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Take It Easy, You'll Get There – With Or Without Kundalini

You’re worried that other people are making more progress on the spiritual pathway. You'd give anything for a quick fix to enlightenment. There's certainly no lack of tempting Shangri-La proffers. Strip-mall yoga studios, check-out line spiritual magazines on parade, water cooler inspired mindfulness discussions. The familiar optimism while you're at your umpteenth seven-day, total transformation retreat. And then, the return to the fray followed by a letdown.

Alas, there is no mythical Himalayan utopia, no happy land, isolated from the outside world. Only the drip, drip, drip of everyday life. Fox News, MS-NBC, news and fake news, saber-rattling, money-making, penny-pinching, love-starved, thrill-a-minute reality TV.

Rule One: Don't make your spiritual quest a competition.

You know you're different. You feel different. You are different. You're ready to make the effort, to answer the call: meditation, kundalini, mindfulness, yoga — some catalyst that will take you to the "there" beyond duality. will get there: self-actualization, salvation, self-realization, enlightenment. You name it; they're one and the same — no matter the bells and whistles. All roads lead to the same destination. Not in this lifetime, perhaps, but eventually. Moreover...

If they're not for you, don’t undertake pretzel-bending yogic contortions, declarations of faith, or kundalini devotions. You don’t have to spend years of your life meditating like Gopi Krishna and myself.

Rule Two: Don't force it.

Why? Because the more strenuous the practice, the more likely you’ll get caught up in something you never bargained for. It's not a race; it's not competitive. There are no medals for spiritual excellence. Not everyone is suited for exertion, be it mental, physical, or spiritual.

So what makes me say you’ll get there anyway? Evolution, that’s what! Ever thought about it? About the one-celled life forms we evolved from? About how long it took us to evolve from that lowly avatar to where we are today? That’s right; we think we’re the greatest. We hold dominion over all, don’t we? Look around: things don’t appear so secure, not as secure as we might desire or imagine. Maybe we haven't finished evolving. Maybe there’s a lot of ground to cover.

Time, like an ever-rolling stream...
Of course, you can try to jumpstart the process. Yoga, Tai-Chi, kundalini yoga, crystals, scientology, mindfulness, witchcraft.

Does the process you’re currently involved with work? Has it made a real difference in your life? Are you following through with it? Did you get all whooped up, just to watch it peter out? Practice relentlessly only to get no results?

I don’t mean to be cynical about spiritual purpose. I know a lot of people are succeeding, just as others are not. But what are the increasing numbers of seekers really looking for? When you boil all the white noise down to first principles, they’re looking to dissolve duality and merge with the Energy Continuum. In other words, Oneness — No matter the path, purpose, or practice.

Nevertheless, many sincere seekers fall by the wayside, which leads to disenchantment, disaffection, and discouragement. No need to berate yourself. Live an honest life, follow the Golden Rule and evolution will do the rest:

“If it's a set of moral standards for daily life, what more do you need than the Golden Rule? 'Treat others as you would like to be treated' or its Judaic counterpart, 'What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.' Most religions share this ethic of reciprocity. If the world’s population observed it, it's hard to imagine crime or war existing. But that's another issue.
"If the goal of religion is enlightenment or salvation, above and beyond a moral code for leading a good life, then the various religions have done a poor job. Wars, pogroms, crusades, jihads, persecutions, sexual molestations, inquisitions, witch-hunts are only some of their failings.”
Finding God - Within Or Without”  ~ JJ Semple

Rule Three: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow."

Sound familiar? It should. It's the Talmudic variation of The Golden Rule.

As for evolution doing the rest, all our best characteristics are slowly improved on and carried over to future generations in DNA. It’s what Gopi Krishna called The Evolutionary Impulse. He knew that kundalini energy, even in its dormant state, is still active to a certain degree. It must be, otherwise we would never have evolved at all.

Let’s hope that the wonders wrought by our evolution get to play themselves out over the coming millenniums, that evolution does not become devolution, which, when we evaluate current events, is anything but a given. There’s a lot to be vigilant about and it begins with the ability of the self to make good life, as well as, lifestyle decisions.

Develop your mind, body, and spirit to the best of your ability and you will get there. I promise.

It takes a lot of work, which sometimes means less effort and more letting go.

Rule Four: Let go!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kundalini Transformation - Part 02

During my 12 year Kundalini transformation, my sense of sound has expanded; all sounds now appear "wavy" in my mind's eye. There is a stillness inside me at all times now as my Ego thoughts have been quieted over time. I often see a representation of the sound in my mind's eye as a picture, depending on how still my consciousness is at that moment. 

Every sound has a thought behind it. Once you slow everything down, you can actually see that thought. I use the word "wavy" since sound moves in waves, the same as the tides of the sea, and once I am completely still I can see its form. After this transformation in my processing of sound, I feel literally like I am in Heaven and on Earth at the same time. The stillness inside me enables me to pick up vibrations around me as if I'm an antenna. It is Heavenly in nature and almost feels as if I am walking on clouds. In movies, whenever there's a depiction of heaven, it's up above the clouds, silent and quiet with a feeling of being elevated to a higher place beyond our atmosphere — nothing material about it.

I remember how I used to experience things before this transformation and I can safely say this is Planet Earth 2.0.

Combined with the new sense of sight mentioned in the previous article, it is almost as if I was given a permanent virtual reality headset to wear 24/7. I live in the same world as everyone else but see it and experience it differently.

I wish others could experience this. If this information was more widely known, people would choose it over riches and fame. No money in the world can buy this experience and I would not trade it for anything.

