Sunday, October 9, 2016

All Things Bow Down to Love

All things bow down to love. All things.

It's the glue that holds us together, the fuel that gives us wisdom, knowledge — the motivation that makes us strive for greater things, the bond we share with everyone on this planet. We share it with animals, we share it with all living things, yet like bratty children we disrespect it; we judge, we persecute, we accept Fear as the building block of our life. FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear occurs when our Willpower, which is inherently Divine, decides it wants to perform an action in the name of Self-Love or the Ego and not Universal Love. This event then gets lodged in our water element and attaches to our wheel of karma to be shed in the future when again faced with the same type of event where the mind has to choose between Ego or Universal Love.

Such is the Law. As Above, so Below. As Within, so Without. Karma is cyclic. It repeats itself until corrected. This physical life is but a test — a game. To win the game you must grow your love in your heart and conquer everything that stands in your way of Universal Love. Jesus did it. Gandhi did it. Buddha did it. Mother Theresa did it. So did countless others. And to this day all spiritualists aspire to be like these men and women. Why? Because our souls recognize that these people got it. We look at them as examples and try to be like them. Its natural for us. Organic.

As we expand love in our hearts, we expand the light radiating from within. (Image taken from
Love is the Building Block of Life

This body was given to us as a vehicle in this physical world. Yet, some treat it like it's a final goal. But when you sleep at night, where do you go, what drives you? In the Holy Qabalah the body is called the Nephesh. The Ego is the body. There is no separation. You cannot conquer your Ego and live in the physical body. It is impossible. Jesus himself, one of the greatest men to live on this planet, if not the greatest, did not conquer his ego until the point of physical death. He only guided it. His second last sentence on the cross was, "Father, why have you forsaken me?" This was the last thing his Ego ever said. And it was followed by, "It is finished." The last thing his Higher Self or God-Self ever said before actual physical death.

See, you are truly a dual self. The Ego, and the Higher Self. But one comes from Self-Love. The other comes from Pure Eternal Love. And the purpose in overcoming the pains of this world is to learn to live as the Higher Self guiding the Ego and the physical body and making it perform actions in Its name. When you do this your chakras expand, your aura expands, your consciousness expands.

If you don't do it, you stay functioning at a lower level of vibration, and as this happens, the Ego gets a greater hold on you. The Ego's greatest feat is making you think that You are the Ego. Think about it. It seeks to deceive you. It seeks to manipulate you. It seeks to confuse you and dominate you. It belongs to the realm of the Moon and illusion, hence it is found in the water of the body, which comprises 93% of the body itself. This physical water has a correspondence with the Elemental Water and as mentioned previously the person's individual Karma is linked to this element. It is an emotion. But not pure emotion such as Universal Love, but Ego-tained emotion which the Ego uses to find itself in. The Ego is the body, but its fuel is karma. True Will or God-Self is a Fire, it is Solar in nature and belongs to the Sun. It is Light, it is Spirit, it is real. It is who You really are. Not the body, but the spark from the Sun. The Soul (Sol). Fire is non-dual. It is Truth. It is True Will.

You are pure consciousness is localized in a physical body for the duration of your time on this planet as an organic human being. The love we feel in our emotions, the crosscheck of reason and wisdom builds inside us as we grow spiritually. It's a game, and the purpose of this game is to learn, to expand consciousness, to expand love, truth, knowledge, wisdom. The interpretation of life's events takes place in the Mind. The Mind is the connecting link with Spirit which is Fire, and Body which is Water, which is Ego. Hence Hermes Trismegistus' exclamation, "The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental."

If you can understand that the Mind is the connecting link with Spirit and the Ego, then you have your answer as to how to tame the Ego and grow the Spirit. Learn to control the thoughts of the Mind and by controlling those thoughts you control the actions of the body in the material realm, and you will grow in Spirit and go further away from the lower Ego. Remember you cannot extinguish the Ego entirely, this would result in physical death, but you can grow so far away from the Ego that its impulse doesn't reach you emotionally and you are fully functioning in the Universal Love and draw all of your life inspiration from there.

Ego as the illusion of seperatedness of Self with the Universe. In actuality it is all One, and we contain the whole Universe within ourselves. (Image taken from
The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental

The ego feeds on fear; fear of death, fear of life, fear of difference, fear of individuality that was embedded in us when we first saw ourselves in the mirror as something separate from the rest of the world.

