Sunday, February 16, 2014

When the Creator and the Created Are One

Above the apex of the pyramid,
On the other side of the mirror,
In the earth beneath the Great Wall of China,
Is a state of being beyond fear.

The instantaneous creation of
The universe far and near
Emanates from the center of Love
Where all is dear.

Wherever the mind is concentrated,
There God is found for sure;
The Tao, the Way, the Buddha path,
The Christhood in azure.

When subject and object are all the same,
When sense and sensor merge,
When star clusters are everything,
When the perceived is also the urge,

Then reality reveals its essence,
Time and space disappear,
All conscious conceptual creation
Vanishes into thin air.

This stupor ecstatic, this cosmic vapor
That permeates the fields
Of all awareness, all reality,
Lasts until heaven finally yields.

Then the Earth looms large and rushes up,

As gravity returns to feel
Life's struggles, conflicts, and challenges,
Suddenly again real.

This moment of nirvana,
This orgasmic zeal,
Recreates the vessel of the soul,
Adds psychic sense to wield.

When Love and Truth merge into One,
When Will and Body kneel,
God's ecstatic presence is
All the perceivers feel.

And though the meditator tries,
No undoing can congeal;
The changes made are permanent,
No going back is real.

This change of mind, heart, soul, and body
Flows with a synchronistic keel;
The journeyer must then submit
To a life of dreams that heal.    

      ~Neil Bethell Sinclair

This poem is about the experience of Nirvikalpa samadhi. If you've undergone it, you'll recognize it. As I was writing it, I felt a voice speak through me.

Neil Bethell Sinclair grew up in Southern California in the 1960s. At sixteen, his family relocated to the Redwoods north of San Francisco during the heyday of the hippie movement.

After spending the summer of 1973 working in Yosemite Natl. Park, he attended UC Berkeley in the fall as a freshman. Through a series of accidents of circumstances, he wound up living in a fraternity briefly where, during a Halloween Party he underwent a neurological transformation that he came later to understand as the full activation of the Kundalini.

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