The expansion in my physical sight occurred five months into my awakening 12 years ago. It was one of the first manifestations of the kundalini awakening. By now, I'm completely used to it and am often are reminded of how cool it is when I look at new landscapes or visit new cities. First thing I do is walk downtown to experience the bright lights and architecture.

Light permanently inside middle of the brain
There are moments when I am so immersed in this vision and out of my body, that I become one with what I am looking at and see everything as a two dimensional beam of Light coming from the Sun. I can actually "scry" inside this vision and see parallel universes that exist here and now, but are imperceptible to normal human sight. Scrying is a process of looking into physical objects using the mind's eye. This experience occurs as a rapture, as my consciousness is swooped up to experience this vision. It comes over me as a wave and I become pure consciousness embracing this vision. My visions often see the world in Medieval times for some reason, only to a much smaller scale than our own present time world. There are parallel worlds existing here and now inside Light and once you're able to alter your own vibration you can actually see them with your very eyes.

Due to this expansion of the Mind's Eye, if I focus on a human being for ten seconds or so, I will slip out of myself and start to see the colors of that person's energy. If I carry this vision further, I will change states of consciousness and see the person from the perspective of an ant, or sometimes a greater and even larger being. The longer I keep this in focus, the more my visual sight changes continuously. I can even see animals and different beings in people. In reality, we are all Light beings of pure consciousness and a kundalini awakening is the evolution of consciousness and Light. 

After the initial awakening, I experienced an altering of my own vibrational frequency which changed the condition of the physical universe. Normally, I hear the kundalini in my ears as a continuous buzzing of bees, which changes pitch as I take in food. One time I was able to tap into the source of the vibration and change it to the sound of a Mustang car, a low growling sound. When this occurred, I saw the entire world before me as a hologram — objects suspended in space. This vision lasted for about ten seconds and then my ego took over and the vibration changed to its regular sound, bringing me down to the level of matter. 

All the visions I describe in this and my previous article are not seen in my head when I close my eyes. That would not be unique since I would only be using my imagination. These visions occur with my actual physical eyes. And they happen when I notice something outside of myself and I look at it. Immediately, an internal process of rapture occurs and some visual manifestation takes place, as if I has woken in the morning and gone outside, only to see it as I described while performing the same daily tasks.

Another important life transformation for me has been lucid dreaming and astral travel. As this Light energy has built up inside me over time, I started to lucid dream on a daily basis. In the astral world, there is no gravity; pure consciousness is the Law which guides it. This means that you can fly, walk through walls, transport yourself to any place on the Earth —levitating objects and fulfilling any and all desires. This is just some of the gifts but there are more. 

The best part is that in a lucid dream, consciousness is completely awake and aware in the same way as waking, physical life. The difference is only a matter of degree, but the concept and experience are the same. It is in all respect pure imagination and desire feeding itself through its experiences. The source of our souls is imagination and Light.

As for astral travel, which occurs during lucid dreams, I have had incredible out-of-body experiences over the last 12 years I have been living with awakened kundalini. I have visited astral worlds that are beautiful to behold. I traveled to different galaxies and talked to extraterrestrial Beings, and received information about myself and the world as well as our future as a human race. Oftentimes, my lucid dream world is so strong that I cannot wake up from it and would sleep for 16 hours at a time in a sleep paralysis. When I try to wake up, the power of the dream would just throw me back down onto the pillow. 

Flying in a Lucid Dream
I have spent hours on end downloading information from otherworldly beings and ascended Masters in the same way Neo was downloading computer programs in The Matrix. In one hour, I can download 20 books worth of information. Through these downloads I have received certain Truths about us and the world we live in. 

Over time, I naturally developed a technique of un-focusing my mind's eye in a lucid dream to step into a reality which I term "hyper consciousness," a state beyond the realm of human consciousness. This state is similar to an LSD or Peyote trip, but different because there's a "futuristic" feel to it. These are some of the effects of a kundalini awakening — a higher state of evolution and a realm of ontological perfection that awaits our race. We truly do live in the Matrix where your potential of life experience is so incredible that you cannot even imagine it until it happens.

Everything around us is consciousness and Light. Once you awaken kundalini, which is Light, you behold the Universe around you as it really is. And inside this Light there are so many different states of consciousness, so many different experiences. A rapture for everyone, a losing of oneself — going beyond the Ego to experience it. It happens during meditation, which in my case is a permanent state, since every act of focusing my attention is an act of meditation.

A lot of people have had kundalini awakenings, but few have reported experiences such as the ones I have had in their overall transformation. What separates the type of kundalini awakening I have had from a spontaneous one or shaktipat is that you have to raise a sufficient amount of prana during the initial awakening in order to blow open and expand the mind's eye. The sexual energy that meditation generates is key to doing this successfully. That is why most people with awakenings do not experience the world the same way as I do, or the way Gopi Krishna did. 

A Drawing — The Expansion Of Physical Sight, One Year Into My Awakening

Gopi Krishna is one of the few people I have read who lived in the exact same world as me. And reading his work really helped me at peak points of my awakening. I have been researching kundalini extensively for 12 years and have spoken to over 200 people over social media or in person and I have not found many who report the same accounts as me. I do not say this to brag because I never asked for any of this, but I mention this to explain the varied kundalini experiences and its overall potential.

