Saturday, April 16, 2016

Seminal Retention And Kundalini

One way of telling if kundalini is genuine is by how it affects you after ejaculating.

For many men, an after-sex timeout to revitalize the body is commonplace, normal, and natural. For Kundalini adepts, however, sex has a difference-of-kind effect, usually characterized by a complete somatic depletion a de-energizing feeling that grips the whole body and demands more than just a little repose. It is this condition that both Gopi Krishna and I wrote about: he in Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man; I in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. Both of us experienced this effect and both of us noted the immediate need for nourishment as a means of replenishing the life force.

In the aftermath of my first post-kundalini sex, I felt as if I was imploding, as if the constant, daily rebuilding work kundalini was performing on me had been so adversely affected by ejaculation that I needed an immediate influx of pranic energy to reverse the threat to my somatic structure. I felt like someone had pulled the plug and the contents of my braincase were trickling down the drain. It was a feeling akin to fear or surprise, the type of sensation that grips the whole body in an instant. A panicky notion that I was dying. Food. I needed food. I went to the refrigerator and quickly gobbled four containers of yogurt, which started to repair the damage and eventually calmed me. Why does sex affect kundalini adepts like that? Simple…kundalini doesn’t like sharing transmuted sexual energy, i.e., the life force; it wants to send it all to the brain. Procreation is one thing; sexual sublimation is another. Ejaculation affects the newly anointed adept as it affected me and Gopi Krishna, and when it does, woe to he who ignores the signals.

Gopi Krishna explains:

"As we have seen in our previous discussions, it is not easy to prescribe behavior and diet for the future evolution of the brain. Although I also spoke about sex before, I now would like to be a little more explicit. Inasmuch as all our modem theories about sex, including the ideas expressed by Freud, do not take evolution of the brain into account, we can therefore say that they are incomplete.

"The moment it is established that the brain is evolving biologically, it will then be seen that a part of the reproductive energy is consumed in this evolution. I have given the proof, genius and the illuminated mind. For the last three thousand years the Indian savants knew it, as did the Greeks and the Egyptians. They knew that genius and illumination come from transmuted sex energy.

"Freud puts it in a different way. He says it is libido and that all creative activity and mental disorders arise out of the libido. But he has not defined libido. For him, libido is psychic energy in its subtle form, in its psychic form.

"But it has a somatic aspect also, as Reich correctly put it. It is anchored in the body, his libido. He has clearly mentioned this. But since science has no awareness of a phenomenon that has been in evidence for the last thousands of years, that it is the transmutation of sexual energy that leads to creativity, then naturally all current theories about sex are incomplete.

"What is recommended by some psychologists or by some clinicians about unrestrained sex is therefore not only fallacious, but highly dangerous for the race.

"In the ages to come, people will determine what part of the energy goes to the brain and what part they can utilize for procreative or for pleasurable purposes. There is no doubt that there is nothing in the world so enchanting, so alluring, so inspiring as sexual love. It has inspired some of the greatest thinkers. It is the women whom they loved who inspired some of the greatest writers, thinkers, politicians, conquerors of the world. There is nothing comparable to love for the happiness, health and evolution of mankind.

"But it has not to be abused, because this energy is designed by nature both for evolution and procreation. And evolution must have its share. It would be saner to conserve the energy, even to be a celibate than it would be to overspend it. This is the reason why celibacy has been recommended in religions. Otherwise there is no reason. Why should religion in some way insist that you have to be celibate unless the energy is used in some way?

"But we need not go to that extreme. The rational, normal, and natural course is to adjust our life so that we allow that part which is meant for our evolution to be used for that purpose.

"There are some facts that show that nature is always giving us warnings. For instance, many people, after the climax, after the expenditure of the energy, feel a sense of disgust or coldness, antipathy, or great tiredness. That is a warning from nature that they have overdone it. If, after the sexual climax, a man feels as energetic as before, it means he has not used or taken from the amount needed for evolution."

Why is this important? Because many people don’t realize that enlightenment or self-realization (that elusive state so many young people are searching for) actually has a somatic and metabolic component. They believe that enlightenment is attained through activities like prayer, mantras, faith, meditation, visitations and not through any contributions of a somatic or metabolic nature. But why wouldn’t an individual’s body be involved in all aspects of the evolutionary process? Yes, the above activities do matter, if only to initiate the sexual sublimation process.

People who say they believe that kundalini exists, but that it has no place in ascending to higher spiritual states don’t realize that kundalini is not something you believe in; it's not a belief system. It’s a physical actuality, like a heart attack or an orgasm. They may also still believe in holdover medieval myths that the body must be scourged in order to attain spiritual grace. Not so, if anything the body must participate in the process through yoga, meditation, and other energy cultivation techniques. Isn’t it ironic that reaching the sublime requires a contribution from our sexual apparatus, that the sacred is nourished by the profane?

Now, I’m not saying that everyone should be trying to activate kundalini — given its many unexpected effects that most people aren’t prepared for, most people shouldn’t — only that kundalini has played, and will continue to play, a crucial role in human evolution…and therefore more study must directed towards its true value.

So can the two purposes — evolution and procreation/pleasure — coexist? Can the trial and error quest for enlightenment coexist with what Gopi Krishna called unrestrained sex?

The answer is yes. And that’s where seminal retention techniques come in. Seminal retention allows you to conserve the seed during intercourse. Why would you want to do this? For all the reasons stated above, plus the fact that times have changed; the quest for self-realization should not attempt to repudiate the sybaritic tendencies and self-indulgent practices regarding sex in contemporary living, rather this quest needs to change its course. And that, dear reader, requires learning and practicing seminal retention techniques, which by the way, actually add to the pleasurable aspects of sex.

Thankfully, this should be easy because adepts are always searching, never satisfied with pat solutions, always learning, never placated with easy answers. They've had their egoic tendencies stripped away by the fire of kundalini. They know that they know nothing. They know that the mainstream orthodoxies with their conventional wisdom and fear of new discoveries know nothing. These adepts figure things out by themselves; they are spiritual detectives: Once having experienced the deleterious effects of ejaculation, it's not something you allow to get out of control.

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