Friday, May 30, 2014

The Fountain of Life

Kundalinie centra
Marie-Andrée Brands made the drawing
Margriet Born gave the aura colors

How does the kundalini gland

Transmute life energy close at hand

Into superintelligent rain,

Up the spine and into the brain?

It is a fountain veritably,

An upward flowing ceaselessly,

The pressure to create, to form new life,

New paintings and poems, new ideas rife.

The alchemy to concentrate

Spiritual energy at a higher rate

Is a magic that beliefs cannot describe,

A knowledge that eludes the modern scribe.

But flow it does, bringing creativity,

Values noble and improved morality,

Better health and decreased aging,

A superior heart, body, soul and brain.

This is the future of the human race, some say,

The next step on the evolutionary Way,

Portending a better woman and man,

All part of a predetermined Plan.

Neil Bethell Sinclair
May 30, 2014

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