Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kundalini Transformation - Part 02

During my 12 year Kundalini transformation, my sense of sound has expanded; all sounds now appear "wavy" in my mind's eye. There is a stillness inside me at all times now as my Ego thoughts have been quieted over time. I often see a representation of the sound in my mind's eye as a picture, depending on how still my consciousness is at that moment. 

Every sound has a thought behind it. Once you slow everything down, you can actually see that thought. I use the word "wavy" since sound moves in waves, the same as the tides of the sea, and once I am completely still I can see its form. After this transformation in my processing of sound, I feel literally like I am in Heaven and on Earth at the same time. The stillness inside me enables me to pick up vibrations around me as if I'm an antenna. It is Heavenly in nature and almost feels as if I am walking on clouds. In movies, whenever there's a depiction of heaven, it's up above the clouds, silent and quiet with a feeling of being elevated to a higher place beyond our atmosphere — nothing material about it.

I remember how I used to experience things before this transformation and I can safely say this is Planet Earth 2.0.

Combined with the new sense of sight mentioned in the previous article, it is almost as if I was given a permanent virtual reality headset to wear 24/7. I live in the same world as everyone else but see it and experience it differently.

I wish others could experience this. If this information was more widely known, people would choose it over riches and fame. No money in the world can buy this experience and I would not trade it for anything.

The expansion in my physical sight occurred five months into my awakening 12 years ago. It was one of the first manifestations of the kundalini awakening. By now, I'm completely used to it and am often are reminded of how cool it is when I look at new landscapes or visit new cities. First thing I do is walk downtown to experience the bright lights and architecture.

Light permanently inside middle of the brain
There are moments when I am so immersed in this vision and out of my body, that I become one with what I am looking at and see everything as a two dimensional beam of Light coming from the Sun. I can actually "scry" inside this vision and see parallel universes that exist here and now, but are imperceptible to normal human sight. Scrying is a process of looking into physical objects using the mind's eye. This experience occurs as a rapture, as my consciousness is swooped up to experience this vision. It comes over me as a wave and I become pure consciousness embracing this vision. My visions often see the world in Medieval times for some reason, only to a much smaller scale than our own present time world. There are parallel worlds existing here and now inside Light and once you're able to alter your own vibration you can actually see them with your very eyes.

Due to this expansion of the Mind's Eye, if I focus on a human being for ten seconds or so, I will slip out of myself and start to see the colors of that person's energy. If I carry this vision further, I will change states of consciousness and see the person from the perspective of an ant, or sometimes a greater and even larger being. The longer I keep this in focus, the more my visual sight changes continuously. I can even see animals and different beings in people. In reality, we are all Light beings of pure consciousness and a kundalini awakening is the evolution of consciousness and Light. 

After the initial awakening, I experienced an altering of my own vibrational frequency which changed the condition of the physical universe. Normally, I hear the kundalini in my ears as a continuous buzzing of bees, which changes pitch as I take in food. One time I was able to tap into the source of the vibration and change it to the sound of a Mustang car, a low growling sound. When this occurred, I saw the entire world before me as a hologram — objects suspended in space. This vision lasted for about ten seconds and then my ego took over and the vibration changed to its regular sound, bringing me down to the level of matter. 

All the visions I describe in this and my previous article are not seen in my head when I close my eyes. That would not be unique since I would only be using my imagination. These visions occur with my actual physical eyes. And they happen when I notice something outside of myself and I look at it. Immediately, an internal process of rapture occurs and some visual manifestation takes place, as if I has woken in the morning and gone outside, only to see it as I described while performing the same daily tasks.

Another important life transformation for me has been lucid dreaming and astral travel. As this Light energy has built up inside me over time, I started to lucid dream on a daily basis. In the astral world, there is no gravity; pure consciousness is the Law which guides it. This means that you can fly, walk through walls, transport yourself to any place on the Earth —levitating objects and fulfilling any and all desires. This is just some of the gifts but there are more. 

The best part is that in a lucid dream, consciousness is completely awake and aware in the same way as waking, physical life. The difference is only a matter of degree, but the concept and experience are the same. It is in all respect pure imagination and desire feeding itself through its experiences. The source of our souls is imagination and Light.

As for astral travel, which occurs during lucid dreams, I have had incredible out-of-body experiences over the last 12 years I have been living with awakened kundalini. I have visited astral worlds that are beautiful to behold. I traveled to different galaxies and talked to extraterrestrial Beings, and received information about myself and the world as well as our future as a human race. Oftentimes, my lucid dream world is so strong that I cannot wake up from it and would sleep for 16 hours at a time in a sleep paralysis. When I try to wake up, the power of the dream would just throw me back down onto the pillow. 

Flying in a Lucid Dream
I have spent hours on end downloading information from otherworldly beings and ascended Masters in the same way Neo was downloading computer programs in The Matrix. In one hour, I can download 20 books worth of information. Through these downloads I have received certain Truths about us and the world we live in. 

Over time, I naturally developed a technique of un-focusing my mind's eye in a lucid dream to step into a reality which I term "hyper consciousness," a state beyond the realm of human consciousness. This state is similar to an LSD or Peyote trip, but different because there's a "futuristic" feel to it. These are some of the effects of a kundalini awakening — a higher state of evolution and a realm of ontological perfection that awaits our race. We truly do live in the Matrix where your potential of life experience is so incredible that you cannot even imagine it until it happens.

