Friday, December 15, 2017

Logos Lux - Part III

A kundalini awakening affects a person's potential as a spiritual human being. The awakened one's consciousness encompasses the entirety of our Solar System and its power. Once consciousness is raised to the cosmic level, the newly developed Spiritual body becomes an antennae to the vibrations — spiritual and mundane — within our Solar System.

To understand how this works you have to think beyond Space and Time as well as the concept of Size. Sure, looking at yourself in the mirror you are tiny in comparison to the Solar System: The average person is only 5'10." But your consciousness is not limited by Size because consciousness is Spirit and is everywhere at the same time, hence it is not limited in any way. And awakening the kundalini means the awakening of consciousness to the Cosmic Level. When your consciousness expands to the size of the Solar System, you receive vibrations from other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy as well as contact with different inhabitants from different planets in the Galaxy.

So the totality of your potential then depends on awakening Kundalini energy. You become antennae for the vibrations around you. By awakening the Spiritual Body, you acquire the powers of the planets in the Solar System. You exist as the center of our Solar System with the Sun in your chest and the planets orbiting around it. The planets are your Higher powers which shape your character and enlarge your morals and ethics.

All polytheistic philosophies and religions give the names of Gods and Goddesses to the planets and "personify" the signs of the zodiac. All polytheistic religions are essentially Hermetic in essence since Hermeticism is the study of our Solar System — the elements, planets, and the zodiac. The Universe and its knowledge is at the core of all religions.

This coincides with the myth of Hermes Trismegistus as the World Teacher who incarnates every 2000 years to teach the world and bring it back in tune with the essence of Hermeticism. Hermeticism is the philosophy and spiritual practice of understanding the Milky Way Galaxy and the Solar System. It encompasses the whole of the Qabalah and the Tree of Life since these universal energies can all be mapped on the Tree of Life. Jesus Christ, although teaching about the monotheistic One God who is Love, also walked around with 12 disciples and called himself the "Son of Man," the offspring of the One God. Symbolically he was the Sun and his 12 disciples represented the 12 zodiac signs. He was said to have been the last incarnation of Hermes whose teachings have shaped the world for 2000 plus years through Christianity.

Hermes Trismegistus

Hermes Trismegistus is said to have originated at the height of Egyptian prominence; sages and adepts from all over the world came to sit at his feet and learn from him. Then they returned to their respective cultures and countries and used his teachings to establish the religions that have Hermetic teachings and precepts at their core. Their Gods and Goddesses are attributed to the energies of the planets as well as the zodiac. Only after Christianity was established did the polytheistic veil drop and monotheistic religions arise, Islam being one of them.

Yes, there is a Source from which you came which is the number One, and the One God which is said to be Unconditional Love. In reality you cannot know the One God; you can only know Him/Her through the many Gods, hence the reason polytheistic religions were the first religions and offered a more elaborate understanding of the Creator through the different aspects of its Creation.

Monotheistic religions are confusing and teach ignorance to people since they took away focus from its Universal and natural component, the Solar System in which we live. Christianity has taken away the duality component and has proclaimed that God is Love and nothing more, giving rise to many meek and weak-willed people who let others do their thinking for them. This forgiveness without repercussions aspect has been used to dumb down the masses while those in power reign supreme. 

Jesus taught love. However, metaphorically he brandished a sword and was severe when necessary. What did he do when he walked into the Holy Temple and saw it was being used by merchants? He threw their tables on the ground in a furious fit. Every action yields an equal and opposite reaction. If this Law is not respected, then the balance will not be struck and problems will ensue.

Jesus' teachings have been misinterpreted by the Christian masses: responsibility for one's life and the lives of others have been replaced by forgiveness and repentance. You have to stand up for what is right and be severe when needed. What does a mother do to protect her child if it's in danger? Anything and everything in her power to counteract the threat. Nevertheless, the true teachings are reemerging; the world is undergoing a revival of Hermetic philosophy. Qabalah has become more popular over time and the veil of secrecy over mystery schools has fallen away with the advent of the Internet and its widespread use.

