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Muscle Training For Transphysical Energy Activation

Our ancestral male physiology is over 2 million years old. Due to environmental conditions hostile to human reproduction in prehistoric times, the evolutionary paradigm that guided our physiology was based on semen production for one purpose only: reproduction as fast and as many times possible. This paradigm — implanted deep in the unconscious collective mind — is still operative today, making the evacuation of semen a priority every time the vesicle gets full. Neuronal sensors activate brain chemistry which then unconsciously dictate that the male perform the ejaculation procedure, either through an intimate relation or through masturbation. 

The frequency of this unconsciously directed action depends on environmental, emotional, and health factors, and it varies from one male to another. At the present day, men and women have evolved to high levels of consciousness and comfortable lifestyles. Lifespan has increased up to 80 years old in most developed countries. The prolific numbers of reproductive acts during a single lifetime are no longer necessary because the threat of extinction has all but disappeared. However, the programming that controls our sexual tendencies — although naturally created, transmitted, and unconsciously performed — remains operative in all males (and in all women who menstruate, but this case is not explained here). For the moment, we have done nothing to reprogram our sexual habits, the ways and purposes we use semen. Nevertheless, a new science dealing with this topic is emerging. It concerns using the reproductive system to accomplish more than procreation and much, much more than just having fun.

Exercises for Deleting the Ancestral Setting of the Unconscious Semen Ejaculation
a) The Need for Training
Just like the muscle training a child uses while learning to walk, the ejaculation seminal muscles can be trained, too. The seminal vesicle is lined with tiny, but very powerful, muscle fibers. Classical physiology only knows the ones which, obviously, at a certain signal, began to contract and in 3 to 5 movements on-off they deplete the content of the vesicle. What is not known, is that there is another tiny muscle located at the outer of the seminal vesicle, just before the vessel joins the other vessel coming from the outer of the bladder, after that they merged into one vessel called the urethra (which serves for both semen and urine evacuation).

Why is this not known? Because that particular muscle never moves, or almost never moves during the entire lifetime of an 
individual male, so obviously, nobody knows that it exists. Even if it could be identified by modern medical imaging devices, this muscle is untrained in all male individuals. However, other neighboring much larger pairs of muscles, called the perennial, move and are controllable. By exercising in a step by step fashion, the mind is eventually able to control all vesicle muscle contractions.

b) Taking Action
This means performing muscular exercises as often as possible, everyday, until control is achieved, just like, in his infancy, a child falls, gets up, falls again, and gets up, until he's able to walk freely, is important. To achieve
 results, exercises must be practiced regularly. Imagine semen as "miniature people" whose only "wish" is to get out of the vesicle. They don't like being trapped there. They gather in large numbers and, as a consequence, they have less and less nourishment. They "want" to get out to accomplish their evolutionary purpose of fertilizing the female's egg. However, we can use it for a new purpose, sacrificing excess reproductive cells for the collective good of the remaining 70 trillions of cells which make up our bodies, offering their precious vital energy, without which life is not possible, to serve as miniature power plants to energize every mitochondria cell.

Although there is no research yet to prove that this is actually happening, I have formulated an hypothesis, to be explained further on. The principle technique behind this new purpose for semen is a series of repetitive muscular exercises that stimulate the semen to the point of flowing out, but do not allow it to. By rapidly relaxing the vesicle, the semen recedes and never breaches the ureter.

The semen becomes excited at the same moment the reproductive organ becomes excited. Immediately after the ejaculation, semen has a bright white-yellowish yogurt appearance, but after few minutes it takes on an opaque white-yellowish oily like appearance. That means it is no longer excited and the reproductive cells will soon die. This short term excitation phenomenon has another role, previously unknown, that the limit-condition, which under internal contraction pressure, can lead to a biological transformation of a new kind, which had been only theoretically investigated as a hypothesis in my recently peer reviewed book, called Biological Transformations controlled by the Mind Vol.1.

c) Muscle Exercises and Breath Control
In the beginning, one must learn to control the awareness of the neuronal signals that the seminal vesicle transmit to the brain, because the signals appear just prior to ejaculation, so, in order to enter into this area (which everybody else say it is impossible). One must learn to be aware of these signals which pre-announce the uncontrolled muscle contractions of the vesicle. Depending on the individual, this may be an easy or very difficult task. It might be learned quickly or it might take months or years of training. Repetition, repetition and repetition is the mother of all training. I had to repeat these exercises over and over until I got results.

Later on, once this awareness is achieved, one may have the first partial control, in order to stop the excitation of the sexual organs just one second before ejaculation. This is an important step that one must master, because even at this stage, the fact of not losing the semen is already producing seminal transformation to a certain degree. In the beginning the simple way of stopping the muscle to contract on and off is a powerful inhale and full stop, relax, keep the air few seconds and then very slowly let the air exhale and this operation will prevent losing the semen. The subconscious will take this, and transform it into an automated action. One may be getting used to make this control every time. But in these attempts, until this stage is achieved, one may experience forgotten.