The breaking of the Cosmic Egg at the top of the Crown results in the "electrocution" effect and the awakening of the 72,000 nadis, or the full activation of the Spiritual Body. This occurs during a spontaneous awakening or shaktipat, but to awaken the mind's eye and expand it during the initial kundalini rising, you have perform a proven energy cultivation technique in order to generate enough prana. "Prana can be stimulated by the practice of pranayama and thereby increased to a greater quantum."*

Tantric sex is a form of generating prana consciously and if it results in a kundalini awakening it can be a powerful one. In my case, I was doing a form of tantric practice and having continuous internal orgasms which awakened kundalini. The intensity at which it blew open all of my psychic centers was incredible. I had the experience of the white Light at the apex of my kundalini rising.

It is my belief that everything around us, at least within our atmosphere on Earth is white Light. It is the reason all living things need air to breath and survive. Air is Spirit and Spirit is Air. We are literally taking in this white Light every waking moment through breath. White Light, Air, Spirit are the same thing. A kundalini awakening is an awakening to this state of being in Spirit. As you are in Spirit, you are in-spired. This is where the word inspired comes from. 

Gopi Krishna's description of the visual transformation of how he sees things physically is still the best example I've read to this day. To me, it is such an important and amazing part of the overall transformation that I often wonder why it is not talked about more. But then, most individuals do not report the same effects described herein. He talks about a shimmering, silvery haze being transposed on all things he sees with his eyes which is exactly what I experienced. It is the Light inside the head that is present at all times that creates this experience.

Kundalini Science is a reality. Unfortunately, the physical sciences have no means of measuring or studying it, other than listening to, and possibly compiling the many anecdotal accounts from around the world. The tipping point for science is always critical mass: there must be enough accounts that share the same triggers and effects. Unfortunately, at the moment, the are two many variations, too many variables.

Some variables are the same, some are different. In reality, our biological composition as well as the pathways of the kundalini, the nadis and channels, are similar, but they are not sufficient to assure that the triggers and effects, the experiences of risings and different manifestations of gifts, are mostly the same. All experiences, though, have at their core, the evolution of consciousness in its many aspects and, as their goal, the complete liberation from the physical body. As you are liberated from the physical body, you step into the newly forming Spirit-body, the body of Light.

In the future, as more and more people become aware of the full potential of kundalini, a true Kundalini Science will emerge along with the scientific means of measuring the intensity and level of the experience. This truly is the most important thing on our planet; sadly most people are unaware of it. Kundalini is the source of individual as well as cosmic consciousness. It is the key, the prime mover in our evolution. Why we were given this evolutionary mechanism I do not know. Why most are still unawakened, that I also do not know.
Says JJ Semple, "If kundalini didn't serve a useful purpose, it wouldn't be part of our beings. Evolution would have eliminated it. That's how evolution works...which would make no sense because kundalini is the driving force behind human evolution."
There are forces at work which conceal this experience from the public eye on a mass scale because keeping the knowledge of their true spiritual potential from human beings serves their socio-political purposes. By keeping humanity asleep to the Spirit and dwelling in the Ego, they can control us easier. But the time will come when the control factors will be dissolved and more and more will be awakened which will truly usher the planet into a new Golden Age as predicted by the ancients. Once this happens on a grand scale, we will have the answers to who we are as well as the purpose of living on this planet with this dormant and embedded kundalini mechanism. We are still at the dawn of our destiny as spiritual human beings in the Cosmos. And that is very exciting indeed.

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Finding God — Within or Without

“The Arian controversy was really about the nature of man and how we are saved. It involved two pictures of Jesus Christ: Either he was a God who had always been God or he was a man who became God’s Son. The Church’s theological position was, in part, dictated by its political needs. The Arian position had the potential to erode the authority of the Church since it implied that the soul did not need the Church to achieve salvation.”
~ Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

The oldest argument, not only in Christianity, but in all religions, is: how does an individual experience Oneness with the Universal Spirit, sometimes called God, Nature, the Creative Superstructure of Life, or the Energy Continuum.

Do we achieve It (enlightenment) through the practice of energy cultivation techniques that seek to awaken our evolutionary, biological Kundalini forces? Or by salvation through the intervention of some orthodox religion with its doctrines and dogmas? It's the argument that hangs over all spiritual exploration, dramatically hi-lighted in Christianity by the 4th. Century struggle between the dissident followers of Arius and the orthodox followers of St. Augustine.

Let’s turn to the Internet, that source of information elitists looks down on, but readily use. And why not? Who says the people can’t manage knowledge in a rigorous fashion, can’t come up with valid definitions and explanations? Let’s see what the WikiNet has to say about Oneness, salvation, and religious cosmology.

In Hinduism we run across the concept of Moksha. “Moksha is a final release from one's worldly conception of self, the loosening of the shackles of experiential duality and a re-establishment of one's own fundamental nature, though this nature is seen as ineffable and beyond sensation. Moksha is achieved when the individual Atman unites with Brahman, the source of all phenomenal existence – through practice of Yoga.”

Here we have a framework to work within. At the same time, we have an empirically proven system – Yoga – which, if successfully practiced, allows you to attain the Oneness state.

As for Sikhism, pretty much the same approach: “According to Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, the goal of the human is to unite with God and for this the Sikh must conquer the ego, thus realizing his true nature, which is the same as God.”

According to Buddhism, “the whole universe is a single, dynamic web of energy. There is no almighty God in Buddhism. There is no one to hand out rewards or punishments on a supposed Judgement Day. Buddhism is not strictly a religion in the context of ‘owing allegiance to a supernatural being.’ There is no savior concept in Buddhism. Although a Buddhist seeks refuge in the Buddha as his incomparable guide who indicates the path of purity, he makes no servile surrender. The Buddha is not an incarnation of God. The relationship between the Buddha and his disciples and followers is that of a teacher and student. The liberation of self is the responsibility of one’s own self. Buddhism does not call for an unquestionable blind faith by all Buddhist followers. It places heavy emphasis on self-reliance, self-discipline and individual striving.”

