Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kundalini And Food

One way of telling whether kundalini is active is your body's response to intercourse. When I read Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, it settled any remaining uncertainties about what had happened to me. No further doubts remained, not after I read about Gopi Krishna's somatic reaction to an unavoidable ejaculation. No questions, no doubts. I'd had the same reaction after ejaculating for the first time since my kundalini became active, an event described in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time:
My head is imploding and the elixir is being summoned to my brain for life support. I curl up in a fetal position. To no avail, my nerves are like an electrical fire searing the very conduits that enclose them and there isn’t enough elixir to cool them. I sit up, unable to slip from dozing into sleep. I am wide awake. Certainly, if I try to lead a normal sex life, I’ll simply exhaust my resources. Every factory runs on power; this one manufactures its own. And the conduits, which convey the energy to the replenishment points, are burning up. For one thing, they need nourishment. I can feel the elixir waning and, as Gopi Krishna put it, ‘a tongue of golden flame searching my stomach for food.’”

“Are you okay?” asks Martine.
“You think I’m a freak.”
“No, I don’t.”
“Do you have any yogurt?”
“I think so…in the fridge.”

Naked, I stumble to the fridge and grab a Yoplait. Four containers later, I feel somewhat calmed. Martine comes into the kitchen and stands by me, softly massaging my shoulders.

“How do you feel?” she asks.
“Do you think you can sleep?”

Back in bed together, after another episode of involuntary movements, Martine gets to witness the ultimate in CPR. I say this only figuratively, for how can she see the muscle walls of my solar plexus open and the Pranic energy stream forth enroute to the third eye? Yet, as we lie there, I sense her watching me, wondering if I am in the grip of some sort of fit. Nevertheless, she is fascinated, as if hoping to catch a glimpse of the power that is tossing me around her bed.
~ Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time (2008) - JJ Semple
Why is this relevant? I get many inquiries from persons trying to determine whether their kundalini is active — a determination I'm not always able to make, given the mostly meager information communicated to me. Sometimes, all I can muster is an un-educated guess, which, because of its shaky fundaments I rarely proffer to the person who's inquired. Better to not get involved if what I suggest turns out not to be; I don't want to steer anyone wrong.

North Carolina dog
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A person has to be his or her own best detective and not assume that I, or anyone else, is capable of getting inside another human being in order to witness what is going on. I'm not able to, and I would distrust any claims to such powers, especially if money was involved. I'm not saying it's not possible, but all I can do, even with the best of information, is make an educated guess. There are, however, certain other commonalities, which, if experienced and described to me in detail, I feel able enough to offer a determination.

Nevertheless, if you've not had the type of reaction described above, two possibilities exist:
  1. Not every kundalini awakening causes the type of reaction suffered by me and Gopi Krishna.
  2. Your kundalini has not yet awakened.
One point Gopi Krishna made when I met him in Kashmir in the summer of 1977 was that once kundalini clears all blockages, the body can withstand ejaculation.

As far as other ways of determining whether kundalini is active, I have written about them previously — a post that includes some difficult to answer queries/comments.

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