Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Are Born Into This World

Grace Cathedral

We are born into this world, into our fate,
Driven by a will to live,
Inheriting our present moment,
Our ancestors,
Our history,
Our natural world.

We are born with the freedom to choose,
And that choice is:
To follow our evolutionary impulse, to grow and do good;
Or to pursue a less noble path,
Against our conscience.

To choose the evolutionary path, some would call Tao, some the Path of Knowledge, some the Way,
Is to follow our hearts.
To follow this path is to face fear and grow courage,
To find clarity,
To gather power,
To accumulate wisdom,
And in the end to know death.

One cannot follow this evolutionary impulse without the awareness of this choice.
To be awakened to this choice is to become religious in some sense,
To become aware of the spiritual world we live in, and the consequences of our choices,
To accept that a solely rational thought process excludes and denies intuition,
Upon which so much depends.

It is to accept the value and meaning of inspiration,
To create,
To dance, paint, sculpt, write, to invent,
To help others, to feel the earth’s heartbeat
In our own hearts,
To reflect the music of the deeper world
In the radiation of our beings,
In our light and life.

Therefore, if we wish to enjoy this life,
We must cultivate our awareness of this evolutionary impulse within us, and
Choose to believe that our choice to follow it is for our own good and the good of the world.

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