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The Nature of the Kundalini

We live in a holographic universe that is overlaid with infinite other universes occupying the same space at the same time. Our soul decides in which direction to take our reality every moment of the NOW. On my initial awakening 12 years ago, as the energy rose to the top of my head, I saw the holographic world around me with my physical eyes as the kundalini energy went up my spine and cracked the Cosmic Egg at the very top of my head — the Sahasrara Chakra. As this Astral Liquid poured over my body to awaken the 72,000 nadis of my spiritual body, I opened my eyes and beheld the room I was in as a holographic blueprint of the room I was in five minutes before.

This vision did not take place in my mind's eye, but with my actual physical eyes. As I saw the painting above my bed suspended in mid-air, I looked down at my hands and saw my arm, my hands, as golden light. I knew then the nature of the Universe around us as empty space, nothing more. And our true form as beings of Light.

Usually this cannot be perceived with the physical eyes as the material world is crystallized by our consciousness vibrating at a lower frequency than our spirit.

As babies, up until our ego begins to crystallize and memories become embedded in the brain, localizing us in time and space, we see the world for what it is — a hologram. This would explain the nature of a child as they look out into the world with innocent, unbiased eyes. Pure wonder and imagination streaming into their consciousness 24/7.

A child looks at the world around him in wonder. Lost in innocence as the ego is nonexistent at this time
A child looks at the world around him in wonder

The ego evolves as a defense mechanism of the body whose purpose is to protect us from the elements. The reptilian brain evolves giving rise to the ego over time. With this growth we lose our innocence and our consciousness becomes localized in the physical body. The purpose of spiritual rebirth is the returning back to that innocent state.

Shedding of the ego triggers a rising of spirit, away from the physical body. Two are really one and the same thing in the spectrum of consciousness, but they function at two completely opposite levels of vibration.

Consciousness is awareness in the NOW of the internal process. Once liberated from the body through a kundalini awakening, it travels as awareness into the light that is built up inside the body with the use of food, as food is synthesized in the spiritual body into pure light. As this light grows inside the spiritual body, the consciousness over time "loses itself in itself" and we transcend time and space and dwell in the realm of Eternity.

This transcendental state is the goal of and the inspiration for every yogi, sage, magi and spiritualist. This synthesis of light in the spiritual body occurs continuously as the person with an awakened kundalini eats nutritious food. This is why even with the initial awakening, it takes about 2-3 months for the person to start having metaphysical or transcendental experiences. They happen as the astral light builds up. Astral light is fueled by food and nourished by water. As astral light fuels the spiritual body and expands it, consciousness expands. In this process, the ego starts losing itself, giving rise to fears in the subconscious mind because it knows it's dying.

The veil between the conscious and subconscious minds starts to dissipate over time and a person becomes more and more at one with Universal Law. This Law is the Law of manifestation since Human beings have the innate ability to manifest whatever reality they want or desire as long as it is in line with their True Will. True Will is different than Ego or lower Will as it seeks to satisfy the spirit in the realm of Eternity and not the physical body. As the astral light grows, individuals become more attuned to the air around them since it creates a vacuum in which the ego can no longer operate. The 72,000 nadis, which are likened to tree branches as they carry the liquid ambrosia inside the spiritual body, are awakened and connect with the air around us, the medium for signals in astral world that surrounds us.

These are energy pathways which carry signals in the astral world. These signals serve the same way as radio signals only we receive emotional and thought impulses from living beings around us through the medium of air. This takes place in the spiritual body or body double, which now starts to grow as the consciousness moves slowly towards it and away from the physical body, a gradual process that usually takes years to fully integrate.

The 72,000 nadis or energy pathways in the spiritual body that are awakened by the kundalini. The nadis serve as conductors using the air as medium to transmit messages from the astral world
Energy pathways in the spiritual body awakened by kundalini

It is important to distinguish between a full, permanent kundalini awakening and a partial one. A full awakening happens once the kundalini energy rises up the sushumna channel in the backbone, into the brain, blows open the mind's eye chakra, and rises to the top of the head where Shakti or Kundalini meets Shiva or the Sahasrara chakra.

This is followed by the opening or cracking of the Cosmic Egg at the top of the head, and the pouring of the liquid ambrosia over what feels like the physical body, but is actually an activation of the spiritual body and the 72,000 nadis or energy channels.

At this point, the energy continues surging upwards completely, making one lose consciousness of the body and resulting in the experience of seeing the white light. This permanent awakening has two distinct symptoms which become permanent afterwards as the energy is now localized in the brain and the kundalini doesn’t travel up and down the spine anymore. The two symptoms are a constant buzzing in the ears and the appearance of astral light in the head, which now imposes itself into the physical reality so the person sees white light present in all things with their physical eyes. The buzzing in the ears is the kundalini energy now inside the brain and working to fuel itself and grow.

A partial awakening occurs when the kundalini rises up the spine, but doesn’t reach the top of the head. In most cases it tries to blow open the mind's eye chakra, but, due to blockages or improper meditation, is unable to do so it goes back down to coil itself as a snake around the Muladhara or base chakra. Oftentimes, it drops back down to the heart center or Anahata chakra, allowing the person to experience heart expansions and feel empathy towards all living things as the kundalini works its way into the heart chakra, growing the unconditional love there so that it can gradually disengage the consciousness from the ego and finish its work in the crown chakra, localizing in the brain permanently.

