Thursday, November 24, 2016

Heredity, Environment, and Karma

We know about the influence of heredity and environment on the ontological(1) and psychological evolution of groups. To some degree, we can even predict the development of individuals.

For instance, the current US population is 325,000,000 (three hundred million). A recent Surgeon General's report states that one in seven (1/7 | 14%) are, or will become, addicted. That would amount to 45M persons becoming addicted. The USA Today summary of the report states that “genetics accounts for about half of a person’s likelihood of becoming addicted.” Could this curiously worded sentence also mean that half of the 45M will become addicted due to heredity factors? And if this is true then the other half of the population’s addiction will be due to environmental factors? Even if we take the more literal meaning, it still tells us that addiction is half heredity and half environmental so that:

  • A person might become addicted because he or she was exposed to prescription drugs for medical reasons and, after treatment ended, is psychologically unable to return to his or her former prescription-less life style, or, 
  • A person might have sampled the wares in a friend’s medicine cabinet and become immediately dependent because his or her DNA receptors, inherited from a parent, had flipped a switch in the brain. 
So where does karma fit in? Setting aside the issue that karma is not something that science acknowledges as real — not that science accepts the Christian notion of God either — it is part of the present topic.
Karmic Lovers
What is karma? This quicky, Internet definition states: (in Hinduism and Buddhism) "the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.”

A definition, which, in our example, might impact an individual’s chances of becoming addicted, or, in a more spiritual context, might influence an individual’s chances of successfully arousing kundalini.

In a recent Symposium, we discussed the attributes that facilitate Kundalini awakenings, one of which was the notion of the Field, or a kind of Quantum event that “bounces” the affected person out of his normal vibrational alignment into an alternate, random or intentional, alignment of matter and consciousness that ultimately produces a Kundalini awakening.

“The greatest book in the world, the Mahabharata, tells us we all have to live and die by our karmic cycle. Thus works the perfect reward-and-punishment, cause-and-effect, code of the universe. We live out in our present life what we wrote out in our last. But the great moral thriller also orders us to rage against karma and its despotic dictates. It teaches us to subvert it. To change it. It tells us we also write out our next lives as we live out our present.”
~ The Alchemy of Desire—Tarun J. Tejpal
The thesis of my presentation was that matter (sexual energy) and consciousness, in their own right, are not enough to guarantee a kundalini awakening; these elements must be accompanied by a Quantum event. This would explain why certain persons are unable to arouse kundalini no matter how hard they try. It would also explain why kundalini visits certain persons without their ever wishing for it.

It might also explain why some people resist addiction in spite of harboring the characteristics of the 17%. There is a random, aleatory aspect to the energy continuum that influences karmic certainties reasons why some individuals escape poverty and others escape addiction when all environmental and heredity markers point to becoming dependent.

Can we then overthrow the effects of heredity and environment in order to create an entirely independent new Being? Kundalini provides a biological basis — a jumping off point for karmic realignment. you move forward, take nothing for granted.


  1. a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of being 
  2. a particular theory about the nature of being or the kinds of things that have existence


  1. Excellent JJ! Some interesting thoughts for the explaining and understanding of awakening.

  2. I've lived with it for 40 years; I'm still unable to "explain" it. I'm much better at watching it at work on my being, but not very good at wrapping my mind around it.

  3. I was addicted to Olynth (nasal spray), 4 years, 365 days per year, twice a day, without exception, 2002-2005. In February 3rd I did my biological transfomation, and after 8 more months I just gave up the spray, my rhynythis had been cured and suddenly, in one single day, the medication had been stopped and since then, 11 years passed and the illness never returned and the addiction never manifested again.

  4. Same for me. When the kundalini arousal process started, the lure of alcohol and drugs evaporated; I didn't have to do anything. I simply no longer needed, nor was I attracted to, them.

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