As concerns Christianity, “Creation now has its end and purpose in Christ. Therefore, and not surprisingly so, Christian interest in cosmology and creation has changed from being concerned with matter or technique to one of relationship, that is, a dependency on the creator not only for his creation but also for subsistence.” Interesting that the author here uses the word “changed,” as in the Christian interest in cosmology and creation has changed from being concerned with matter or technique to one of relationship. What does this mean? It simply highlights the evolutionary aspect of Christian doctrine, how it changed course as a result of the Arian controversy, how it demoted the idea of self-realization in favor of a process that featured the intervention of Church authority.

Again, Elizabeth Clare Prophet: “If Jesus was a man who became God’s Son, it implied that other men could also become Sons of God.” Sound familiar? It should, because it sums up the ontology of most of the other major religions. However, “this idea was unacceptable to the orthodox, hence their insistence the Jesus had always been God and was entirely different from all created beings. The Church’s theological position was, in part, dictated by its political needs. The Arian position had the potential to erode the authority of the Church since it implied that the soul did not need the Church to achieve salvation.”

So, given the fact that Christianity veered away from the notion that by practicing certain techniques (Yoga, meditation, etc.) to attain a state of Oneness, how do you reconcile these various cosmologies? And what’s the point of religion if you can't? Is it only to follow established doctrines, only to conform, not to explore? It seems that the Eastern religions encourage their followers to explore. Whether that's true in actual practice, I don’t know.

The point is not who's a heretic, or who's saved and who's not, or by what means, according to which doctrines; it's examining these cosmologies from the point of common sense.

As far as religion goes, if it's a set of moral standards for daily life, what more do you need than the Golden Rule? “Treat others as you would like to be treated” or its Judaic counterpart, “What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.” Most religions share this ethic of reciprocity. If the world’s population observed it, it's hard to imagine crime or war existing. But that's another issue.

If the goal of religion is enlightenment or salvation, above and beyond a moral code for leading a good life, then the various religions have done a poor job. Wars, pogroms, crusades, jihads, persecutions, sexual molestations, inquisitions, witch-hunts are only some of their failings.

Religions are touchy; they don't like criticism. Ever hear of confession? Sounds like 1984. Big Brother, permanent inquisition. Ferreting out the great menaces — heresy, doubt, individual initiative, the inquisitive mind. Not only in the Christian religion, but in other religions as well. And let's not forget the other major orthodoxies: Marxism, Fascism, Communism, Psychiatry; they also fear deviant thoughts. Heck, we even speak of Democratic or Republican heresies as deviations from mainstream politics. The Church of Scientology uses the term squirreling to denote its heretics.

Better to accept the governing teachings of one's chosen religion without questioning. But what are the governing teachings? According to a NY Times article about a test on basic religious knowledge, most true believers don't know very much about the teachings they, as members of their given faith, are supposed to know. In fact according to the test, they know less than non-believers about their chosen faith. It's almost as if people don't care what they believe. Instead of, Let me explore and find the answer for myself, they say, It's too much trouble, just tell me what to believe in.

So if the majority doesn't really understand what they believe in, why should you bow to pressure from those who don't know have a clear idea of what they believe in? According to Bill Maher, 15% of the American populace are atheists-agnostics, non-believers. Yet, according the the poll cited in the NY Times article these non-believers know more about the various religions than their own adherents do; they scored better on the test.

How is that possible? Most non-believers were once believers, or were at least exposed to certain beliefs by their parents. Once they began to doubt, they ran the precepts and doctrines they were taught through logic and fact checks. That means they studied the various religions in order to substantiate their claims and found inconsistencies and anomalies along the way. Which was enough to turn them into non-believers. That doesn't mean they've stopped looking for something to believe in; it means they have applied Ouspensky's dictum of questioning everything you see, hear, or feel. Not a bad credo to live by.

So what about the believers who scored poorly? What does that say about them? Must they know a lot to be saved or awakened? Or is fervor and zeal enough? It depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to speak in tongues or become carried away by other Pentecostal practices, then you probably don't need to know all that much. You do what you do on faith and you try to enter into the spirit of the moment; exhaustive doctrinal knowledge is not necessary. If on the other hand, you are interested in the mystical proposition, that of "merging with the creator" or spiritual awakening through meditation practice, then you have to find the Path that suits you, and that demands study, not the least of which is the study of the self.

Where does that leave traditional religion? Somewhere in a vast, yet vague, middle ground with nothing much to do except debate points of dogma, lording it over the rest of us — non-believers, mystics, and Pentecostals alike — who tackle spiritual practice head-on. Yes, they probably know more that we do. But without a true spiritual practice to follow, they have a lot of time on their hands, so they set themselves up as bodies of judgement, judging you and your dedication. Are you truly dedicated? Are your thoughts pure enough? Are you a doubter? A squirreler?

Do you really need someone examining your thoughts, judging you for them? Not if you obey the Golden Rule, you don't. That's all the religion you need.

Traditional religion has failed. Why? Because it's largely a political creation; the people involved in actual religious practices are few and far between. Like the army or big business, only 20% are down in the trenches doing the work; the rest — the 80% — are politicking your future, deciding whether to include your name in this months "to be downsized" list, checking on the purity of your commitment. Yet you cling to the mainstream, in hopes of escaping immanent danger. What danger? That is never revealed, all the better to keep you afraid of the future. Shouldn't this spur you to take it upon yourself to discover the truth?

