Saturday, March 31, 2018

Sexual Sublimation Powers Kundalini

Here’s how kundalini, and by extension, sexual sublimation, works. At least, this is how it worked for me. How do I know? I observed the kundalini mechanism (its biological characteristics) in the laboratory of my body.

I’ll skip over my meditation experience — its techniques are explained on the Golden Flower Meditation website — and pick up where the meditation method leaves off. And that is with the sudden ability to detect an energy buildup in the lower belly region. I use the word “region” because the exact location is difficult to pinpoint. Others, who’ve succeeded with the meditation confirm the energy buildup event, but also report having difficulty pinpointing the exact location. No matter. Kundalini activity begins with the energy buildup — a result of the breathing exercises in Golden Flower Meditation (GFM). What is this energy comprised of?

The composition of this energy for both males and females is sexual in nature and substance. Semen and cervical fluids are distilled into psychic fuel, often described as an essence or an elixir.

Once the energy buildup is detected, you can observe the psychic fuel starting to climb the spine, using as yet unrecognized-by-medical-science channels along the spine (consult your favorite esoteric source for detailed channel information). This is the sexual sublimation phase, that is, the distillation and redirection of sexual energy — normally used for procreation — being diverted up the spine to the brain.

Once this psychic fuel reaches the brain, it’s like a coup d’etat. Acting as a command and communications epicenter, kundalini takes over certain biological and metabolic functions. Via the nervous system, kundalini sends feelers throughout the body for the purpose of inventory, diagnosing the status of cells, tissue, and organs — the complete anatomy, physiology, histology, and embryology.

Kundalini compares the information received from each and every part, system, and subsystem of the body with the master plan for your embodiment, the blueprint for your being that came into existence shortly before your conception. It then releases healing energy to those parts that need it. Some of this healing work is accomplished immediately; some takes a lot longer. The healing energy is also composed of sexual energy and is summoned, as needed, by kundalini from the lymphatic and the sexual apparatus.

After my activation, I watched as my brain received information from my body. How did this work? A particular node was touched, and like a switch being thrown, I felt a click in the brain. Immediately after the click, a corresponding body part received an influx of energy that either healed it or made it expand. Every event was part of kundalini’s effort to synchronize my actual body and being with the master blueprint. I say “effort” because kundalini is intelligent; it knows what it’s doing. It has a plan and carries it out. If it doesn’t accomplish all that it sets out to do, it’s either because:

  • The body is too far-gone, overtaken, most likely, by degenerative disease. If it’s a neural impairment, kundalini is usually able to heal it.
  • The kundalini awakening is not complete and permanent.
  • The activation method was involuntary — all the kundalini components were not “installed” correctly.
In permanent awakenings, when all the components are correctly installed, the command and communications epicenter not only has an inventory component, it is able to dispense and release life force healing energy, it increases consciousness over time, and it also includes a governor that controls the precise amount of energy to release in a given circumstance.

In temporary or involuntary cases, the governor is not always completely operational and therefore releases either too much or too little energy. Too much energy may lead to situations of pain, discomfort, or other suffering. No one likes to see a person in agony, unhappy that kundalini ever came into his or her life. At this stage, however, techniques to relieve those suffering from neural pain or discomfort are not readily available.

In most cases, kundalini gradually expands consciousness and fosters anatomical, somatic, and metabolic improvements. It is even capable of modifying an individual’s genetic profile and passing these beneficial mutations along to future generations through DNA.


  1. Hi JJ,
    In my case, I had been meditating for several years when my kundalini fully and permanently activated. It was nearly overwhelming. Yet I had never heard of kundalini, had participated in no formal training, even of meditation, and was just a kid, 18 years old, and a student at UC Berkeley.

    While all this was very disorienting, the classical results were the same. I began to write poetry that came from an almost trance-like state, I suffered intellectual intoxication, and I became very psychic. I dropped out of college and returned to my home in the Redwoods near the ocean.

    As far as sexual sublimation goes, I will say that in the 6 months prior to the nirvikalpa experience, I was not sexual active. This may well have affected my energy system to the point that it contributed to my nirvikalpa. Since my arousal, I have found that sexual moderation is necessary, but I have not found that celibacy is.

  2. Hi JJ,
    I had not written much in the last 2 years, but now I am back, to confirm my ongoing biological transformation experience and a new stage of my intimate life experiment. I am now practicing the biological transformation in a relationship, for exactly 2 years and this is also my first relationship of succes that I ever knew. I'll be back with fascinating details

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to your contributions. You're a real pioneer.

  3. Well, that answers my earlier question. I recognize that the governor is not fully functional.
    Any thoughts on that?

  4. Can I go back and re-activate it manually?

  5. This actually depends on many deciding factors. Any way, you have already covered many of them. Nice writing and great information. Thanks a lot. best energy healers in the world

  6. This is what happens with me 3 y ago. Do you think that this is similar to your experience?



    ''Somewhere there while Jennifer Ann's soft breezy mantra sway, live in the air was, sensational inner, rather unusual coherent, calm, thoughtless Self appears as more and more permeated melodic harmonic expansion. Than descended sudden, automated, very loud breathing took me very easily over, with rising pressure in stomach( kick, it was clear out NOWHERE Kick) as consequence. From there started as a kind of torsion field, frequency discharging, rising up into region of heart, neck, head and specially brain-both half's ! It was as a live perpetum-mobile vortex... Brain was virtually electrically cooking, from forehead to back of the skull, making it complete, together with breading, unity of my inner self, as never before materializing. At that time inside was like you would took in your own hand very tick electric transmission mast-cable and feel stream of current, browsing and swirling your hands and whole body steadily and firmly. The faculty of reasoning was there, sound and complete, hearing everything outside, but with astounding impression, that electro-magnetic shaking sensation would crash me somehow if this goes on. There was no pain but only gain; what to do with it, that was my quest? Just that anachronistically moment, she was asking to dedicate mantra to disturbed world we are facing these days, which was complete perfected quest for my particular curiosity. Energy rush, endless waves of pure new sensation between palms was unadulterated, expanding clearly high ever I could feel, that sort of live magnetism, body was tuning in. If hands were risen toward heart region it would be most vibrational, turbulent to be exact. With accompanied fantastic inside pulling pressure, reflected on my entire face, especially mouth; lips would tend to go inside, constantly shrinking, uncontrollably due to vibrational torsion vortex, cyclically churning between brain and third eye region.''

    1. Difficult to comment without knowing what it is you're wanting to accomplish. Please elaborate...

    2. Did you have ergo tropic breathing full orgasmic oxigen toward brain?
      Did you got frozen face grimace face?
      Any insights during experience?
      Which kind of Kundalini from stomach from bottom from heart from neck start up?
      Was it slow build up or sudden kick start?
      Did your brain moved like ocean wave?



    3. No need to keep posting the same text. Once is enough.

    4. I don't recognize or understand the terms you're using. Therefore, I can't answer. Rather than my answering your questions whose terms I'm not familiar with, I suggest you read the posts in this blog and consult my books that describe my experience in detail and in terms that I'm familiar with. contains links to all my books.

      What's more, each experience is quite different, is described in different ways. It's sometimes difficult to get on the same page...