Since it is the driver of human evolution, kundalini energy must be investigated and normalized. The origin of the word "kundalini" as well as the use of yoga to awaken it are part of the Hindu tradition. The traditions of every nation, country, and culture have evolved from their respective placement on Earth. Life in India and life in North America are vastly different.

Kundalini energy in North America needs to develop its own usages and practices, separate from its Hindu roots. This energy is the force behind human evolution. How it works and operates in a given country and culture needs to be understood. Only then can we adapt its use to our respective cultures and traditions. Although kundalini induces the same effects, irregardless of culture, language, social norms, or geography, it is necessarily associated with religion in Eastern countries. In the West, it may need to take on a more scientific identity, for the very reason that Westerners are more apt to "understand and appreciate" subjects like kundalini if they are tied to the scientific method.

The kundalini energy is best understood through the Caduceus symbol which is carried by Hermes himself and has been around for thousands of years. The Caduceus has two snakes entwined around a central staff terminating in a winged disk with each snake's head facing it. They intersect with each other at six points, which represent the six Chakras and terminate in the Crown, where the winged disk represents enlightenment.

The Caduceus and the Chakras

The two snakes are the Ida and Pingala nadis, the carriers of the cold and hot currents in the body. The central staff is Sushumna through which the Kundalini energy passes. The energy rises from the bottom upwards through the spinal column and is accompanied by a hissing vibratory sound heard in the head as this is happening. This is why the kundalini energy has been described as a snake and the snake symbolism in all cultures when referring to this energy.

How does the kundalini operate? What is the timeline for the various effects that occur over time after an awakening? How does one handle the pitfalls that accompany an awakening? These are questions which are best answered through description and proper analysis and through logic and reason, to which, Hermeticism offers many keys.

Logic and Reason
Attributes of the planet Mercury, otherwise known as Hermes in Greek. The same Hermes who was named after Hermes Trismegistus, the carrier of the Caduceus staff, and original guide to awakening kundalini — the Serpent Power energy. Logic and Reason are the building blocks of intuition and its corollaries. We intuitively know the Truth of ontology. And by accepting this Truth, we build our logic and reason.

And we use logic and reason to understand each other and to communicate with each other when talking about different Truths. You see, Hermeticism is at the core of existence because it exists as a result of logic and reason in humans. And the kundalini energy is best studied through Hermeticism because only through logic and reason can we deduce what it is and how it works.

Kundalini is a Fire, but after a long period of burning away the dross and negative energies stored in the Chakras, it becomes liquid Spirit, akin to the Element of Mercury in nature. This is why the Alchemists, the Hermeticists, termed Philosophical Mercury the highest of the Elements, the Spirit. This change occurs after many years of purging of the negative energy through the use of the Kundalini Fire.

We are at the forefront in discovering how to study and describe kundalini energy. There needs to be a turning away from the conventional wisdom on kundalini; minds must embrace new ideas and approaches in studying this evolutionary energy.

Hermeticism is the core of all religions; the caduceus of Hermes, the first visual example of the kundalini energy, symbolizes healing for medical professions worldwide. Open your mind to Hermeticism and its power. Learn more about it and its many aspects such as the Qabalah, Tarot, Astrology and other subjects termed "esoteric" by modern day society. In it, you will find the keys you have been looking for and an understanding that revolutionizes not only how we perceive kundalini energy but also how it works.


  1. I agree with this article. It is based on research that I have come across before. Most of New Age references are oversimplified. If one pursues mental, emotional, and spiritual development, one is working on kundalini awakening, the evolutionary impulse itself. There is no need to awaken kundalini in this lifetime. If it is in your path then so be it. But simply maintaining one’s integrity is enough.

    1. Well said Neil. It is my true belief that you cannot awaken kundalini just by wishing it or even working on it but that it has to be your destiny in this lifetime. Living a path of higher ethics and morals is enough in order to be "walking with God".

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