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Reversing an Incurable Chronic Degenerative Disease

This story begins in the ‘90s when I occasionally, and seemingly by chance, suffered short bouts of back pain in the lumbar area. The diagnosis at the time consisted of scattered X-rays that uncovered a condition known as early lumbar discopathy. I didn’t worry too much. However, I did worry about occasional headaches of extremely high intensity, which had begun at least 10 years earlier and, for which Fasconal was prescribed for treatment.

I also noticed that acute pain sometimes coincided with sudden, twisting body movements, especially when I moved an object from one place to another. These episodes were rare and the pain went away after sitting or lying in bed.

In 1991, I started practicing yoga, which helped slow the degenerative process of the intervertebral discs (a process about which I knew nothing at the time). It did not help restore my health because during my yoga practice, I did not apply the sexual sublimation techniques our teacher taught us. I had two choices: either believe what he said and try to apply it or not believe and therefore not apply these techniques in my life or my daily practice. I chose not to apply them.

In 1991-1992, I began to suffer from chronic hypertrophic rhinitis, which made my breathing extremely difficult, especially in winter. It is interesting to note that although I was applying the theory of yoga the wrong way in classes, the actual yoga postures did have a mitigating effect on my headaches and their intensity.

From 1992-2000, the disease gradually worsened and the episodes of acute pain became more frequent and more painful, obliging me to take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the pain, because sitting or resting in bed, as well as practicing yoga postures recommended for such situations, no longer had any effect.

Between 2000 and early 2004, the symptoms became persistent: daily pain, some tolerable, but mostly of high intensity, increasing the need of larger amounts of medication. Without knowing it, I was already in the second phase of the disease. I started using drugs with increasingly stronger side effects, which, in turn, became more intense.

By 2004, the symptoms had become more intense and pain reached the limits of my endurance. My capacity to work was greatly reduced. This affected my sense of time, as if time was speeding up and I was unable to finish tasks in the same amount of time as compared to the same work assigned to me 10 years earlier. Due to the severe pain, it was more difficult for me to focus my mind and attention. Sometimes, I failed to perform electronic editing without making mistakes. At other times, I was unable to work on mechanical operations requiring great effort.

In the winter of 2004, I explored several kinds of alternative, mechanical therapies in the hope that one might offer 3-4 days of comfort. I remember one particular incident. I was returning from a chiropractic appointment. The therapist warned me not to stop on the road under any circumstances, urging me to go straight home without interruption walking at a constant speed and maintaining an equal amount of effort. But before reaching home, I stopped for a few minutes at a grocery store (without having an urgent need), believing that I would be able to browse and then walk the remaining distance without too much trouble. It was winter — cold and snow everywhere. I arrived at the entrance of my building. As soon as I opened the door to my flat, I jumped straight into bed with what was left of my strength, dressed in my thick winter coat, unable to unlace my shoes. I could neither lie in bed, nor rise to a vertical, sitting position without intense pain. Only tilting my body at 45 degrees allowed me sit without pain. It became extremely unbearable. I had to coordinate all my movements with my back at 45 degrees so that my movements would not lead to a serious accident that might leave me paralyzed. My back or any motion with my back caused me unimaginable pain. I sat on the bed with my back to the book case, facing the table, unable to reach the Clorzoxazona box.

It took me about three hours of effort to come up with a set of micro-movements for my back — at just the right angles — so that one of my hands could grasp the box of tablets firmly without dropping it on the floor. I felt a sense of immediate danger, but also understood that I had two choices. One was to make a sudden movement that would have sheared the sciatic nerve root, which was already under pressure. The pain might disappear, but paralysis would set in. The second option was to take maximum dose of Clorzoxazona all at once to force my muscles to relax. During those 3 hours, I had time to think about those two choices and after I managed to get the bottle of drugs, I crushed them in my mouth and chewed at least 6 tablets — possibly 8. After 30 minutes, the pain disappeared, but the consequences of ingesting so much medication kicked in.

I wanted to relax but it was not possible. Trapped at an angle of 45 degrees, unable to lie down or stand up, I spent about 5 hours in that tilted 45 degree position. The pain continued to grow; I had nothing to lose. After the medication took effect, the tremendous dose I took made my heart beat so slowly, I felt it might stop. Using yoga breathing techniques, I created the minimal conditions for my heart to keep beating, but the heartbeat was virtually unnoticeable. My hands and face cooled, visual disturbances arose, and my vision blurred. I felt seized by a dangerous condition of drowsiness. Before falling asleep — a state that became inevitable after ingesting such a large dose of medication — I heard a thud on the bed in the area of affected vertebral discs. The pain had stopped.

Much later, I was able to understand what had happened: the “thud" occurred at the moment the disc ring ruptured and touched the sciatic nerve. Ten hours of prolonged sleep followed immediately. (I could be wrong because I did not have the capacity to store details at the time). After I woke up, my heart was still beating weakly. I continued to lie in bed, feeling a tender numbness in my left leg. I found out later that the intense muscle contractions, which pressed the nerve and gave me unbearable pain, were an automatic action of the body in order to protect the intervertebral disc annulus from breaking. The muscles wanted to maintain disc integrity.

The third phase of the disease is characterized by irreversible damage to the nerves when under pressure, injury or damage which can degenerate into further complications, including inflammation of the axons or destruction of the myelin sheath. Classical Medicine believes it is impossible to return from phase 3 to a state before the disease takes hold, which actually means you do not know that you have the disease. For three months, the left leg remained numb, then sensitivity began to return. However, one toe in my left leg has remained numb for another 9 years.

In 2004-2005, the biggest nightmare of my life began, when back pain was added to headaches, neck pain, cholesterol, and chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. I requested a referral for various tests, I was diagnosed with these 4 diseases, all in the chronic phase (therefore, considered to be incurable). I had my first MRI at the Military Hospital.

The diagnosis was as follows:
Bilateral degenerative lumbar discopathy, degenerate lumbar discs, multiple disc protrusions, external annulus rupture median – right paramedian L2, L3, L4 L3 median, paramedian left L4, L5, L5 with root touch to the left.
June 10, 2004 - Military Hospital Cluj
I requested two nose surgeries to correct my condition that could not be solved with medication, but there was no significant improvement.

In 2006, on the third of February, I underwent the first and most difficult stage of cellular biological transformations (known herein as Kundalini) and it cured all diseases. In addition, I continued to discover improvements and physiological optimizations that were not known to me when I was healthy. I will detail the process I call Transphysiological Energy Activation in future posts. It's the term I apply to Kundalini in order to give it a more scientific and less parochial denotation.


  1. Great sharing. Thanks. Can't wait to hear more details on the process called trans physiological energy activation.

    1. I would also be really interested in reading about the specifics of how a change in your subtle body lead to the regeneration of your spine. I know that at least one healing touch modality I know of really likes to brag about being able to cure discopathy But I personally am skeptical of it's accuracy.


    3. Please download the entire book from here ... might be useful for your quest

  2. Some details are in my book... others are soon to be published later

  3. This is extraordinarily interesting, Cristian. I am looking forward to reading your next post.

    1. Unfortunately I don't have enough english language skills in order to present very accurate my whole theory. I only have a new paper published in an indian journal with zero impact points, but it had been peer reviewed.... You can read it here

  4. Let's connect this one with the new one ... and a lot of thanks to JJ for english correction and adaptation.

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