Arius - Wikipedia ©

Contrast the traditional approach with the Arian
* notion that teaches men can transform themselves into Sons of God. What's the common sense difference between the traditional and the mystic path? Well, for one, to follow the Arian path you don't need an army of supporters, supernumeraries, spinmeisters, and sycophants. By and large this work must be done alone — with you, yourself, at the helm. Two, since you're on your own, there's no one challenging your approach; no one calling you a heretic, no one blaming you because you doubt. You don't have to conform. So, adapt a pragmatic, empirically scientific approach to finding the truth. Challenge everything you see, hear, or feel. Refuse to take the word of some institution or individual many times removed from the source. Armed with an ethic of reciprocity and a meditation method like GFM, and perhaps, a touch of Yoga or Tai Chi, seek and find the truth by yourself. If you do, your path might look something like this:

You don't have to feel guilt and you don't have to contribute money, No one's going to get burned at the stake because you meditate in the quiet of your own room.

Look at the growing numbers of those striking out on their own path. Compare them to the numbers of those leaving conventional religions. And not just for reasons of disillusionment, sexual molestation and the lot. People are tired of top-down, people are reading and thinking more. People are experimenting with everything from tattoos to the personalization of religion – the self-awakening process, self-realization. Can the truth — the Way, the Path, whatever you want to call it — only be handed to you from without by some authorized representative of orthodox religion or can you find it within by using your wits and trusting your eternal nature?

* Arian, used inclusively. Encompasses early Christians and others who believed through spiritual practice men could attain union with God, much the same way they believed Jesus and other adepts had done. Gnostics, Siddhartha Gautama, Pathagorians, Neoplatonists, Catharists. Sure there are differences among these groups, but by and large they sought awakening or union with God through personal practice. I call it Merging with the Creative Superstructure of Life.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kundalini Transformation - Part 01

My kundalini awakened 12 years ago. Since then, there have been many mind-body-and-soul changes, the most prominent of which occurred in Year 7 as the kundalini circuit opened up and consciousness began "funneling" through the Bindu Chakra at the top back of the head.

The key is not merely to awaken kundalini; it is to evolve past the karmas of the chakras mentally and emotionally to the point where consciousness is not only unobstructed but also untainted by fear. Only then can the kundalini circuit become complete, allowing the energy to funnel out of the Bindu point at the top back of the head and circulate throughout the body without cessation. I say funnel because it best describes the experience. Circulating continuously is also an apt descriptive phrase.

The key is the Bindu Chakra since it is the point of non-duality where one stops experiencing fear. What this does is shut off the Ego since the Ego feeds on fear. The Kundalini  circuit becomes complete and exists in a self-sustaining mode. The mind is bypassed because it is through the mind that we experience duality. Nutritious food is transformed into pranic fuel, powering the entire system. The diagram below is a visual depiction of the kundalini's movement in the body once the circuit is complete.

Complete Kundalini Circuit
This is the highest state of rapture in the Spiritual Realm, the ultimate feeling of being alive — Jesus Christ's Kingdom-of-Heaven idea made manifest. A far more happy state than having millions of dollars; money cannot buy the emotional rapture that that this experience triggers.

Eternal love and joy, unimaginable to anyone who has never experienced this state. The mere act of listening to music is a transcendental experience similar to being on cocaine or other upper drugs, a rapture in the heart which literally makes you clench your teeth because of how good it feels.

Once the whole circuit is open and feeding itself through food, you lose consciousness of your body. It feels like the entire body was given a shot of Novocaine, a numbing agent. You essentially rise above the physical body while still being in it. 

This is how I live now, and it began for me at Year 7 of my awakening. If I cut or bruise myself, I do not feel the pain consciously; I rise above it. Because my consciousness has risen above the physical body, I no longer feel things like I used to. 

On a mental level, I function on intuition. This process has taken years to complete; it was very painful both mentally and emotionally as I was "losing" myself. Since the past has no hold on me, I can dismiss bad memories of past events. 

If I cling to an expectation of what might happen in the future, the past prevents me from being in the Now. But that only occurs when I think in terms of the past and future, my old way of functioning before the kundalini awakening. In the Bindu Chakra, the concept of past and future dissolves into Nothingness. In Nothingness, there is its opposite which is Pure Possibility. This is the Now.

In terms of character changes, I only know how to love and speak the Truth. Lying is a foreign concept, which is great, since my conscience is clear although it does make me appear naive to those who lie on regular basis. When I am in this state I can address every life situation to the best of my ability at any given moment, I live and walk with Truth. I don’t need long term memory the same way I used to; my mind gives me what I need the moment that I need it. 

These are the natural expressions of the kundalini level of evolvement I am at now. It has been 12 years in the making, with every year bringing more changes. After a while, I noticed that memory started to eradicate and shed itself. When I close my eyes, I see past events that occurred as fleeting memories, but have no hold over me anymore. All emotional and mental pain has been dissolved and I am in a permanent state of inspiration. In-Spirit.

This lessens the hold the Ego has over me since the Ego lives only as a result of the memories that bind it. If memories have no hold on the consciousness, the Ego has nothing to cling to and the person can be in the Now 24/7 and experience life to its fullest. I have no regrets about things that pass, and take life as a fleeting image, something that exists for the moment and nothing more. A spiritual human being is meant to be in the Now.