As excitation goes more profound, one may forgot to inhale and full stop relax, but if ejaculation occur, immediately the mind remembers that. But should never be angry or lose confidence. This is natural and is absolutely natural to happen. This how mind works. When the ecstatic state is very deep, the mind (this conscious part of it) tends to melt down into that state… but after many many repetitions, the mind won’t melt anymore, it get used with it and it will be there, available to exert control over the body. It is only a matter of education. There is no super-mind coming there. It is your own the same tool called the mind which just get used with this new emotional environment and then you’ll see that you are in control of your body, even in those powerful ecstatic states…

By the way, contrary to many opinions, as your awareness grows, the ecstatic states also expand. So, the exercises should continue many years and became part of your living daily existence. Then you’ll observe how easy is to have control over semen and obviously have control over breath. And vice-verso, having control over breath you achieve even more control over semen. There is a triangle mind-semen-breath and making control over just one of them, this will help automatically to control the other two. So one may even start this inner journey from many different paths, using these steps only as examples and not necessarily as a unique method. One may achieve results by using breath control and writing a whole book about, or one may achieve results by muscle control and write a book, or by simply using mind exercises or any combinations in between.

d) The Status of Our Natural Biological Transformation Efficiency
There are a lot of people who easily creates the conditions for the seminal continence, but occasionally they might lose semen in sleep or in between being awake and being as sleep… or in a lack of awareness while having an intimate relation… and this might happen maybe 3 to 5 times per year. From a vital point of view, this is very good… the entire vital energy of the body is … saying… 99% conserved. But still the transformation had not yet completely performed. Others do have this as an almost a native quality – well precisely speaking, a quality which naturally installed on their being immediately after the age of 8-9 years old, when the sexual glands and organs began to function. So, the good news is: all male has this already achieved but only few have this achieved with 100% efficiency. That’s the main core of the entire story that is debated in the last few hundred of years but very few actually see this essential element.

e) Preparations for the First Biological Transformation
Note: I have to emphasize that before going into this stage, the entire being should already had educated a sort of minimal lifestyle attitudes in order to enhance the power of will which is necessary to do this. I’ll only mention the five attitudes: balanced raw food, theoretical training, respect for the word and truth, pacing breath, life consciousness. Everything one would need to know about these five attitudes and my personal experience is in the book (Biological Transformations controlled by the Mind Vol.1).

My very first complete and powerful event which actually triggered the ongoing biological transformation, happened in February 3rd, 2006. But I’ll not describe the particular events as they were which are not helpful since we have very many personal and personality differences, rather I’ll give you general orientation which could be incredible helpful for a large number of practitioners and those tiny extremely specific details which are part of the trigger mechanism will appear to you, on those moments, without need for explanations. And I really wish to trust me on that. If your quest is sincere and honest, everything will be revealed on those particular seconds… because here I am talking about a process which literally take place in seconds. These are the seconds which will change your life in better for the rest of your days. From the amount of hundred of books, hundred of different yoga postures and techniques, only two things worked for me: breath and semen control. I couldn’t do anything else and having results.

f) The First Semen Transformation
This is a powerful energetic and emotional event. You should never take it trivial. All those five attitudes described in the book make the body and the mind strong enough to face such an event. There might be … although I never encountered and never heard, but some scientists fears about there might be dangers in doing this without proper research and training. Well I disagree with that, since I am alive and very healthy, but still, one cannot absolutely exclude this hypothesis, so good training will give good results. While you practice these daily muscle contractions organ excitation exercises, the more you avoid losing the semen, the more powerful you began to feel, but the biological transformation, that I am talking about, is not yet triggered. However, this event is yet to come.

g) Entering the Critical Mass Phase
Please read this several times and be aware of each word I am writing here. When you are getting maximum excitation of the sexual organ, and you feel you have already maximum quantity of semen ever possible accumulated in the vesicle (this is what I called critical mass) there is a specific moment when the neuronal sensors at the level of the seminal vesicle transmit signals to the brain and almost in a tenth of a second, the brain transmit automated contractions to the seminal vesicle to go into on/off contractions.

Let one single half of contraction to occur and simultaneously quickly inhale and stop, and keep the air inside without absolutely no movement of your lungs (specifically do not tremble!) and keep this state as maximum that you can.

Read this sentence again.

Let one single half of contraction to occur and simultaneously quickly inhale and stop, and keep the air inside without absolutely no movement of your lungs (specifically do not tremble!) and keep this state as maximum that you can.

When you feel that those seminal muscle which previously had been only half contracted, wants to contract further, you have to have the will to stop this and very very slowly, as slowly as possible, you exhale the air and while this exhalation occur you gradually and equally slowly begin to relax the entire body.