This type of rising is usually a result of an ego which is holding onto itself too strongly, inducing fear, which pulls the energy back down, thereby preventing it from blowing open the mind's eye chakra. The energy goes into the heart chakra so that it can work on expanding the True Self and move away from the fears of the ego. A partial rising carries prana up the spine. Once it drops back down into the base or heart chakras, it carries with it pranic energy which plunges the person into an inspired or out-of-body state until the prana dissipates completely

Some initiates actually perform kriyas, speak in tongues, do inspirational writing or painting, but these states usually lose their creative energy in 20-30 minutes as the energy dissipates. In a fully kundalini awakened person with a permanent awakening, the energy is localized in the brain centre, and the kundalini is fully operational 24/7 and the person is channels creativity non-stop and resides in a permanently inspired state. They are literally lost in space and time and activities such as listening to music or beholding a beautiful landscape transport the person into a completely transcendental or metaphysical reality that is incomprehensible to someone who doesn’t live in it the same way as light cannot be explained to someone born blind.

The Chakras
Energy centres and pathways of the kundalini

Our dreams take on a different form and we are able to operate in an awakened consciousness during sleep, especially in the alpha state. We start lucid dreaming or have dreams where our consciousness is awake and experiencing a reality similar to the physical reality, but using the astral or light double. The only difference for the consciousness is the level of vibration that the astral world operates on; it experiences this astral reality as real, but to a degree less than the physical one.

We see, touch, feel as we do in the physical reality, but are not bound by laws of physics since there is no density to objects in this reality, therefore we can fly, move through objects, transport ourselves to any place with only our thoughts, and communicate with Beings that only exist on that plane of reality.

There is a difference between astral light and the Great white light from which our souls come from. Theoretically, our souls come from our sun which has the planets orbiting around it, energetically representing the different facets of the human psyche and its powers. Venus, for example, is the romantic love we feel towards one another. Mercury is the logic or reason we take part in. Jupiter the building block of expansion of our consciousness and has a correlation with the waters in our system and lucidity of consciousness. Mars, the warlike ability of the True Will, is also a place where our personal demons come from. These demons are in fact fallen angels and it's our duty to master the Self and restore them back to Heaven. Their powers are destructive and they rebuild the nature of the Universe as all things die and are reborn and renewed, better than ever.

Such is the process of evolution. It is cyclic. Saturn represents time, old age, and wisdom, while Mars is power and severity. Jupiter is mercy and unconditional love; Venus is romantic love and lower emotion. Mercury is thought, and finally the 

Moon is a reflection of the light of the sun. It is illusion, and may very well be the reason for the dual nature of human life, of good and bad, up and down, and the overall duality that is present in all things on this planet. Perhaps, if life on different planets was able to be seen with physical eyes, which is an impossibility since we only perceive things in our vibrational field, physically at least...perhaps planets having more moons have life which is at its foundation more than dual, such as a reality which is more than just good or bad and perceived in terms of a duality as we humans perceive the world around us.

But our moon gives us such a reality. Nightly, it reflects illusions of what we think is real and represents the feminine as the sun represents the masculine.

A kundalini awakening gives rise to a reality where one is able to perceive the totality of the universe at the same time — at least within our solar system. Over time, the greats of old reported that as one grows into the solar system, the totality of their energy is as a microcosm of the macrocosm, and they start to venture outside it and can inhabit other solar systems and grow there. Time will tell, but theoretically as one keeps eating food to feed the astral light, and grow this liquid ambrosia inside the spiritual body, over a few dozen years this can possibly be accomplished since the consciousness and aura grow outwards and expand continuously.

Serving as elements and powers of the psyche. The sum total of the Kundalini awakening.
Human being as the center of the solar system with planets orbiting the Sun

If one participates in light draining activities such as alcohol or harmful drugs, their aura and consciousness recedes, preventing the expansion process from occurring. These substances exhaust the astral light within us and take our consciousness inside our own imagination and into the cosmic imagination or consciousness to take the person on a "trip" inside the Self. But when you do this, you sap your internal energy, letting it mature and die, instead of growing it with nutritious food and water.

People who go on drug induced "trips" and come back talking about realities beyond the Self and find solace in this process are tapping into this astral light and going into it, but the integration of this experience as a building block for spirituality and growing of the Self is never realized. Looking into the darkest recesses of the human mind for answers to existence is foolishness. Trying to open spiritual doors with drugs is a very dangerous activity because once opened they can never be closed. The consciousness cannot find its way back the same way if it got lost in an enchanted forest, you didn’t leave breadcrumbs as you were going in.

You will not be able to find your way back and your brain will not create the proper neural pathways to take you to those transcendental states naturally. This is the key. The blowing open of these gates unnaturally — with drugs as opposed to meditation — can cause permanent psychological damage that is irreparable, as the person loses touch with reality and confuses the astral world for the real world.

The astral world is real, only to a degree less than the physical one. But Maya or illusion of the physical world should not be taken lightly. We still need to wake up, work, make money to live, build relationships with people, and fill our human souls as living beings on this planet Earth. We need to love one another and be loved. Produce offspring who improve what we accomplished, furthering evolution as a whole. It is our duty as well as our God-given right.

It is unwise to disregard the world around us as a simple illusion or just a "simulation" as new theories from physicists suggest. Seeing it all as unreal and illusory takes away from our motivation to strive and grow in the world. To accomplish anything in this world, we first need to be motivated. True wisdom comes not from going inwards into your imagination to find the answers to life's problems. It comes from examining the world around you, the sciences, the arts, and the recorded history of all those who lived before us. Imagination is only the reflection of the light of the sun, it is lunar in nature and belongs to the world of duality. Its truth lies in its falsity. Hence don't look for answers in phantasmagoric dreams and drug induced visions; look for them in the clear light of the sun, in reason and logic. The foolish man spends his days surfing his own astral light and prophesying about imaginary hallucinations. The wise man stands silent, and in that silence contemplates pure consciousness, and lives in truth.

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