Now I am not saying I don't fall prey to the Ego, I do; I'm not a saint and my Ego cannot be destroyed while I am alive. Since the Ego is a part of the physical body, to destroy the Ego you have to die physically. I enjoy all the same things in life as everyone else, but my concept of unconditional love, ethics and morals is heightened. And most importantly I am permanently in the "zone," in the Now.

It is my experience of being alive that is enhanced as I now live in the world of Energy. This is the world of vibration as I am now an antennae to the vibrations around me. It takes many years for the Ego to become subdued, the Higher Self exalted, and the mind, body and soul to adjust to living in the world of Energy. This is definitely not a short term process; it takes 20 years for some individuals to fully adjust. And even then the process isn't complete because consciousness continues to expand exponentially. 

My visual sight has also transformed, as I see light in all things externally, a silvery glow in all objects I perceive with my physical eyes. My visual experience of the world now can be likened to advancing from a PlayStation 2 game console which was my old Self, to Playstation 4, which is my new Self. There was a huge jump and advancement in graphics; in other words, the visual sight of the physical world around me has heightened immeasurably.

Light Inside the Head

Kundalini as a field of scientific study is relatively new, nevertheless, it is safe to conclude that the increase in kundalini awakenings could signify a dramatic turn in human evolution. Of course, I speak mostly from personal experience and observation — based on my own Kundalini journey. Nevertheless, the current interest in kundalini appears to be driven by what Gopi Krishna called the evolutionary impulse.

Some kundalini awakened individuals may not yet know what I'm talking about; others will know exactly what I am talking about. Kundalini awakenings vary both in intensity and process as well as in how they affect the evolution of consciousness. It takes many years to complete. Awakening the kundalini is but the starting point of the journey.

Planet Earth is meant to be experienced with an awakened kundalini, because reality is that the material world is alive and is Pure Energy. Even science corroborates this now, but the ancients knew this all along. And in my case I can actually see this visually every waking moment of my life which still amazes me.

The same as someone might see the world on LSD or mushrooms, I see it without any drugs. It's a permanent part of my life. There is a holographic, pure energy blueprint, a double of the existing material world existing at the same time and occupying the same space. Because they are composed of matter, human beings cannot perceive beyond matter without a kundalini transformation. Once that occurs, the vibration of the consciousness is heightened. This vision is present at all times when looking outwards at the physical world. It also occurs because of the light in the head that is present at all times. It transposes all things that are perceived visually. Hence the silvery glow in everything. This very light de-materializes objects before your eyes when you focus on something for more than a few seconds. 

Another part of this vision is the expansion of my Mind's Eye so that I actually see the outwards reality from a higher source. If I am downtown looking at the buildings around me, my vision is apt to see that same downtown as an architectural model and me standing above it. As this occurs naturally, every time I turn my attention to an external object, I literally exit out of my body and become One with that object. It takes no effort on my part; it is all completely natural. 

I can encompass everything I see visually with my physical eyes as if I am looking at it from third person perspective above it. This is because in my initial awakening, my mind's eye has expanded as the kundalini energy shot into it on its upward rise. The normal donut shaped minds eye size has been expanded to a car tire size. Everything that I see with my physical eyes now, I step out of myself the moment I am viewing something external to my physical body. And as I step out of myself I can actually see myself in third person. I see my face and my body through my mind's eye and I can control the vibration I am sending out to others by controlling my body language. I liken this to being a director and an actor at the same time and crafting the play of life itself.

You can imagine how much fun I have visiting new cities. Seeing Times Square at night for the first time was like Alice stepping into Wonderland. Travel has become one of my favorite things. It is a metaphysical experience to say the least and I feel truly blessed to be in this reality. Very often it brings me to tears and I would give anything to be able to share this very personal experience of life with others.
Times Square at Night
It's most wondrous at night because all the lights are enhanced, especially traffic lights, and the edges of all the objects appear sharper. This vision comes with a sense of wonder, same as you would feel if you were transported to a planet in a different galaxy and you viewed that world for the first time. Best way to describe how I see the external world now is the word "Intergalactic," since it is completely out of this world, existing here and now at the same time as you, the reader, are reading these words. 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)

Spiritual but Not Religious (SBNR) is the title of a current Tricycle Magazine article, which I glimpsed passing through the checkout line at my local Coop. Before reading the article, I immediately started to ruminate on its theme and thesis, thinking I'd take a whack at same on this blog, not so much as a rebuttal — I hadn't yet read the article — but as an alternate take on the topic, which most people agree has become a mantra, if not a bromide.

Its ever evolving course shows up in the following Google Ngram query as a narrowing of, and also a decline in, the usage frequency of Religion, as well as a rapprochement of the two, spearheaded by an uptick in the Spiritual.

My guess is the thesis of the Tricycle article is that interest in formal religion has decreased significantly over the past 100 years, but of all religions, Buddhism is the least “Religious” and the most “Spiritual.” Which may be true… True or false, could you imagine the Pope bragging about how spiritual, as opposed to religious, Catholicism is? I can’t; it’s not in their DNA.

And yet, I don’t know if my guess is accurate, nevertheless here’s an explanation for why people have become more “spiritual:”

1) It’s a sign of the times. It’s hip to be different; it’s hip to explore the newest. Due diligence be damned, if it’s first in the Google rankings, go for it. Choose ideas from various methods and persuasions. No rules; make your own.
2) There are so many new religions, sects, new-age persuasions. Sects, based around the worship or teachings of a single person, abound. Many pay only lip service to established religion.
3) The Internet allows access to thousands of competing ideas. Someone mentions a new trend, look it up on your iPhone. Google yourself into a new set of beliefs, after all there’s a stodgy aspect to your parents’ established religion.
4) From sex scandals to embezzlement, the frightful corruption surrounding religion has not only driven church members away from their traditional religion, it has driven them away from organized religion altogether.

