Friday, July 5, 2013

Love and the Ego

People talk about the ego and its role in the kundalini awakening process. First off, you don't abolish your ego while in the physical body. You only seek to tame it and use it instead of being used and abused by it. The only way to abolish your ego is to destroy the physical body which we need as a vehicle in navigating the material world. The ego is attached to the physical body and nobody wants to die physically.

Instead, let's try to understand the ego and how it operates. The question I always ask myself about my actions and pronouncements is, How does this particular action or utterance affect the big picture? Positively or negatively? Useful or not useful? If it only helps me, it's an ego action. If it helps others or positively affects a situation, it's of the Higher Self.

The Universe makes the formula very simple. If our actions are positive and the change is directed outside ourselves towards other people, it triggers the principle of love and unity is attained. And the action induces the most bliss. If the action is directed towards the self alone and there is no focus outside the self, it is self-directed, and affects the ego. It attaches itself to our wheel of karma and binds the ego further, making the illusion of self greater.

So focus on making a positive change in other people for the sake of other people alone, and the ego is subdued and Higher Self exalted. If you ask yourself, what do I gain from this, question why are you performed the action. Sometimes it's as simple as hearing yourself speak. This is really hard work. To do it right you have to question everything constantly.

If you really intend to help other people, and your ego has come to terms with it, it's easier to do the right thing. And that's the best part.

The formula is counter intuitive for the ego. The more you help others and the less you focus on yourself; the more love and unity you feel with all things, the more bliss you experience. You may not believe it before you see it. The ego is faithless and when it doesn't get its way, it gets angry as a child who doesn't get what he wants.

The best actions are those with no attachments. If the ego has nothing to lose — as in the case of helping others — then it's able to be used by the Higher Self. If there is something to lose, the action is tainted and the principle of love is compromised. In other words, you can't have your cake and eat it, too. You have to let go of one to achieve the other.
The snake (awakened kundalini) in its upwards flow towards the brain centers
The ego operates in terms of opposites. It wants to create pleasure for itself and avoid pain. Let's look at the two primary opposites that drive our lives. Pain and pleasure are different aspects of the same thing that depend on how the mind perceives the material world.

A full kundalini awakening creates a bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds. By bridging the conscious with subconscious, the swing from pleasure to pain increases exponentially, giving rise to mental ailments. However, in a kundalini activated person this process is only temporary. It serves to eradicate negative memories which act as a wall between the world of pure potential and the limits created by the mind in its quest for survival. 

The self that has survived is the Ego. With the influx of the kundalini fire within the aura, it slowly starts to dissipate. It exists in the waters of your body, in your memories. And what happens when you apply heat to water? The water starts to purge itself of impurities and they start to evaporate and leave the system. The ego knows this and rebels. It doesn't want to be subdued.

The eternal witness of the Now — your real Self — stands aside as the ego feels the pain of knowing that in its death, lies true life. It took many years for the ego to develop. As every action has an equal and opposite reaction, know that it will take many years for it to be extinguished. This is normal. Pain is normal. Once the pain of the ego is cleared, consciousness is free to experience the pure emotion of the Void, which is rapture, which is Nirvana.

Let's look at love in terms of how this particular emotion affects the mind and curbs the ego. Positive thoughts can only be induced by love. Love is the driving force that inspires one to reconcile a negative, fear-based thought. Love acts like the force of fusion between two opposing thoughts, completely neutralizing them and removing fear, the driving force behind all negative thoughts.

At the crown, this process is voluntary and continuous. Hence, the crown is considered the ultimate in consciousness and ego-less-ness. Fear exists only on the mental level of duality and can be likened to False Evidence Appearing Real. Or F.E.A.R. In other words, lack of understanding or improper interpretation of events. The only way to interpret an event is through love; lack of love creates fear, which creates karma since karma exists as a safeguard to our spiritual body or body of light or love. Karma may be likened to memories of events improperly interpreted due to lack of understanding, and the fear it created. Take away fear, you have faith. In faith, you find love. The ultimate in human understanding.
Alex Grey: Kundalini energy piercing the mind's eye and crown centers
A full kundalini awakening, one that is sustained in the head, is marked by two factors:
  • Constant vibration is heard on the inside at all times,
  • Light in the head is present at every moment.
Once this state is achieved, one can be certain that the bindu point at the top back of the head has been activated. The bindu point is the point of limitless existence. It is essentially The Void. The point of Non-Existence. In other words, Eternity.

Once activated, a person starts discarding old thoughts and emotions. This process is continuous once activated and it cannot be annihilated or stopped. It will do what it must with or without your involvement. The bindu is associated with memory, therefore by purging your memory, you are shedding the ego. You feel like you are losing your marbles because your ego realizes its losing its hold over the Self.

This is normal. It will continue until the Kundalini Fire has purged the ego and the light in the Heart shines forth and consciousness has been expanded. The best way to deal with this process is to let go. By letting go you develop faith which in turn extinguishes its opposite — fear, which subdues the ego since its fuel is fear.

By removing fear, you are left with its opposite — love. And once you are in love, you have safely traversed the mind-plane and entered the heart, the first point of non-duality. In this state, every moment is rapture, and Kingdom of Heaven has been attained. You sit at the right hand of God and are a King or Queen in Heaven. This is the truth behind all of Jesus the Christ's teachings. It is no wonder that Jesus is depicted as having a heart of gold and a halo around his head. He completed the kundalini awakening process and came to tell others of it. He knew it was the ultimate step to enhancing human evolution.
The flow of kundalini energy through the chakric points and the location of bindu point
The bindu is linked to the mind's eye as well as the second chakra which generates the fire of the kundalini when activated. The bindu when activated, releases emotional memories which serve to purge the ego over time. This process is seen in the mind's eye and is fueled by the area of the second chakra.

How to balance yourself? Learn to let go of trying to control your reality. By learning to let go, you will develop faith, which will serve to extinguish the ego over time. There are various other ways as well, but always check yourself by asking yourself: who is feeling the pain? Self or Ego? Over time you will polarize with the real self and pain and pleasure will both dissolve into an eternal rapture which is the Glory of God.


  1. That's a great explanation of Ego's role during Kundalini awakening! Thank you very much for sharing it :) It gives me faith, and a desire to continue living calm life. A life without control and unnecessary nerves.

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