Thursday, July 13, 2017

Kundalini - The Ultimate Teacher

Learning From Kundalini
Either it never crossed your mind or you never thought about kundalini as a powerful teaching instrument. Nevertheless, it is... What does it teach you? Well, it's not like going to class and being pumped full of information; there's no curriculum, prerequisites, exams, or schedules.

A lesson is being taught — right before your eyes perhaps or at a deeper subconscious level. It's up to you to tune in. Learn on your own...sometimes when you're not even aware there's a lesson going on in the background. No matter, if you're oblivious to it at the moment, later on your being will tune in subliminally.

Let's start with the basics and how kundalini teaches you on the visceral level, about your body, how to treat it, nourish it, fortify it. How does this work? I learned about eating correctly in several different ways.

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First, I noticed I was attracted to certain foods and certain types of markets. Foods I'd never before eaten. Walking through the market, inspirations of food combinations popped into my head. I'd buy instinctually without forethought, and when I got home, discover that the foods went together.

Second, kundalini gave me instant feedback about foods I'd been eating since childhood, foods that weren't good for me. One example was cheese. I started to sweat at night. By the process of elimination I learned that cheese was the culprit, so I eliminated cheese. Same with other foods later on. Now I'm able to avoid the foods that aren't good for me, at the same time select those that are and combine them as they were meant to be combined.

Sleep, exercise, and supplements are also some of the basic lessons I've learned. Kundalini teaches you about your limits. The Golden Mean. Never to over eat this or over do that. Sex, too, falls into the basics category. Kundalini needs sexual energy to continue its work. Ignore this and you'll find out — as Gopi Krishna and I did — that wasting sexual energy has its deleterious effects.

Kundalini Bestows Creative Gifts
Another aspect of your being that kundalini stimulates is creativity. This, because it immediately starts sending therapeutic, curative, evolutionary energy via the nervous system throughout the body and brain. Painting, composing, singing, and writing capabilities are acquired without effort or study. I'm not saying that a person with a tin ear is suddenly composing operas, but relative to the before, the after is auspicious.

Imagine a wholly creative race of beings. No war, negative emotion, racism, phobias, or bullying. Yes, there's a long way to go, but channeling fear, doubt, and shame into creative activities helps change your low-esteem, lower-case "b" being into a capital "B" Being.

Kundalini And Addiction
Believe it or not, kundalini educates you on addiction, too. It's not that you somehow start listening to the little voice in the back of the head and give up your addiction voluntarily; kundalini rewires the nervous system, shortcircuiting the dopamine response that governs all addictions.

The Ontology Of Kundalini
Ultimately, kundalini instills a greater cosmic consciousness. With this consciousness comes the realization that death — like life — is only another state of existence...your Being in an alternate manifestation, one that vibrates at a different frequency. How do you know this? You know because kundalini meditation has escorted you through a variety of vibrational states during your practice and you have resonated with them. You know there is a limitless universe, an energy continuum vibrating just beyond the human eye's ability to perceive it. Not readily visible, but real all the same.


  1. Hi JJ! I've noticed ever since my awakening I've developed the ability to sing in a way I've never been able to before, like I'm channeling the divine through my voice in a beautiful flow. Amazing how it opens you up to creativity!

  2. It's the result of a biological refinement, psychic energy awakening creativity centers in the brain.