Being spiritual is an inclination, like becoming a baseball fan or a lawyer. You’re drawn towards it. Heaven knows why. If someone asked you why, you’d be hard pressed to give a
cogently coherent reason. Religion is also an inclination, mixed in with a dose of environmental and social programming passed from generation to generation. The programming and societal indoctrination obliges you to pass along adherence to your offspring and even, in some families, pressure your child to become a priest or minister.

One hundred years ago, you’d stick to your parents’ religion. Today, they may not even have a religion. Whether they do or not, you’re no longer expected to stick with the religion you inherited from your parents. You’re free to follow your own inclinations.

It is reasonable to believe that a child born into a religion in this world, say in China, were he to be born in Afghanistan, would not adhere to the religion of his original environment?

As the new age progressed, SBNRs seem to be looking for more radical practices, often acting like thrill seekers. Many are now focusing on kundalini, much to the general chagrin, as things don't always turn out the way one wants. It is a solitary endeavor; there are dangers attached.

Kundalini is not an inclination; it’s a biological process, an expression of consciousness, and as such, an instrument of great power and energy. That you might be interested in activating kundalini does not guarantee you’ll be able to. Yes, there are methods, but success is never certain. The likelihood of its randomly striking someone who’s never heard of it and is totally unprepared appears to be greater than the likelihood of your willfully activating it.

Consciousness envelops and drives the universe, its biological processes and evolutionary impulses. Kundalini acts like psychic fuel, driving evolution forward.

At this point (see image below), I realized Tricycle wasn't posting the full article, only a come-on, to the their website, so I headed back to the store to purchase it:

The article, I discovered, is not one, but a series, of which I've read the first two. Here are some quotes from the introduction by William B. Parsons.
"Walt Whitman announced this shift in 1871 when he observed that the 'spirituality of religion' would issue forth only in the 'perfect uncontamination' and 'solitariness of individuality' — an utterance that signaled the move to an unchurched, nontraditional, even anti-institutional orientation towards the divine."

"Carl Jung proposed that religion was not outside us, in institutions, but inside, in the very deepest part of our unconscious. In fact, the essential truths at the heart of organized religion can be known by diving deeply into the self. Terms like 'peak experience,' 'self-realization,' and 'individuation' are all legacies of this approach."
The articles endorse my thesis that 'direct experience' is what SBNRs are searching for.

Perhaps, the writer also remembers that Carl Jung was one of the driving forces behind the rediscovery and legitimization of The Secret of the Golden Flower, one of the first books to bring the theory and practice of 'energy cultivation' and 'direct experience' to the West — a book with a clear, concise roadmap for activating kundalini.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Living in the Now - Part 2

The Kybalion is a book written in 1908 by the Three Initiates, which to this day stands as one of the greatest, if not the greatest work on Hermeticism. The reason for its power is that it elucidates the Laws of Creation, which are seven in number, and which when applied, serve as a manual to living as a spiritual being on this planet. 

Although compiled by the Three Initiates, its origin is attributed to none other than Hermes Trismegistus, the forefather of all Western spiritual, religious, philosophical, and occult thought. Still revered and respected by all seekers of truth who come across it, this esoteric book has stood the test of time. It is timeless in essence, because the Laws of Creation are timeless and eternal. 

Studying The Kybalion and applying its Laws in my daily life bestowed on me the grace of a full kundalini awakening 12 years ago. Although the wisdom I've gained has been immense, this article focuses on the specific teachings related to "Being in the Now" and mental transmutation, Laws that govern Creation, which when properly understood and applied, provide the master key to rising above the Ego. We can become demigods in relation to those who are unaware of these Laws and who are used by them instead of using them consciously.

The Kybalion is a guide on how to function in and relate to this world. Free copies are available on the internet. Like me, you'll probably read and reread it many times because it sheds light on many occult, spiritual, philosophical and religious truths, and these Seven Laws of Creation are in essence the very source and foundation of everything. 

One must grasp the concept and ultimate truth that "The All," which is the Universe, is a mental construct and it can be changed by altering thoughts and beliefs about it and ourselves. By saying mental what I mean is that our minds are the connecting link between Spirit and Matter and all of the planes of existence between the two. So what you think about determines the kind of reality you live in. 

There are many planes of existence, but four primarily for humans: the physical plane, the astral plane, the mental plane, and the spiritual plane. And by using the mind, and our willpower and imagination, we are able to traverse those planes and alter our concept of reality to an unimaginable degree.

Mental transmutation is the art and practice of changing our own moods and mental states into their opposites as well as inducing others through thought induction to do the same. We all communicate telepathically, even though we are unaware of it most of the time. Our thoughts influence others on a subconscious level. Therefore, mental transmutation is the art of consciously changing the vibrational frequency of our own thoughts and feelings as well as those of other people.

The first and most important Law, upon which all other Laws are built, is "The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental." Without this first Law, none of the other aspects of these teachings are possible since the first Law is the master key to unlocking the power of our minds and to using them to shape our reality. The first Law goes hand in hand with the second Law which states, "As Above, So Below," which means there are planes of existence occupying the same space and time that overlap one another. Consciously managing your life from the higher planes allows you to control and rule the lower planes.

