Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Daily Dose Workout

Everyone does some form of exercise; even advanced couch potato-ism, or the utter lack of exercise, is a statement on the issue. Okay, maybe it's only to take a stand against it. Maybe it's laziness. Whatever. It is what it is. All I can do is present my meager workout and the reasons behind each component.

By most workout standards, mine isn't very impressive.

I spread it out over the day. Starting with 10-20 squats when I get up, I add various pieces during the day in no particular order:
  • Squats
  • Hatha Yoga
  • 2-3 mile walk
  • Nordic Track
  • Slant board
  • The Nauli
  • Earthing
I'm not out to set records or build washboard abs; I'm merely seeking to create a rounded approach to preserving the health of my body. After all, most of my exercise is accomplished during meditation: action through non-action. When the Kundalini is at its most invigorating. Seizing control of my being, taking inventory, sending energy throughout my Being.

I've been doing the same Yoga routine for many years now; it's the centerpiece of my workout. As for walking, I'm blessed to have a choice of terrains, from moody seascapes...
Pacific coast off Trinidad sparkling bird sanctuaries in the low country marshlands.
Arcata Marsh
The walk over, I'm back at writing and editing. Somewhere along the way, I'll come back to the present and spend 5-10 minutes on the Nordic Track. Not one of the new fancy ones, the Classic Cross Country Skier:

This device is the closet thing to real cross-country skiing. Yes, it's expensive, but I've had it for 21 years, enough time to amortize the cost. No. it's probably not in vogue. So what? It serves. And once you start gliding, you can close your eyes and imagine the French Jura mountains.

I finish the day on my slant board. It's not the most well-known device, and active, it isn't. But although it is passive, I can feel a lot going on inside me as I lie there.

Ten to fifteen minutes and all my organs are back in the right places. Blood is circulating in new, refreshing ways, and for a moment gravity has been held to a standstill.

The manufacturer tells us, "Slant boards have been popular in the natural health and beauty fields for many years. The BodySlant works on the same principal as a slant board. And, as recommended by slant board advocates, the height of the BodySlant (both models) in the slant position is 14 inches. Laying on the BodySlant is a passive position. It's a lazy way to perk up you youth and vitality. Still, if inverting your body is a topsy-turvy concept to you, you may wish to seek the advise of a wellness expert before you begin. But, you can't escape Gravity's pitfalls on this planet. And the BodySlant, in this light, is certainly user friendly for everyone."

That's my workout: desultory, almost without purpose.

Recently, I've added Earthing, which, from the way it works, would seem to be completely passive. Yet it's quite active in that it's constantly infusing my body with the Earth's energy.


According to Earthing literature:
"Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth's natural energy is foundational for vibrant health."
In keeping with my sensitivity to all energy sources, both positive and negative, I definitely feel a tingling sensation as the Earth's energy flows into my body. Earthing products bring the healthy equivalent of walking barefoot indoors to your high rise condo or your second floor bedroom. Check out the science behind it.

The main thing is: You must remain health-consciously vigilant. Take charge of your health care. Manage it yourself — to the best of your ability. Here's a good reason why Number One (your Being) needs to look after your own body and your health:
Insurers seek to cash in on unhealthy lifestyles
"British pension providers are asking insurers to identify people likely to die young in a bid to reduce the amount of retirement income they have to pay out.

"Pension trustees ask people to provide private medical information. The data is then given to an insurer which may take on the brunt of the liabilities of the pension scheme if it believes members will die shortly after retirement."

My Take
We need the will, both individual and collective, for better health. A desire that influences, and ultimately diminishes, the numbers of preexisting conditions. After all, what are preexisting conditions but exposure to the various adverse, de-generative conditions of modern life.

Surely they are not the by-product of the Cosmic numbers game, where conditions are handed out before birth? A this-time-around-it's-your-turn kind of thing? The universe determining who gets the short end of the stick. Individual and collective will can shape our health Get us to a point where fewer people have these conditions. Is it easy? No. But it is possible.


  1. You can escape gravity, for the most part, by using a Float Tank :) Even moreso than the slant board.

    By the way, I'd love to see what your response would be to going for a few floats, with your Kundalini active!


  2. Float tanks? Is that what Dr. Lilly used in the 60s?