Tuesday, May 26, 2015

What's It like To Be Me?

So what is it like to be me? You may ask.
I really don't know if I'm up to the task of
Explaining again for the umpteenth time,
Especially in this example of metered rhyme,

But yes, well.. imagine that you're body's a sphere
Of invisible, transparent energy rare.
I can feel you with my mind that travels in this sphere;
I can feel your elation, your anger, your fear.

I get concepts that form with a liquid ambrosia,
New science emerging from my neural exposure
To Prana that flows up my spine and into my brain,
A pleasurable warmth, a gentle rain.

I feel you, I hear your, your voice and your thoughts,
I see another world together with this one, but it's not
The same. It is illumined with energy intrinsic,
The glowing radiance of all things existent.

When it comes to people I'm different, it's true.
You're not me and I'm not you.
A fish out of water, perhaps you believe,
But let me modify that belief and relieve

You of any doubt and tension that comes with your being,
I'm you, just evolved in an existential dream.

~ Neil Sinclair

PS. I hope the reader understands the humor of this poem...

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