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Spiritual Rebirth and Destiny

Many ask about Spiritual Rebirth — what it is, its purpose, and why it's so widely talked about. The concept of Spiritual Rebirth existed before the time of Jesus Christ and is essentially linked to the solar cycle of life and death as the seasons progress in wheel-like fashion from Spring to Winter and back to Spring again. This transcendental cycle was the basis of many religions prior to Christianity and is echoed in the stories of Osiris, Tammuz, Dionysus and has, at its core, the dead and resurrected God. The concept of "renewal" is embedded in our subconscious. The idea of the old transforming itself into the new in a cycle of constant change is part of Universal Law. 

The story of the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross is symbolic of the sacrifice of the physical Self, the Ego, the body and its rebirth and return to the Source, as well as God as the transformed Spirit.

The rise in consciousness occurs when the veil of illusion is lifted. The True Self rises above the Ego. The length of time alive on this planet is the result of past conditioning as the Ego develops. Removing the veil of illusion requires the application of a spiritual practice for a number of years in order to purify the Ego and exalt out the True Self. The more negative karma you acquire over the years, the longer you need to work on yourself to eradicate that karma. A few examples of spiritual practices people use to clear their karma are transcendental meditation, ritual Magick, devotional prayer, healing crystals, etc.

This is what is meant by Spiritual Rebirth — Spi-Ritual — a ritual for the Spirit with the aim of being reborn, metaphorically speaking. Discarding the old Self through the use of a spiritual practice is the ritual that brings out the new Self. The new Self was there before the old, or current Self, was developed. It was there at birth and in our early childhood years when we saw the world through pure, innocent eyes. In time, the Ego developed to protect us from the dangers of the outside world. The process of Spiritual Rebirth is a process of remembering. Re-membering who we once were and who we in essence really are. Beings of Light and of Love.

The purpose of the Christ's crucifixion is to teach us the importance of Spiritual Rebirth. The symbolism of Jesus on the cross of the Four Elements is meant to embed in our subconscious the purpose of sacrificing the physical Self, the Ego, the body, to be reborn and rise through the Four Elements back to the Source, or God. What binds us to the Ego is our interpretation of past events, which the Ego uses to predict future events. Through our teenage years we learn to associate the Self with the Ego as it is growing and shaping itself. And once we start associating our Self with the Ego, we never stop. The greatest con the Ego has ever pulled is making us believe that we are it.

This process of associating with the Ego makes us lose touch with the Now, which over time makes us lose touch with the Subtle Planes above the Physical Plane of Matter. This process is detrimental to our spirituality because it closes up our Mind's Eye. There are Five Subtle Planes above the Physical Plane. They are the Lower and Higher Astral, Lower and Higher Mental, and the Spiritual Plane. As a result of losing touch with those higher planes, we lose touch with imagination, intuition, inspiration, creativity, and motivation — key components of Self which enable us to be truly happy in life and realize our full potential.

In order to activate those parts of the Self, we must think in terms of the past's opposite — the future — because we need to be excited about life in order to strive in life. The Mind's eye is the connecting link to the Divine. We access these higher, Divine Planes through the pineal gland, which in turn is connected to the pituitary gland and Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the God-Head, the Source, the White Light, which filters downwards into our Chakras. But if we don’t stimulate the pineal gland and are too entrenched in the Ego, it calcifies and closes up, shutting the door to the higher Planes and Divine energy. The process of Spiritual Rebirth is also a process of re-activating and attuning the Mind's Eye and the pineal gland.

The Pineal Gland
You cannot think in terms of the future and the past at the same time if you are not in the Now. The Ego belongs to the past and therefore only associates with what it knows and has seen before. Its mode of functioning is limited by its scope. It's a bi-product of survival mechanisms we needed to evolve, but as we become more spiritual over time, we don't need it anymore and can learn to function on intuition alone. This is the case with Kundalini awakened individuals. Over time, the Ego burns away and its dominion over the personality recedes, while the character is exalted through the influx of the Light brought in by Kundalini. Kundalini's primary purpose is to attune consciousness to the Now and expand it over time. It functions on intuition or clairvoyance — a direct knowing of truth. The Higher Self of the Spirit is in the Now and lives in truth.

The Higher Self sees into the future and thereby excites the field of Pure Potentiality. Basically, anything is possible and attainable for human beings. But the Ego does not see this. It uses the file cabinet of past events to calculate future outcomes. Future outcomes are not based on future actuality, but on calculations related to past events. The Ego cannot see into the future, so it uses fear of the unknown to intimidate our consciousness and control us.

The Ego belongs to the process of Being, while the Now is only triggered by the process of Becoming. Ego uses the Light of the Moon while the Higher Self uses the Light of the Sun. As it is only a reflection of the Light of the Sun and not the Light itself, the Light of the Moon creates illusion. The light of the Sun is the Truth — objective and real. This is why Jesus called himself the Light, the Truth, and the Way. He is called the Son of man, the Sun, surrounded by 12 Apostles, symbolic of the 12 Zodiac encircling the Sun.

The Light of the Sun is the source of our Soul, our True Selves. It creates the Now and the the future. The Ego is an illusion and it belongs only to the past. It is a figment of our imagination, existing in the mind only, specific to each of us. We carry both within us, and must choose at any moment one of the two: the Ego or the Higher Self.

If you can understand this concept, you have the master key to living in the Now and will not need a spiritual practice to return to the Source because you are able to use Mental or Mind Yoga to disassociate with the past and the Ego. The past very simply does not exist. It did at one point when it was the Now, but the Now renews itself every second. You can choose the Now right here and right now, and experience the Pure Potential of life and completely remake yourself. The masters learn that dwelling on the past is a waste of time because you cannot change it. What has been recorded in the Universe through time and space was meant to be. People call this concept Destiny.

Believing in Destiny offers some release from the bondage of the material world and the stress and anxiety of trying to control things that are uncontrollable. If you believe in Destiny and learn to let go of the past, apply it correctly and continuously, you can live a truly happy, fulfilling life.

Fixating on the past and living in the Ego takes away the juice, the nectar of life. It robs you of the dopamine and serotonin chemicals in the brain that induce happiness. Because you are under mental stress, your brain produces adrenaline instead, which inhibits the secretion of dopamine and serotonin. The mind, body, and soul have to be in a state of peace in order to release these chemicals which lets us experience feelings of happiness.

When you take a drug like Ectasy or MDMA, you immediately connect to the Now and a flood of happy feelings and renewed imagination pours in. And most importantly, Unconditional Love. Marijuana as well as Cocaine do the same thing. Technically, all recreational drugs are used in order to rise above the clutches of the Ego and put the user in tune with the Now and the Pure Potential state. Now, I am not advocating the use of drugs in any way, but merely using them as an example of what some people do to attune to the Now. With proper mind techniques and the right understanding, you don't have to use drugs to accomplish this. The Now is available to you 24/7 once you are able to get in touch with it.

These terms such as, imagination, the Now, Pure Potential, Truth, Light of the Sun, are all connected and have at their source Unconditional Love. Love is the deepest and most powerful energy in existence. Love is pure Fire and Archetypal, an emotion we can all partake of and share; it powers everything beautiful. As it filters downwards, it never loses its quality, but changes form as it embodies the Four Elements, which work through our Chakras. All Archetypal ideas have at their core Unconditional Love. Imagination needs love, as does Truth, creativity, happiness, joy, vitality and all the other beautiful aspects and parts of life. Verily, it is true, "Love makes the world go round." And understanding how Love works and making it a part of your life gives you the necessary transformation needed to evolve spiritually — the very purpose of life.

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