Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Transphysical Energy Activation is Significantly Changing my Diet

I began to experience new sensations...or whatever you want to call them...on account of my diet.

About 10 days ago, while being intimate with my girlfriend, I experienced (as has been happening since August 2014) another energy implosion. After, which was quite unusual for me, I have not been able to eat solid food since. If I want to, I first I have to wait 10 hours to feel the least bit hungry.

Transphysical Bio-magnetic action at work
Cristian with 3 Spoons Stuck to his Forehead
Before I understood what was going on, something else happened...repeatedly. I used to eat only 150-250 grams of solid food for my afternoon meal. After the implosion, I observed my stomach experiencing the sensation of "too much." At first, I couldn't explain it because nothing in the daily ratios of my diet had changed. This sensation persisted every time I ate solid food and repeated itself 10 times in 10 days. The food I ate was either boiled mashed potato with salad, boiled mashed chickpeas or beans with salad, or boiled cereals with salad. So, I asked myself: What on earth is wrong with this food?

Each day after eating one of these combinations, I felt distended, my stomach was swollen, and only after many hours did the sensation begin to fade away. That was the moment I realized I had to adjust my diet to include more liquids and fluids. Only yesterday, did I discover there was nothing wrong with the food. It was simply too much for my digestive system and my stomach refused to accept anything above what was actually needed. Before that happened, I weighed the amount of cereals I boiled, otherwise I'd have to throw away the extra amount. I do this every time I eat solid food.

So, for the moment, all I can eat is very fresh and uncut (and this is also weird … WHY uncut ?) foods. A few grams of fresh dill leaves, parsley, a little radish, a single cabbage leaf, two slices of onion, one little hot pepper, and a glass of water after. I no longer feel distended. Another weird thing is that when I eat, I eat each food separately, not mixed together. I eat them uncut, and I don't understand why I like them this way and not cut and mixed like before. Everybody except me cuts vegetables and salads into small pieces, adds vinegar, oil, salt. I do not.

The rest of the time, if I feel hungry, I can only drink liquids, for example, flavored black tea in the morning, then, in the afternoon, some kind of dehydrated vegetable soup in one liter of energized water, which becomes instantly hydrated and tastes good. I'm not losing weight at all. I am happy that I am also not gaining weight. My girlfriend is experiencing the same symptoms; we are connected beyond time and distance. That is an entirely new, long story.

Transphysical Bio-magnetic action at work
Cristian with a Cellphone Stuck to his Forehead

And this phenomenon had been also correlated with the fact that my initial biomagnetism capability (consisting of one 5-8 gram spoon "sticking" to my forehead) has now amplified, enabling my 80 gram mobile phone to stick to my forehead. My hands also began to feel sticky.


  1. En lisant votre post j’ai souri, car je ne coupe pas non plus mes aliments.

    Si je me sers de mes couverts, je me coupe (je suis en distance) avec mon aliment. Quand je tiens ma fourchette ou mon couteau cela va beaucoup ralentir la connexion, que je peux avoir avec mon aliment, car de prendre conscience de cela c’est manger en conscience, parce que c’est l’aliment qui s’offre à vous, par sa texture, son goût…car c’est le prendre en considération, alors lorsque je mange, je mange en ressentant cela, car cela est un partage, un partage d’amour avant tout que mon être ressent, et cela dans chacune de mes cellules et cela est merveilleux de prendre conscience de cela. Alors oui, je chérie mes aliments…

    L’énergie de la kundalini me fait vivre cela pour me faire prendre conscience que tout cela a un sens, et que je suis entouré d’énergie, même celle que je mange.

    Le faite de manger avec mes doigts, j’adore cela, car en tenant l’aliment, l’énergie continue de circuler et il y a une multitude d’informations que mes sens peuvent m’apporter, comme sa provenance par exemple, au contact de mes doigts cela me reconnecte avec l’essence même de l’aliment, la source même de la terre, car chaque aliment à une énergie différente et il est bien naturel que l’énergie de mon propre corps réagisse à cela, et c’est si beau de pouvoir le ressentir et rentrer en interactivité avec cela.

  2. Cristian, I think a lot of readers are wondering how this — specifically the spoons and cellphone — relate to Kundalini. Perhaps, you could cover this in future post.

    1. I already joined the facebook new group on the link. Thank you very much

  3. Hi JJ,
    It is difficult to prove a direct corelation ... I can't exclude to be just a coincidence and the phenomenon might have other causes then the kundalini activation... On the other hand, I was not feeling 100% to publish the photos because they too are very subjective and anyone could say: this is just a trick or a fake. The only thing that I can do is to observ it... and see how much will last, if it will get stronger or weaker and if it could "atract" any other kind of materials not just plastic and metal... Honestly, I am not sure exactly where this biomagnetism came from. But this is not the only phenomenon I am experiencing write now... there is more. Some of them are very difficult to explain in words, even in my own language. I'd rather prefer to delete photos in order to not creating more confusion. I am sorry I can't read french language at all so I don't know anything what Nancy wrote.