Friday, September 11, 2015

Sexual Magic

Love is often spoken of in terms of magic. Is there such a thing as real sexual magic, an act that Kundalini carries out in and through the physical body? In Natalie, A Kundalini Love Story I describe a moment of authentic magic performed, not with rituals, spells, and pentagrams etc., but by a man and woman lying in each others' arms, sleeping but connected by a deeper consciousness. Physically, Jim and Natalie are about to lose one another, perhaps be killed, but Kundalini joins their subtle bodies at the base of the spine and for an instant they are outside time and space. These things happen. At the moment when they let go of their physical obsession with one another, Jim and Natalie connect with a power that can save them because it works with the force of innocence.

Author Paul Lyons
Far from being a matter of control and willpower, true magic is innocent. This is why children are more open to it and can sometimes do magic without realizing it.

When I was about five, I went through a period when I used to hold my breath to make myself dizzy. Being dizzy made me feel strong and happy. It was only later that the reason I did it became clear to me. When I was three, my mother nearly died of tuberculosis. She disappeared into a TB ward, and I wasn't allowed in to see her, because the disease was contagious. I used to wave to her through a window from the hospital garden, but I wasn't allowed in the same room as her, or to breathe the air she breathed. My mother survived, but TB destroyed one of her lungs and left her with only three quarters use of the other lung.

For the rest of her life, every breath she breathed was a battle, and she suffered shocking breathlessness attacks. I see now that when I held my breath to make myself dizzy, I was feeling my way, on the subtle plane, towards the mother whom I wasn't allowed to touch physically. I felt happy and strong because the connection was real. It was a form of magic and it worked. I had stumbled upon a primitive form of pranayama. Through outwardly difficult circumstances, I'd found something that would be precious in my later life.

The life force comes to people in roundabout ways, over the course of a lifetime, as in JJ Semple's Deciphering The Golden Flower One Secret At A Time, where a childhood injury, irrationally (magically) kept undisclosed ended in a Kundalini awakening.

Shiva and Shakti
Connected in Space/Time

Their subtle bodies connected at the base of the spine, asleep, but deeply awake, in each others' arms, the heat of their erotic obsession gone, Jim and Natalie enter a space, a moment of space/time located in the future, a hotel room high above London, where the threat to their lives awaits them. Place is important in magic, as is the moment in time from which all space emerges. Place, space/time, is manifested in the Throat Chakra. As Vivek Govekar stated in an earlier post, the Throat Chakra is the bridge from the earthly realm (the body) to the transcendental plane in the higher chakras in the head; it's a passageway across to the realms without form both the Buddha and particle physics speak of. It's a midway state where authentic and simple magic can take place. Because magic, even erotic magic, isn't about control and will-power; it's a sudden, innocent uncovering of what is.

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