at any moment: a superior being, physically, mentally, and psychically capable of full consciousness. And when I see this being, I am enveloped in a mindfulness that puts everything into the simplest nonverbal terms. I vibrate at a higher frequency, sure in the realization that this state is attainable by me and by anyone else.

So how do you become enlightened? By putting your life on hold and going after it, sampling one method or following one guru after another? Or by letting it come to you? Does thinking about enlightenment in an intuitive dream state mean it exists?

I wasn’t trying to raise kundalini; in fact, I had never even heard of it. I was only trying to improve my breathing to help me play a wind instrument. Kundalini found me. And once it found me, it started to act on me, first physically, then in other ways, completely overhauling my Being. Kundalini changed my metabolism, my anatomy, my soma, my psyche, my morphology, my emotional states, and my psychic condition. And as time went on, I realized it had a evolutionary purpose: It was trying to perfect me.

Lesson Two: Kundalini has taught me is that humans are perfectable. We can be transformed; we can perfect ourselves. Nevertheless, I see this perfectability as a process and therefore it is relative, not absolute. If it was absolute, it wouldn’t be a process; it would happen all at once. And maybe it does for some, but that is a different story.

Lesson Three: Having activated kundalini, I see reincarnation as an actuality. If that's true, there must exist, subsequent to this present mortality, a kind of firefly of essence that carries the accumulated energy of previous lifetimes to the next incarnation — a spark of consciousness that's never extinguished.

My colleague, Corinne Lebrun, uses a wonderful analogy to compare the attributes of average human consciousness to a piano with three octaves. Once kundalini is awakened, the deficient piano becomes an instrument of eight octaves. It's not possible for the initiate to avail himself of all eight octaves immediately, but at least — unlike in his previous limited state — he now knows those extra octaves exist. Over time, he learns to incorporate the now greater range of his instrument into the symphony of his life. Yes, life is like a symphony:

  • 1st movement: Allegro
  • 2nd movement: Slow
  • 3rd movement: Minuet
  • 4th movement: Allegro

It ends up as it starts out, unless those additional octaves are awakened.

Hopefully, some manifestations of higher consciousness fall into his lap, like when a pianist creates an improvisation never before attempted; some demand further practice.

And he ends up with a potpourri of talents, powers, gifts, realizations, sensitivities, conditions heretofore unimaginable, allowing him to attain his predestined level on the pyramid of consciousness.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

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Logos Lux- Part I

People often talk about Spirit and Spirit Energy, but few actually know what it is. According to The Kybalion, Spirit is "Unknowable, Unmovable, All-Pervading- having existed always and will always exist." It is the Underlying Essence, the Primum Mobile, the Great White light. According to the Qabalah, Spirit is the highest Element, the synthesis of all the Elements. Alchemically, it has been called the Quintessence, and even alluded to as the Mercury Element because of its Mercurial, fluidic nature. Truth is, Spirit is the animating principle of everything that exists.

Matter is real to us humans insofar as we are in this physical body and are able to live and move our being on planet Earth. But matter is, according to Quantum Physics not real, something the Ancients always have known. It is Maya, an illusion. If you look at a molecule with a microscope and you break it down, matter is in reality just empty space with electrons and neutrons orbiting around each other. But at its core it is empty space. An un-reality.
Nevertheless, there must be an underlying reality, overlaid with this illusion of matter. So if matter is not real, then what is real?

What is real is Spirit. Spirit is in everything. It is the mortar which creates everything in existence. And as we are also Spirit; we have a Spiritual counterpart. It is our duty as human beings to get in touch with it. This is called in Christian terms, the Resurrection, or Rebirth. Metaphorically speaking, being born again, into Spirit. It is the raising of consciousness above physical matter into Spiritual reality that underlies all things.

In the Qabalah, Spirit is Kether, the Crown, the White Light and the highest state of consciousness attainable by human beings. In reality we can never know the Great White light directly. To do so, the 
physical body would have to die. This is why those who have near death experiences report seeing the White Light. We know it and of it through the next two spheres of the Tree of Life, Chokmah and Binah, Wisdom and Understanding. In the Christian pantheon, it is the Trinity. Kether is the Father, Chokmah is the Son and Binah is the Holy Ghost. These three are Eternal, that part of us which was never born and will never die.

The Trinity
The Christian Trinity

We have an ability to perceive reality through Intuition, by using what is called the Mind's Eye. This is the 6th Chakra, the one below the Crown Chakra, which filters the White Light or Spirit. Some of us are in tune with the Mind's Eye and some are so conditioned by matter as perceived by the senses and by the Ego that their Mind's Eye has calcified and closed up. They don’t perceive reality through intuition, but only through the intellect.

The intellect is the by-product of the Mind and its main operator is the Ego. The Ego lives in the Water Element, which comprises 60% of our physical bodies, as we are mainly made up of water. Now, in order to raise consciousness above the physical body and the Ego, we must apply heat and the Fire Element to burn away the dross and negative karma stored in the Waters of the body, in our memories. The Ego feeds off fear stored in the karma of our memories, through fear of the past. It is formed and lives with us, trying to convince us that we are it. One way to apply heat to old memories in order to purge them is by raising the Kundalini Energy.

What is the Kundalini? Kundalini is the latent energy in man which resides at the base of the spine and which is said to be coiled three times. 
Raising this energy happens through the use of spiritual practices, by meditation, a traumatic life experience, or even through the use of recreational drugs. The energy rises through the spinal column and into the brain. Once raised to the top of the head, it triggers an awakening of the Spiritual Body counterpart, whose purpose is to attune us to the subtle world of the Spirit. This is the Body of Light.

