Saturday, August 26, 2017

Worldwide Interactive Kundalini Forum

Want to understand more about Kundalini Energy? What it is and Why it's important? How it will impact your life?

Ask questions. Speak with real experts directly. Be part of a community of sincere spiritual seekers?

Join us in an eight-week 12-hour kundalini immersion forum. When you sign up, you will get a questionnaire that will help you set the agenda and ask the questions you have been wondering about.

In this series of online meetings, we address a wide array of kundalini topics - everything from awakening kundalini to living with kundalini. The dangers to avoid, the safest methods, religion and kundalini, self-healing, kundalini and higher consciousness, sexual aspects of energy cultivation techniques, and much more...

Help Us Set The Agenda!
If much more's not enough...when you register for the Worldwide Interactive Kundalini Forum Community Event, not only will you have signed up as an active on-camera participant in discussions on crucial kundalini topics, you will also receive a questionnaire inviting you to help set the agenda. That’s right; for all 12 hours of this forum you will be a live video contributor, not just a passive listener.

Your Hosts:
JJ Semple -
JJ Semple is considered one of the foremost authorities of the phenomena of Kundalini Awakenings. He is also the author of four books on paranormal non-fiction, kundalini, meditation, consciousness, alchemy, and mindfulness, and their effect on human evolution. His first book, Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, is an auto-biographical memoir of his Kundalini awakening.

Corinne Lebrun -
Corinne is a Certified Shamballa Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has recently been featured in a documentary Kundalini: Awakening the Goddess, and seeks to help others find confidence and encouragement in their spiritual journey.

Prominent Guest Hosts

"When people ask me about the purpose of Kundalini, I tell them, 'If Kundalini didn't serve a useful purpose, it wouldn't be part of our beings. Evolution would have eliminated it, which makes no sense because Kundalini is the driving force behind evolution and evolution doesn't retain characteristics or mutations that aren't part of the evolutionary master plan. The challenge each of us faces in awakening and ultimately living with this powerful energy source is to do so in the safest, most benign and advantageous manner.' "
~ JJ Semple
The cost for the entire series is $200 Early Bird until 10/7/2012 (limited tickets available) and $225 thereafter.

Schedule: One and a half hours, 12:30 to 2:00 pm PST every Thursday from Oct 12, 2017 through December 7, 2017, except for November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving Day).
When you click for a ticket, you’ll see a selection dialog that allows you to sign up for the Free Introductory Session. We’ll send you a credential and a questionnaire, allowing you to participate. If you like the Community, you can sign up for the full eight weeks.

Upon registering, you will receive the questionnaire, plus links for joining the forum, as well as instructions on using the cutting-edge video interface. Using your mobile device, you will even be able to participate while on vacation or while traveling.

One and a half hours, 12:30 to 2:00 pm PST every Thursday from Oct 12, 2017 through December 7, 2017, except for November 23, 2017 (Thanksgiving Day).

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  1. Hello, there will be a satsang event on Kundalini June 30 2018. Two self-realized non-dual teachers with decades of kundalini experiences/studies will help you with your kundalini issues and effect. heres the link in case you're interested: