Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Kundalini Experience

Kundalini was the last thing on my mind when I had my experience. I was fully entrenched in a practical life, leading a normal existence. Occasionally, I experienced stirrings of spiritual emptiness, but most of the time I was engrossed in getting through my day.

I was at a party one day and met a woman who said she was a Tantrica. Although very sweet, she seemed a bit eccentric to me. She insisted that I "eye-gaze" with her and after her reassurance that it was quite benign, I agreed. I felt a little silly, lying next to her and staring at her eyes. Sometimes I'm way too polite to say no.

A few moments later, electric shocks starting whipping up my spine. They were not painful, but I could here a "Kraa-aaa-ck" sound. It was like being hit by lighting bolts of energy, the sheer force of which, threw me onto my back. I had read about Kundalini, but I never thought it was a physical reality. After a few minutes, the bolts subsided and I sat up. I don't know who was more surprised, the Tantrica or me. She said she'd never witnessed anything like this and wanted to explore it further with me.

Intrigued, I scheduled a session with the Tantrica and a few days later I was eye-gazing with her again. At this point, I still thought it was silly, but I had nothing to lose. What's more, I could not deny the lightning bolts I had felt a few days before.

We continued to eye-gaze and suddenly, something opened in my lower spine. It felt like a dam had burst in my sacrum and as that happened, energy started pushing its way up my spine. The force was tremendous. It felt like sparkling white light. I sat up in shock, at which point the energy got stuck in the center of my chest. My chest was on fire and the Tantrica did something that "opened" the area. The energy then burst through my chest as it continued flow up my spine.

Because of the sheer force of the energy rising up my spine, I could barely sit up, so I crouched down, putting my head on my knees. That seemed to be the only position I could maintain. I lost control of my body, completely at the mercy of this energy.

After some time, I was able to sit up and the energy burst into my brain. When I closed my eyes, I found myself in a different dimension, consisting of infinite white light and I was above it. Above the white light there was nothing. Just emptiness and a feeling of peace.

I had 360° vision, as if I was flying above the cloud cover in an airplane, able to see everything.

As long as I kept my eyes closed I did not feel the sheer force of the energy rising up my spine, so I remained in that space. Suddenly I received a telepathic Knowing, as if the words were being spoken inside of me. Someone was speaking to me and I understood the words at the same instant they were uttered. Almost like, two light bulbs lighting up together. The communication was instantaneous.

The being said,"I have loved you from eternity, I did not just start loving you because I have never stopped."

I was overcome by such intense bliss It became unbearable. I opened my eyes. As I did, I returned to everyday reality, unable to exercise the usual rational control as the energy kept rising. So closed my eyes and returned to the space of the light.

Again, It spoke, "This is just a raindrop of my power."

Telepathically I replied, "And look what It has done to me?"

Again, the feeling of intense, unbearable bliss filled my being and I opened my eyes. I lay down on the floor and let the energy course through my body.

Finally, the force of the energy slowed down. It felt like a river meandering up my spine. Eventually, it stopped as I tried to comprehend what had happened.

I looked at the time. Six hours had passed. I had completely lost track of time during this event.

When I finally came to, my rational mind could not digest the experience. I blamed the Tantrica for taking an undue risk with me. What if I'd had a seizure or become psychotic? I left her house and refused to take her calls just as I refused to acknowledge the experience. I completely shut down and fell into depression. I felt alone and frightened.

As time passed I was able to pull myself out of the depression and get on with my life. Slowly, I integrated this experience into my everyday life.

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