Everything around us is consciousness and Light. Once you awaken kundalini, which is Light, you behold the Universe around you as it really is. And inside this Light there are so many different states of consciousness, so many different experiences. A rapture for everyone, a losing of oneself — going beyond the Ego to experience it. It happens during meditation, which in my case is a permanent state, since every act of focusing my attention is an act of meditation.

A lot of people have had kundalini awakenings, but few have reported experiences such as the ones I have had in their overall transformation. What separates the type of kundalini awakening I have had from a spontaneous one or shaktipat is that you have to raise a sufficient amount of prana during the initial awakening in order to blow open and expand the mind's eye. The sexual energy that meditation generates is key to doing this successfully. That is why most people with awakenings do not experience the world the same way as I do, or the way Gopi Krishna did. 

A Drawing — The Expansion Of Physical Sight, One Year Into My Awakening

Gopi Krishna is one of the few people I have read who lived in the exact same world as me. And reading his work really helped me at peak points of my awakening. I have been researching kundalini extensively for 12 years and have spoken to over 200 people over social media or in person and I have not found many who report the same accounts as me. I do not say this to brag because I never asked for any of this, but I mention this to explain the varied kundalini experiences and its overall potential.

The breaking of the Cosmic Egg at the top of the Crown results in the "electrocution" effect and the awakening of the 72,000 nadis, or the full activation of the Spiritual Body. This occurs during a spontaneous awakening or shaktipat, but to awaken the mind's eye and expand it during the initial kundalini rising, you have perform a proven energy cultivation technique in order to generate enough prana. "Prana can be stimulated by the practice of pranayama and thereby increased to a greater quantum."*

Tantric sex is a form of generating prana consciously and if it results in a kundalini awakening it can be a powerful one. In my case, I was doing a form of tantric practice and having continuous internal orgasms which awakened kundalini. The intensity at which it blew open all of my psychic centers was incredible. I had the experience of the white Light at the apex of my kundalini rising.

It is my belief that everything around us, at least within our atmosphere on Earth is white Light. It is the reason all living things need air to breath and survive. Air is Spirit and Spirit is Air. We are literally taking in this white Light every waking moment through breath. White Light, Air, Spirit are the same thing. A kundalini awakening is an awakening to this state of being in Spirit. As you are in Spirit, you are in-spired. This is where the word inspired comes from. 

Gopi Krishna's description of the visual transformation of how he sees things physically is still the best example I've read to this day. To me, it is such an important and amazing part of the overall transformation that I often wonder why it is not talked about more. But then, most individuals do not report the same effects described herein. He talks about a shimmering, silvery haze being transposed on all things he sees with his eyes which is exactly what I experienced. It is the Light inside the head that is present at all times that creates this experience.

Kundalini Science is a reality. Unfortunately, the physical sciences have no means of measuring or studying it, other than listening to, and possibly compiling the many anecdotal accounts from around the world. The tipping point for science is always critical mass: there must be enough accounts that share the same triggers and effects. Unfortunately, at the moment, the are two many variations, too many variables.

Some variables are the same, some are different. In reality, our biological composition as well as the pathways of the kundalini, the nadis and channels, are similar, but they are not sufficient to assure that the triggers and effects, the experiences of risings and different manifestations of gifts, are mostly the same. All experiences, though, have at their core, the evolution of consciousness in its many aspects and, as their goal, the complete liberation from the physical body. As you are liberated from the physical body, you step into the newly forming Spirit-body, the body of Light.

In the future, as more and more people become aware of the full potential of kundalini, a true Kundalini Science will emerge along with the scientific means of measuring the intensity and level of the experience. This truly is the most important thing on our planet; sadly most people are unaware of it. Kundalini is the source of individual as well as cosmic consciousness. It is the key, the prime mover in our evolution. Why we were given this evolutionary mechanism I do not know. Why most are still unawakened, that I also do not know.
Says JJ Semple, "If kundalini didn't serve a useful purpose, it wouldn't be part of our beings. Evolution would have eliminated it. That's how evolution works...which would make no sense because kundalini is the driving force behind human evolution."
There are forces at work which conceal this experience from the public eye on a mass scale because keeping the knowledge of their true spiritual potential from human beings serves their socio-political purposes. By keeping humanity asleep to the Spirit and dwelling in the Ego, they can control us easier. But the time will come when the control factors will be dissolved and more and more will be awakened which will truly usher the planet into a new Golden Age as predicted by the ancients. Once this happens on a grand scale, we will have the answers to who we are as well as the purpose of living on this planet with this dormant and embedded kundalini mechanism. We are still at the dawn of our destiny as spiritual human beings in the Cosmos. And that is very exciting indeed.

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  1. All the great people in the world had their kundalini awakened .You are one of those masters . I Salute you Neven .I will read this article again to digest it fully .

    1. Thank you so much. A lot to live up to and I work hard every day to be the best I can be :)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful posts that are giving me a certain "map" to where i might me be going with this kundalini transformation. Could you elaborate more on the physical aspect accompanied by this transformation? What i understood from my own process is that the purification of the subtle body is necessary in order for the energy to flow in the body? Did you experience in purification process any spontaneous movements (kriyas) which literally separated the spine's vertebrae (where the chakras reside) und the shoulders?

    1. There is no actual physical component but is psychosomatic where the mind plays a role to induce certain physical pains in organs when the cleansing is taking place. Everything is happening on the astral level since the spiritual body is a new vehicle for consciousness yet the existing consciousness oscilates between physical and spiritual until the process is integrated. It feels like its physical pains but it is not. Ever. I have never done kriyas but I am aware of the process. Just let go and relax as the energy moves through your body. Fear is failure so be without fear