After this exercise, you might experience one of the following:

  1. Partial loss of semen, 
  2. Loss of semen, coupled with unusual sensations of heat, or 
  3. Biological transformation.
If 1) and 2) occur, then a pause is needed, and then repeat the exercise but only if the sexual appetite is at maximum. If not, then you have to wait until it get there and then begin practice again. There is nothing more to add to the situations 1) and 2) other then the repetition, repetition and repetition is the mother of success so one must continue doing this until goes into 3) and thus biological transformation occur.

Everything else before and after 3), which is not written here is already part of the 100 pages A4 size book with a lot of condensed information in order to guide you what to do next, how to maintain the process, why the first transformation is so powerful, why the next ones you are rarely going to feel, why seminal productivity per second might increase, why other related phenomena do occur, why you’ll feel that you need to eat low quantities of food, and need to sleep only 4 hours, and to a lot of “why” questions, there’ll be answers. Also, everything which had been posted here is NOT in the book.

Click to view a promo of the book, including a book review by a french medical professor:

Two major discussions about my book and plans for future research are presented here:
The Biology of Transformation Part 1
The Biology of Transformation Part 2

Other very important discussions with the biologist Bruce Lipton are located here:
The Biology of Transformation Part 1 with Bruce Lipton
The Biology of Transformation Part 2 with Bruce Lipton
The New Biology and The Biological Transformations controlled by the Mind

Life After Biological Transformation
This is one that words cannot describe this profoundly enough. You gain long term health, and heal all degenerative diseases, most of the chronic inflammations and other chronic problems, and most diseases which are not in terminal phase, well… not quite every disease but most of them. What else you gain ? Unconditional joy, inner happiness, happiness without a specific cause or thing, even more happiness including your daily activities,… huge success in intimate relations, either temporary or within your family, if one is married already, you get fulfillment of almost every second of your life. One may discover how others chosen to live in all sorts of fears, anger, disease, having serious emotional problems an all the rest…

Success to you all and send me your results, as they may appear… I’ll try to answer questions, but my time is limited. Here is a motivational video I made which goes 
boldly where very few others have gone before.


  1. Thank you very much JJ for posting these explanations wonderfully adapted for the american reader. My lack of experience in writing could not offer me the chance to correctly explain the exercises. I thank you also for inserting the links to all my promotional videos and pdf papers. As a good news, last year in august, an indian journal IJIRES, public access on-line, peer reviewed a new paper and that one explain what is happening in the body after the biological transformation - and there is the pdf available for free download. Or you can access my new academia account at and read even more on this topic. I thank you again JJ for your effort and wish you a happy new year.

  2. Cristian, we look forward to further collaboration with you on this issue. Good to be working with someone as fastidious as yourself...

    1. Hi JJ - here is volume 2 recently published

  3. I am honored to be useful... I worked at least 7 months of the year 2014 to re-write my scientific romanian version of the book into a more biographical story in 3 volumes.... I kept in mind your advices, but translating into english is just beyond my capacities. Each volume has 200 pages A5 page format (small book). If I'll manage to keep my job then maybe I can do the translation in 3 years...

    Something new happened in August 2014 and I began to notice an accelerated process of hair color return from white to my native color and my eye sight improved... I no longer need glasses, not even sun glasses...

  4. This is a fascinating article. I've heard criticisms recently that this type of self control technique is unnatural, even misogynist, but the truth is that techniques like this can become part of the intimate dialogue between a man and a woman, part of their onging conversation with one another, so that the moment of self control arises, as you so rightly say, from a deepening and shared ecstasy.

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  6. Yes, the are some criticisms, around this topic, because, one must make the difference between use and abuse.

    Depending on each and every one's lifestyle, the self control technique should be applied either in a man-woman intimate relationship, or, if the man lives single very long time, and has only very short period intimate sexual contact, then he must transform the semen and re-use it, for having more energy and less attachements.

    However, using the technique very often, could create an automated behavior mechanism which enable the excitation (as a response to the technique) BUT could diminshe the response to a real partner.

    In order to avoid that, and got excitation on BOTH cases, with and without intimate partner, the disciple must attain maximum control over the muscles, and never lose semen (in both cases!!).

    When this kind of control is attained, through a lot of practice, the man is able to maintain at least 2 to 4 hours amazing sexual contact, but also can practice alone, when the situation impose this and has no female partner for a longer period of time.

    But wihtout this mastery of the technique, on cannot have excitation but only in one of the choices (not both) and the loss of semen would then favor illness and emotional depreciation towards life itself.

    I personally experienced all the situations, because I lived 41 years without biotransformation, and then 10 years with biotransformation, so I can make the difference and I can explain all possible scenarios.

  7. I got permission to freely upload the entire book on the internet:

  8. alternatively I uploaded the same document, full book, on my academia account, here:

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    2. here is volume 2 recently published

  9. New Book published - free download here