Friday, August 21, 2015

How Do You know If Kundalini Is Active?

So how do you KNOW if your Kundalini is really awakened? For Gopi Krishna and myself, two persons who practiced Kundalini meditation, we were able to observe somatic and metabolic changes in the body as the sexual sublimation process engaged and as it ultimately reached a dramatic crescendo, ushering waves of pranic energy into the brain, igniting all chakras and opening up a vast metaphysical realm. In cases like ours, the proof is incremental and documentable: The trigger induces the effects and we followed the process as you might follow a laboratory experiment — one taking place in the laboratory of your own body.

For me, the effects have been benign. Whether this holds true in your case, I can't say. Withstanding the effects depends on your ability to accept Kundalini and adapt yourself to its dictates. I've talked with many people who have shared some, if not all, of the effects listed below, and, in doing so, have thrived:
  • Triggering autonomic self-healing mechanisms capable of correcting defects due to neural degeneration;
  • Rejuvenating the brain and the body as a result of intense neuroplastic activity;
  • Retarding the aging process;
  • Reversing self-destructive and addictive behavior;
  • Heightening and enhancing consciousness through the awakening of various metanormal effects and powers;
  • Cleansing the ego by removing the effects of conditioning and programming: self-actualization;
  • Clearly demonstrating that the spirit persists after death;
  • Helping to end dependency on ineffective health-care models; and
  • Facilitating the transition into the next state of being.
What about those whose Kundalini has been ignited accidentally…without any intention to do so?

In cases where the individual cannot identify a trigger, you almost have to work inductively, from the effects back to the cause, from the symptoms to the trigger. If you can identify a number of acknowledged Kundalini effects/symptoms, you might conclude that your Kundalini has somehow been aroused. This is tricky because there’s a tendency to equate certain mental aberrations with Kundalini symptoms, persuading yourself that Kundalini has actually awakened when it hasn't. You must always verify everything you see, hear, or feel.

But suppose an individual is unable to identify a trigger, but is able to describe a set of psychic, physical, mental, and metaphysical effects that suddenly manifest themselves — effects that are so antithetical to, and even incompatible with, that person’s previous behavior or state of being. For instance, feeling the need to be alone when he/she was formerly gregarious, feeling sexually disinterested as opposed to feeling oversexed, a newfound aversion to addictive substances and behavior, dramatic changes in diet and energy levels. Obviously, the person would begin to wonder about the cause of these changes. And if that person was familiar with Kundalini, it might seem like a logical choice for a cause. But is it a well founded choice?

So, unless there's some indication of the actual trigger, there's really no way of determining if Kundalini is active. You must delve deeper. Kundalini is not to be trifled with. Make sure you're up to dealing with radical changes in condition (psychic, mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical) over your lifetime.

Kundalini is there for the rest of you life
Don't Rush To Activate Kundalini
Activating Kundalini has far reaching consequences. Unfortunately, strip mall Yoga salons don’t know much about the aftermath of a Kundalini awakening: It’s a lifetime responsibility and learning to live with it is often beyond the ken of those trying to sell you on activating it. Interested persons should think about why they want to attempt to awaken Kundalini and how they want to go about it. In other words, the choice of trigger?

Nevertheless, since effects vary from subject to subject, even though subsets of effects may be shared in many cases, it is useful to rate each trigger by the effects it induces. That way the individual can identify which triggers to avoid and which ones produce positive effects.

Now, the term "triggers" I keep referring to are really different kinds of detonators. The actual cause — the explosive charge — that "detonates" Kundalini activity is a quantity of stored-up, distilled sexual energy (explosive charge) preternaturally available at the moment the detonator (trigger) engages.

No matter the detonator (trigger) — be it drugs, for instance, or meditation, or even sexual rapture, each detonation causes a release of sexual energy. The initiate may not feel sexually aroused during its release because in releasing sublimated sexual energy, Kundalini works at a deep neurological level. One thing is certain, however, the sensations/effects/symptoms the individual feels when Kundalini activates are always due to the release and upward climb of sexual energy to the brain (only the dosages and frequencies vary).

For example, you may feel tired, enthralled, frightened, or depressed without any erotic undercurrents. Nevertheless, sexual energy is present. The reason you may not feel sexually aroused is because the energy Kundalini releases to the brain initiates a rewiring of neural and cerebral circuits, which once fired, can cause behavioral irregularities, up to and including bliss, psychosis, and depression, which in turn, mask the sexual sublimation activity taking place in the background.

There’s another element that must be accounted for, a deterministic element some call The Field. Not every person seeking to activate Kundalini is able to do so. At the same time, not every person in whom Kundalini becomes active wants it to happen. This is especially important at the present time when so many people are striving to activate it by so many different methods. Most of them have no idea what awaits them if they succeed. And if and when they do succeed, they are often ill-prepared to deal with the aftermath.

JJ Semple
So how is the determination made on who’s going to succeed? This is important because forcing a Kundalini activation is almost beside the point in evolutionary terms. Human evolution is nowhere near complete. Over time, the human race is going to reach higher states of consciousness. What’s more, our bodies will continue to evolve. Evolution will see to it; that’s how evolution works. So, basically, in your attempt to raise it, you are trying to jumpstart something that's going to happen anyway over time.

Anyway, back to The Field...

For the trigger and the explosive charge to collide, The Field must move them into alignment; that’s it’s deterministic nature. This Field could be called The Energy Continuum or Consciousness or even a Quantum event, one whose moment is come to pass: the collision in time and space of Detonator (trigger) and Explosive charge (sexual energy), brought together by The Field (quantum event), thereby escorting an individual destiny through an evolutionary leap. This "happening" is much rarer than you might be led to believe.

What’s important for the initiates The Field does select is to realize that what he/she is undergoing is benign, any aberrant mental and psychic states can be stabilized by accepting Kundalini, not fighting it. So be patient. Let the rewiring and the restorative work begin.


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  2. I've been watching meditation films to start mine but I feel tired and not experienced bliss or a change in thinking. I smoke but have cut down in my drinking. I hoping to stop smoking

    1. Results take time and require dedicated practice, single-mindedness, and clean living, a wholesale change in lifestyle: