Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Energy and the Collective Unconsciousness

The undivided non-dual universe

When I was ordinary, before my Dark Night and my subsequent Ascension, I had some measure of intuition, but was still a separate human being in my own mind. I knew nothing of kundalini. My awareness seemed to exist only inside my mind.

At the apex of my Ascension, I floated in a cluster of stars, and I was those stars. Duality had disappeared, and I was bathing in an ecstatic unity, the unity of my merger with the Cosmic One.

I came back down into my body and the physical world, but my mind was permanently altered. The boundaries of my consciousness no longer existed. My awareness extended beyond my skin to include everything around me.

That was several decades ago. Since that time, I have learned many things from this new state of being into which I entered. One is that we all exist on an energetic plane that underlies the physical world we all perceive. On this plain, we are all energetically connected.

The illusion of separation is due to the limits of the human mind. Pure and total integration of the disparate parts of the mind can come about through the activation of the kundalini. While this new state is at first seemingly at odds with the rationalized world, it isn’t.

This integration of faculties is what Integrity means in the highest sense. The energetic world is sometimes called The Way, or Tao; Buddha Nature or Brahmin, the One Without A Second, wrote Shankara. In this unity we are all in continuous contact. It can, therefore, be called the Collective Unconscious, though it is Collective Consciousness to those who have entered this world with their conscious minds.

The energy of conscious perception in the kundalini-activated mind feels the energetic world and how the energy of this world exists throughout all beings and the Universe itself. Thus “mind-reading” is simply sensing the radiation of this energy from another mind. ESP and other real psychic phenomena exist by virtue of this energy. This is the future birthright of Humanity and what Gopi Krishna wrote about and called the next step in human evolution.

On this energetic level of reality, beings emanate energy. Powerful beings emanate more energy. Thus, in human society, the energy of powerful minds dominates this layer of human consciousness. Religions are founded by those who have active kundalinis, are aware of this level, and are the most powerful sources of this emanated energy.

It is important at this time that those with active an kundalini come together and create the potential to act in concert with each other. Such collective action is needed to protect the future of this world and humanity. The potential to change human awareness for the better is possible, and necessary in this dark time.

Reprinted from Life Is Medicine.

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