Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Healing Properties of Kundalini

lower back getting stiffAfter spending some time on a Saturday afternoon moving some heavy cement slabs in the basement of my cottage, I noticed my lower back getting quite stiff and painful, particularly when moving in a certain direction. This was just another reminder that my aging physical body is becoming increasingly sensitive to the stresses and strains of life. I just cannot do the things I use to do, even though I still like to think I can.
daily meditation exercisesIn the early morning as I began my daily meditation exercises sitting on two round cushions designed for this purpose, I became quickly aware of the discomfort that I was experiencing in my back. I reminded myself that despite the discomfort in my physical form, there lies within its boundaries a more subtle body whose connotation is indestructibility.

 This subtle body, often referred to as the “Vajra Body,” is made up of thousands of channels through which flow numerous life-force energies. Unlike the physical body with its ordinary nervous system, muscles, organs and other components, all subject to sickness, decay and eventual death, the subtle body is free from these inevitable sufferings. In fact, once we have made contact with this clear, conscious body of light through meditation, our physical bodies are no longer a problem, or at least, not as great a problem.

a more subtle body

The various components of the subtle Vajra Body — its channels, chakras, energy winds, etc. — are all worthy topics, but today I want to single out the channel referred to as sushumna that runs in a straight line from the top of the heads down to an area in front of the base of the spine.
energy winds

Many experiencing “Kundalini Rising” are familiar with the sushumna and the focal points located at various intervals along the channel known as chakras or energy wheels. It is at these distinct focal points that the subtle body overlays the physical body through its lymph and glandular system, revealing their purposeful connection:
  1. To share how the life-force energies of the vajra subtle body can interact with the physical body to provide relief from physical pain as the two are brought into contact with one another.
  2. To introduce methods of mobilizing the life-force energies of the subtle body in a future post.
I am not speaking solely about the process of transcending physical pain by directing our full attention away from our physical bodies. I am speaking of the ability of the life-force energies of the subtle body to assist in the relief of physical pain through our meditation experience.

Each morning, part of my meditation time is spent in an activity which could be described as "tantra." Tantra has to do with the mobilization of the life-force energies of the subtle body with the intention of growing in spiritual awareness. These energies can be mobilized through five types of activities — vibrations generated through:
  • Breath
  • Physical movement
  • Visualization
  • Sound
  • Touching, stimulation, etc.
When we carry out those activities with the deliberate purpose of mobilizing our life-force energies (which can then be directed up the sushumna by intention), we discover nature’s most natural and effective method of healing and alleviating suffering in our physical form.

chakras or energy wheels

This mobilized energy erodes away the attention we place on our physical bodies by placing us in a state of inner stillness and calm. The blissful, ecstatic, vibrational qualities of this energy soothes and restores those areas of our physical form damaged by life's stresses.

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