Ask yourself, are you separate? You are a compilation of the 5 senses of the body and the 6th sense of the Mind; the link that connects us to the to the Eternal Spirit, the Spirit which is the emotion of Love we feel throughout the day. When you are wronged, forgive. When you are judged, forgive. When you are persecuted, forgive. Don't take on the burdens of others, the weight of their heart, Don't take on their karma of hate, their karma of fear, their ego of illusion of who they think they are.

If you react to them, you are instantly taking into your aura this lower emotion that the Ego uses to define itself and associate with. By doing so, it grows in power and attaches this life lesson to your wheel of Karma which, due to its cyclical nature, will repeat itself in the future until you get it right. This is why Jesus said, "Turn the other cheek."

When faced with it literally, the energy of this lower emotion bounces off your aura and is taken back into the aura of the person who sent it out. This then makes them even more angry and they try to repeat the process again until they win or go completely crazy right in front of you. Over time, you can take control of this process completely, and although it's difficult at first, it gets easier with practice.

You could say anything and everything to Jesus and he would not retaliate if it was something meant to unsettle his Ego. On the other hand, don't confuse this with weakness or a lack of willpower. Remember what Jesus did when he saw merchants using the House of God to make financial profit by selling items to the public. Remember always that every action yields an equal and opposite reaction. People who do things to hurt others are to be corrected until the negativity they are causing is neutralized.

The first lesson of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn is, "Allowing evil to go unpunished makes you its accomplice." It is our duty to intercede if we see negativity directed at the well being of others. Otherwise, we become a part of it. This is also Love, it is Love of humanity to makes us protect him/her and fight for them when needed and necessary. Love lives in Truth. And Truth is like a lion, once released it defends itself. Hence its power in revealing all things hidden.

Things that are against Truth are against Love. Love uses Truth as its medium to know how to behave in the world. The spiritual path of Love comes with great responsibility. First, you learn to function in Love. After you have accomplished that, you learn to use the Ego to fight for Love. This is called Spiritualizing the Ego. It is a higher form of transmutating the Ego, making it do God's work while in the physical body. This naturally occurs after you have learned to control your thoughts, your actions, and perform actions in the name of Love and Truth. Over time, you lose sight of the body-Self and function at the level of True Self and its connection to all living things. Don't be underestimate the challenge; you will be tested until the day you die. It becomes easier once you learn to control the lower form of the Ego.

The more consciousness resides in the True Self, the less it does in the body-Self or Ego (Image taken from Alex Grey's depiction of kundalini awakening)
Awakening of Kundalini: Expansion of True Self as reflection of Universal Self

You were born alone; you will die alone. One day you will be in the ground, the skeletal remains of your once former body. Your Spirit will live on, your Love will never end. You will become absorbed into the cosmic consciousness, the same consciousness that gave you physical life and let you use that body for a duration of time on this planet.

So don't spend this life persecuting others, judging them, or thinking you are better than they are. Your bank account, your clothes, your house, your car; it's all stuff you borrowed in this life. Don't grow your financial riches and die in fear. Grow your love and die happily knowing that you played the game, and you won. It doesn't matter how you lived your life until now, what matters is how you live your life from now on.

We all play a part in this kingdom of Love. It's actually very easy. The next time you think about benefiting yourself and satisfying the desires of your physical body, ask yourself how you can benefit another.

Their race, their nationality, their accent, their place of birth is part of what makes them unique in a beautiful way. Yes, there is war, yes, there is starvation, the rich rule the world, the poor suffer. But YOU have a choice, a choice that starts now.

Change the life of one person and you change the world itself. I am no Christian, I am no Muslim, no Buddhist, no Jew. I am a Universal Man. Black, white, brown — whatever! it doesn't matter. We were born, we will die.

We take part in this beautiful game called Life. Don't let your legacy be your bank account or the ways in which you fed the desires of your physical body. Let your legacy be the depth of your love. How deeply you forgave, how deeply you understood another's pain, and how hard you fought for your virtuous convictions.

Remember always that you are not a physical person having a spiritual existence, but a spiritual person having a physical existence. Hear it, understand it, integrate it, make your life better, make others' lives better. Know that you make a difference. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

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