Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beings of the Cosmos

I get jacked up when I hear people speak of fear. When they are going through pain and suffering while this Kundalini Fire is purging them from the inside. Reason is I know what is happening; I know the end result. I know where it's headed. I know how the system works. It's all part of the master plan. And once you know the master plan, the fear just vanishes. It's like you're stuck on a scary ride in an amusement park. You're strapped in, but you've never heard about what happens when you're dropped from 200 meters in free fall.

The ego wants to know. It wants to calculate so that it can have a nice bow wrapped around its conclusion and say, "I saw it all along." Well, the thing is this is a process the ego can't know about. In fact, the ego is the only variable inside you that cannot know where things are headed. Because it's slowly dying. Not in the true sense of death, but in the sense of new life. All things must be destroyed in order to be renewed. Such is the law. Fact is when you are dropped from a 200 meter height, yes, you're strapped in, but you still feel the fear of uncertainty. And this fear must go. In removing fear, you develop faith.

How are you to heal others, speak in God's good name, and speak the inner truths of the universe, unless you have faith. In yourself. Yes. The process is to build Willpower. Without willpower, your inner powers are nothing. Willpower moves everything, from your thoughts, to your emotions, to your life. And now you've dropped! You're diving down 200 meters in free fall, feeling the fear in the pit of your stomach. And boom. You survived. And lived to tell your story.

Way up high, you couldn't know about it. That's the secret. The secret is that you are safe. You are safe in the mind of the All, which is God, where you are its thought in its eternal dream. You are safe. You can't die, you won't die. Nay, your life is important cause you are going to change everything. By becoming the change, you will induce change in the lives of hundreds of people. You will communicate. To thousands.

You weren't born a prince, but you will end up a king. Never fear. Fear binds the ego and feeds it illusive thoughts. It lowers your vibration, lowers your emotion, lowers your Willpower. And most importantly, lowers your inspiration. Inspiration is the key to going through this process. If you are inspired, in-spirit, you will resonate a higher frequency of thought and emotion. you will induce others, put a smile on their faces, raise their vibrations. You will change everything. You are a warrior in God's army. This is a fact. But you are in training.
Alex Grey, kundalini awakening
Alex Grey's depiction of the Kundalini awakening event
You're Neo in the Matrix. But even Neo had to learn to control his powers in order to use them. A quote from Spiderman always resonated with me. "With great power, comes great responsibility." How are you measure up to this great responsibility until you learn to control your power.

And fear is your test. It will test you for a long time. New doors will be opened, new karmas thrown your way. Why? So you can learn to defeat your fear. Listen. You were never born, you will never die. This world is an illusion. This is a fact corroborated by modern science. Everything around you is empty space, including you. You are a point of consciousness localized in a physical body, in a material universe. The kundalini raises your vibration, thereby raising consciousness and making you  able to see beyond your normal frame of mind. You start to see like a Demi-God. Now that's a lot of responsibility. Cause now you have a mission. Your mission is to tell others about this. Ones who are poor, who are suffering, who are hungry. Who are down on their faith. They need YOU. And you will change everything. Give it time.

Chakra system, Kabbalistic Tree of Life
Hindu Chakra System, Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and Egyptian Caduceus
The human body's spiritual framework works like this. Your aura has layers. These layers contain different subtle bodies. Physical body first, then astral body with the emotional nature of karma, then your lower mental body partaking in the moving of the astral, then higher mental, partaking in the lower spiritual body and its connection, and finally your spiritual body of light. The Qabalah is the blueprint of all existence. It contains within itself everything in this Solar System. The 4 elements, 12 zodiac, 7 ancient planets. It states that this World consists of 4 worlds in one, all existing at the same time. These worlds are as follows: Earth, the physical universe; Air, the mental or rational universe; Water, the astral or emotional universe; and Fire, the spiritual universe or White Light.

So the human being is a totality of the 4 elements. These elements are found in the lowest 4 chakras. Kundalini awakens all the chakras since the "snake" travels upwards through the spinal column terminating in the head. And the charkas are found in the subtle bodies along the points of the spinal column. Once fully awakened, the chakras are all awakened and function at top speed.

Hence the emotional and mental turmoil after awakening that continues for years. It's basically too much for the old ego to handle all at once. Coupled with the spiritual heart awakening and boom, you have a whole lot of skeletons in the closet that appear quite scary because  you experience them in real time. Every thought is as real as you and me. Scary stuff for the ego cause it's been hiding a lot of demons for a long time. So look at the elements in isolation. The Qabalists termed the name of God to be YHVH, otherwise called the Tetragrammaton in the Qabalah. Yod-fire, Heh-water, Vav-air and final Heh-earth. Four elements, seven chakras.
The Tetragrammaton-YHVH
The four elements are found in the lowest four chakras. The highest three chakras are of the Aethyr variety. What is Aethyr? Spirit. A kundalini awakening is essentially an awakening of the Spirit. Hence the awakening of all of the chakras at once. Your ultimate goal is the crown. The crown is non-dual, hence it doesn't contain karma. The chasm between the ego and Higher God-Self is called the Abyss. Ego disappears once you have crossed the Abyss. Everything below the Abyss contains the ego. The Abyss is the place where the so called "Devil" exists. He guards the abyss. The "Devil" is duality. If there is God, and there is God, then in terms of duality it must also mean that its arch-nemesis exists as well. The Devil! But he only exists in the mind.

Once you have crossed the duality of the mind, the Devil and his demonic minions (fallen angels) disappear. Fact is they never even existed in the first place. Only in your head, only in your mind.

The ego developed as a result of that illusion, to separate good from evil. Ego feeds on fear, fear feeds on karma and karma exists as a part of past conditioning. Past conditioning is found in memory. Memory is found in events. Events are found in time and space. And at the root of it all we have nothingness and its opposite, pure unlimited potential. The Holy fire. The White Light. This limitless existence is only limited by the degree of consciousness within you. And the degree of consciousness and its vibration is limited by the perceptions of the ego.
Name of Jesus
The name of Jesus, the Pentagrammaton-YHShinVH
The name of Jesus is very peculiar and symbolic in nature. Jesus is essentially the prototype of the kundalini awakening process. His Hebrew name is Jeshua, spelled YHShinVH, otherwise called the Pentagrammaton in the Qabalah. In other words, Fire, water, Hebrew letter Shin, Air, Earth. The four elements with the letter Shin as the reconciler. Now what is the Letter Shin, this letter symbolizing the element of the Holy Fire in the Qabalah? Therein lies the answer to who Jesus really was and why now you are assuming the role of Jesus. As he prophesized when he said he would come back. The letter Shin consists of three strokes symbolizing three flames. These three flames are termed the threefold flame of the soul in the Qabalah. In other words, the KUNDALINI. Ida on one side, Pingala on the other and Sushumana in the middle. So when Jesus said he would return, he basically said that all the world will eventually evolve and have a kundalini awakening and transformation as he did.

Simple stuff, veiled in allegory, found in symbols and numbers. All of this is God's master plan. And you are part of it. In fact in a microcosm, you are the universe. Every human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm. The macrocosm is the solar system we are in, with its center as the sun, the source of Light. The sun's power is found in your chest in the spiritual heart centre. This is our soul (Sol) and its connection to the Light of the Sun. Around the sun are the powers of the planets of our Solar System. Kundalini awakening opens up the powers of these planets inside you. These are the powers of the Higher Self, or God-Self. With Aethyr as the medium of thought and vibration you become an antennae to the vibrations within this solar system.

But first, you gotta go through a lot of cleansing. Remember, great power, great responsibility. God wants you to be a King or Queen; it's just a matter of time. A matter of cleansing, a matter of testing, and a matter of building you up to be a vehicle for this higher power. So never despair, never fear, it's all an illusion. It's Maya. This world you see and perceive is not real. What is real is the power and light inside you. And once you've traversed the path, and opened up your own inner universe, attained to the higher powers, unleashed the psychic powers of the chakras through hard karmic work, you will see the ultimate light, you will see the end of your journey here. And at the point of your physical death awaken in a different solar system to learn of its lessons. This is truth, let those with ears hear.


  1. I love this post and re-read it constantly. It gives me so much inspiration and you explain so many concepts so articulately. Awesome !