Sunday, August 18, 2019

All Life Phases Have Karmic Meaning For Kundalini

Each kundalini instance is different from every other instance, just as every human being’s metabolic, somatic, anatomical, psychological, intellectual, and cognitive characteristics vary.
Mystic Lake in Spring
Find a Lake and Walk Around It

I wouldn't worry too much about God, faith and other religious tropes; kundalini is first a physical transformation that ultimately does lead to the metaphysical and to higher consciousness.

All life phases have karmic meaning — what you were, what you are, and what you will be involved in before, during, and after awakening are equally significant. Wise men and women know the journey is just as important as the destination. You didn't just make kundalini happen. Something led you to it. Ask yourself: Did I find kundalini or did it find me?

Whatever its origin, when the kudalini process started, I gradually realized there were no religious overtones. I didn't need to believe in some dogma or faith. If I was to succeed, I needed proceed as a scientist.

I read other people's accounts, not because they applied to my particular struggle. Some did; some didn't. The ones I identified with offered methodological insights into the kundalini awakening process. In turn, when I wrote an account of my kundalini experience, I provided only such information as I myself had been able to verify, information about the challenges and the choices one makes as the process unfolds. I followed that book with two more books, in each instance seeking to clarify and demystify the process, making it more evidence-based than faith-based.
Heron in a lake
Are There Birds in Your Lake?

Your body is a laboratory; you are the subject in an experiment. How it turns out depends on your ability to observe yourself and make the right choices. You need to act like a detective, sifting the clues and the feedback you receive from your body — and they will manifest themselves.

PD Ouspensky stated:
"There is no question of faith in all this. Quite the opposite, this system teaches people to believe in absolutely nothing. You must verify everything you see, hear, or feel. Only in that way can you come to something."

Biology is an expression of consciousness. You started out knowing only your physical body and its surroundings. To advance beyond those barriers, you must apply Ouspensky’s precepts to your life.

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