Kundalini Rising
Kundalini Rising up the spine into the brain
This Spiritual Awakening, the highest Degree of Enlightenment, occurs after many, many years of purging and transforming. Enlightenment basically means to be In-Light, therefore it is akin to the Resurrection of the physical body into the Spirit, as the Spirit is Light. The two words mean the same thing. Enlightenment is the state of achievement while Resurrection is the process of attainment to this goal.

Kundalini triggers the awakening of the Spiritual body which, according to the Hindus, awakens the 72,000 nadis. Once this occurs, the awakened human becomes like a tree, with feet rooted in Mother Earth. Awakened ones receive vibrations from invisible worlds that are attuned to the World Aeon, the Aura of the Earth. These awakened nadis serve as receptors while the air around us serves as a medium of transmission of energy signals related to thoughts and feelings. This is the source of Telepathy, which is the direct knowledge of another's thoughts, and Empathy, which is the direct knowledge of other people's feelings.

Air is also linked to Spirit and in some Spiritual practices it is considered as the Spirit. But Qabalistically, Air is an Element, and therefore a part of Spirit, but not Spirit itself. But since Air moves both Water and Fire Elements in the physical realm of matter, the same property is given to it through the Alchemical Elements. "As Above, So Below." What takes place in the Microcosm, also takes place in the Macrocosm. And vice versa.

Air is Thought, while Water is Emotion, and Fire is Willpower. Thought moves both Willpower and Emotion, hence Air is said to be suspended between Fire and Water, which represent Life. Visually, it is the Hexagram or the Star of David, a Jewish symbol relating to Life itself. W
ithin the Earth's atmosphere, Air is all around us; all life needs air in order to survive. Without air we cannot breathe and without breath there is no life. Simple as that. Air is Life.

Once an individual's Spiritual body and the 72,000 nadis are awakened, consciousness is able to receive and perceive vibrations and the person is termed "psychic" to a greater or lesser extent. Being Psychic is the ability to perceive worlds beyond the physical by using "psychism," the psyche, 
or the Mind. Hence it is an internal process of receiving. The awakened nadis are the antennae while air is the medium of transmission of vibrations. This is why people say that a Kundalini awakening, the raising of consciousness, and awakening of the Spiritual body, catapults the person into the world of Energy and Vibration. The Ancients called this the 4th Dimension.

Energy is an invisible substance that we talk about all the time. Upon closer inspection, we will see that Energy and Spirit are oftentimes interchangeable terms. Spirit is therefore Energy, and it can be measured and quantified due to its vibrational frequency. But there are varying degrees of Energy — Spirit being just one of them — that vibrate at the highest 
frequency. Once you start lowering vibration, you are able to tune into different vibratory fields between Spirit and Matter. Matter is said to vibrate at such a low frequency it is practically at rest. While Spirit vibrates at such a high frequency it is invisible. But both occupy the same Space at the same Time. Raising the Kundalini enables you to experience this Other World that is normally imperceptible by the senses.

Tesla talks

It is our duty as human beings to raise consciousness to the level of Spirit, thereby raising our own vibrations. Vibrations affect everything, and if we raise our own vibrations we immediately affect everything and everyone that comes into contact with us. Vibrations work through induction. Hence they emanate and jump from one person to another, affecting everything from living things to inanimate objects. Quantum Physics now corroborates this process, knowledge the Ancients discovered thousands of years ago. We cannot look at anything or give anything attention, without changing it in the process.

So, what is consciousness? As human beings we are "consciousness," able to perceive the world around us through the five senses, and
 through the 6th sense of intuition, the Mind's Eye. Consciousness is everything around us, it is Spirit. You need the vehicle of consciousness in order to perceive and experience the world. Consciousness for humans works through Attention of Willpower.

That which we give attention to is where our consciousness is. If we give our thoughts attention, then we are in our own heads, in our minds and our consciousness is turned inwards. We are basically living out only what we think. If our attention is inwards, then we are in the Ego. If it is outwards, we are resonating with Spirit. If we focus our attention outwards into the physical world, we connect our consciousness with all living and non-living things and by uniting our consciousness with what is outside of us, we become One with the thing we are looking at. By becoming One with it, we stop living in the duality of Mind, and attune to the Moment, the Now. Since Past and Future only exist in the Mind as a form of duality. The Spirit lives in Singularity; while the Ego in Duality.

The Now is a rapturous Moment. In the Now,
 human beings feel a phenomenal emotionality. And since we love to feel good, we strive to be in the Now. We do so through the creative arts, by meditating, or through acts which make us literally lose ourselves. The creative process excites our imagination, which puts us in touch with the Now. This is why an artist, poet, or musician gets so enraptured with creating that they lose track of time and exist only in the Now. Another way is through meditation — either focusing on something, an object or thought and holding it, or by working to silence the mind. Both processes put the person in touch with the Now.

In reality, all life is a form of meditation, since we are constantly thinking about something. Even focusing to not think is thinking about not thinking, hence it is a form of thought. Thought is at the core of everything in the Universe — at least, as far as our Milky Way Galaxy is concerned. Talking about different Galaxies and the feasibility of existence there is to talk without factual knowledge. So when talking about the Universe, let it be understood we are only talking about our Milky Way Galaxy and our own Solar System. be continued in Part II and III