Friday, April 19, 2013

Enroute for UK 2013 Kundalini Conference

I'm headed to Lombard Street's finest, the Surf Motel. Poised to take off for the 2013 Kundalini Conference. Hats are flying off heads. At the foot of Franklin, a guy in a wheelchair loses his to the wind. Once it hits Market, I think, it's going all the way to the Castro. Luckily, a young lady, good Samaritan runs it down. As he wheels to reach her, the wind takes him and they sprawl together on the ground.

Convenient to Union and Chestnut Streets
The Surf Motel, Lombard Street - San Francisco
 Wind even more devilish when we get to Lombard. Once installed, I'm thinking about Kundalini and human energy potential, reading the book on Earthing. What a simple concept, phrased as, could there be a relationship between illness and our no longer touching the earth, due to what Clint Ober calls the most dangerous threat to health — the rubber/plastic soled shoe.

Now on the plane. Half empty. Good for sprawling out. Think about scientific tests we could use to verify the presence of Kundalini. Could we test for hormone content? For enzymes?

Arrived this PM in Brighton. Dined with speakers: Steve Taylor, Isabel Clarke, Frances Culliford, and host, Margaret Dempsey.

Lively discussion on Kundalini, Spiritual experience and psychosis. Evolution of the human brain and other topics.


  1. Thanks Vivek, it's hard to believe that I created this conference in December 2011 and on Saturday it's all going to come together. I am also really looking forward to meeting JJ. He has been such a great asset in promoting the conference. There is a real need to raise awareness about Kundalini and an urgency to prove its role in spiritual awakening and I see this conference as the beginning of raising this awareness.

  2. I am so happy for you guys. Wish I had known about it earlier and planned a trip to attend. You are right. We need more events like this one. Can't wait to hear more details.

    1. Vivek, it was an amazing day. 65 people came to hear seven expert and experienced speakers share their insights and understanding of Kundalini. In recognition of 2013 being the year of the snake and also that Kundaini is represented by a snake one of the speakers who pioneered yogic healing with snakes brought two pythons and invited anyone who had a fear of snakes to come up and hold them at lunch or in the break. JJ took pictures which I am sure he will upload when he returns to the US. For me I had a huge sense of achievement and a sense of having said 'yes' to something that was commanded of me in December 2011. What was just brilliant was waking up on Sunday morning with no thought in my mind just an indescrible feeling of joy and bliss. I don't think I have ever been as happy waking up on a Sunday morning!....