Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kundalini and Astral Travel

My first Astral Projection experience occurred when I was 21, lying in a George Washington University hospital bed after a appendicitis operation for which I was given morphine injections over several days. I wrote about it in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time, from which, the following excerpt is taken:

“I was in this half-state between sleep and waking. A great glowing light filled the room. Suddenly, I was floating upward. When I reached the ceiling, I realized I could steer myself. I’m having trouble though. I command myself to roll over and I’m looking down at my physical body, asleep in the bed, and I realize that I’m in an altogether different body.”

“So I stayed up there watching my body asleep in the bed. I knew I could leave the room, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to get back. I knew I’d see amazing things, but I figured I had to return to my body, that I wasn’t ready to take off and leave it.”


“Well, it opened my mind… Perhaps, I shouldn’t say ‘mind’ because the mind may not be part of it.
Subtle bodies come to life
Subtle Bodies Arising

Until my Kundalini awakening fourteen years later, I had no further Astral Projection experiences. Since activating Kundalini, I have had numerous Astral Travel experiences and am now able to put myself into the state at will. Travel of any sort is mostly beneficial. In my case, I have experienced many of the effects listed below, namely, the abilities to:

  • Fly like a bird and even visit outer space,
  • Walk through solid objects like walls, ceilings etc,
  • Meet loved ones who have "passed on,"
  • Grow spiritually and gain awareness of my True self,
  • Visit the Akashic Records,
  • Increase my psychic abilities,
  • No longer fear death,
  • Become a better problem-solver,
  • Become a better person in all areas of my life,
  • Have Astral sex! (yes, even that's possible!),
  • Heal myself physically and mentally.

Recently with the explosion of self-actualization studies and energy cultivation techniques, a critical mass of interest in Astral Projection and Kundalini has appeared, which has led to Astral travel self-learning materials, available on the internet. 

Should you become interested and wish to explore Astral Projection, one critical point to remember is: You must retain conscious control over all your impulses. Just like my experience in the George Washington Hospital when I decided to pull back, you can exert the same kind of control. In other words, you can move forward incrementally, only undertaking astral travel as you are able to master your emotions, fears, and anxieties, etc.

The subtle bodies radiate
Subtle Bodies Radiating and Vibrating

Since awakening my Kundalini 40 years ago, I have applied the techniques of Astral Projection and consider them a means of self-actualization, the ability to recognize the subtle bodies that surround me and realize that they serve as a control center.

Once you master it, there's no limit to the insights into the cycle of life and death that Astral Travel bestows on you, the traveler.

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