The First Law
The All is Mind, the Universe is Mental
In order to ascend from the Lower to the Higher Planes, you must understand and accept that there is a Higher Self as well as an Ego, i.e., the two aspects of Self existing at the same time inside each and every one of us. And learning to consciously disassociate from the Ego gives you the power to align with the Higher Self and change your moods and states as well as those of others. 

The Ego exists in the mind only and has no place in the "Now." It relates to the world through duality and shapes our personalities. It likes and dislikes things, and it perceives reality through the lens of opposites. In The Kybalion, it is part of the Law of Polarity which states that everything in the Universe has an opposite. The opposite of the Ego is the Higher Self or the Spirit. Consciousness oscillates between the two and we decide through attention and awareness whether we are going to align with the Ego or with the Spirit at every given moment in time.

The Ego exists as a result of past conditioning and our interpretation of life events. Over time, since our birth, we interpret life events through either a positive or negative lens. This is the way we build up our Ego. By interpreting through the perspective of duality, our Ego becomes locked to the wheel of Karma and learns to unify ideas and concepts throughout life.

The Higher Self operates through love, inspiration, and exists ONLY in the Now. It is non-dual, it has no likes and dislikes, no personality, but is the part of us that is our character. This is our Spiritual Self. Therefore, to experience the Now, you will experience the Higher or "God" Self. Both Ego and Higher Self exist simultaneously and we tune into each by listening to the thoughts they whisper to us. 

The Higher Self is in the spiritual plane and, compared to the Ego, is the dominant part of the Self. The Ego exists on the mental and astral planes and cannot reach into the Spiritual plane. The Ego also filters into the physical plane since its modus operandi is self-sustenance, self-preservation, and survival of the physical body. It seeks to protect itself and individualize while the Higher Self finds unity within all things. In the physical body, both the Ego and Higher Self are found and we partake equally of each. 

Each moment in time, we are given a choice which one we will listen to and obey. The Spirit is literally our body double, our Doppelgänger, occupying the same space and time just at a different frequency so it is imperceptible to our senses. Twelve years ago, the realization of this fact induced a kundalini awakening.

We are made in the image of our Creator; we create through thoughts, through our minds. Imagination is the highest aspect of the Self. It is for all intents and purposes, God or the Creator. The difference between consciousness of man and of God is a matter of degreenothing more. The Creation and dream of God is the Universe, while being made in God's image we are given the ability to dream and imagine things. This is what makes us "as God." The way in which we both create.

"As man thinketh, so he is." This old saying is as true now as it was hundreds of years ago when it was spoken by Greek philosophers. What you think about determines what kind of reality you live in. Knowing this, you can deduce that if you can control your mind and what you think about, you can control the experience of living on this planet. Thoughts induce energy all around us, and once you learn to control your thoughts and raise your own vibrations through the use of your Willpower, you will have a degree of control over your own reality that is otherwise impossible.

There is a fourth dimension, called the dimension of vibration. The Kybalion states, "Nothing rests, everything moves. Everything vibrates." The difference between Spirit and matter is only a difference in vibration. Matter vibrates at such a low density that it is visible to the human eye, since it also is comprised of matter. But spirit vibrates at a higher frequency, invisible to the naked eye, but very present and real. We experience it through the sixth sense the Mind's Eye.

A kundalini awakening is an awakening to this dimension of vibration. The dimension of vibration is the dimension of energy. Apply this concept now to thoughts and you will have the master key to controlling your vibration frequency. Using your Willpower, you can control the vibration of your thoughts and thoughts of others. To change your vibration and your emotion, you have to apply your Fire/Spirit aspect and focus your attention. It works by meditating or holding your attention consciously on an idea or archetype in order to affect the emotional aspect of Self and change it. Emotion is passive; it receives impulses from Willpower, or by lack of Willpower. It can be transmuted by other people's Willpower. 

If you are not consciously in charge of your reality, other people are. This is why the strong people of the world are stubborn and only listen to themselves. Because to do otherwise is to put your reality into other people's hands. These Laws are kept secret by the people in power because if the truth was out about how reality is shaped, those in power would no longer have any power over others. Being able to apply the Law of Vibration is the scepter of power for complete control over your life. Let those with ears of understanding hear this ancient wisdom. This is mental transmutation. And it is as real as your and my flesh and blood. All one has to do is apply the Laws consciously and with intent.

The Kybalion states, "To change your mood or mental state, change your vibration." Every thought has an opposite. Love has hate. Up has down. Truth has lies. Fear has courage. And so on. And since we live in a world of duality, we can change all emotions into their opposites. Now love cannot be changed to courage. And fear cannot be changed to lies. One can only change emotions into their own opposites. Hence, hate can be changed to love. Fear to courage. Weakness to strength. And so on.

Yin Yang
A fearful person can spend all of his life overshadowed by fear and he will not achieve anything. Since focusing on one thing means amplifying it in the mind, it doesn’t matter if you are thinking, "Don’t focus on fear, don't focus on fear." You are still thinking about fear.

But if you focus on its opposite, and hold your attention on courage for a time, you will raise your fearful vibrations into courage, and prevail. But to accomplish this successfully, you must first have an idea of how to enter the "Now" since the "Now" is the place of pure potential where mental transmutation becomes possible.

The Willpower is the Fire element in us. It is the Spirit Self. By applying Willpower to accomplish anything, you are being in touch with your Spirit. The Spirit works through Fire which in turn affects the Water element. The Water element is the memory through which the Ego is formed. It belongs to the past and plans the future, as are all operations which include the Ego. Memory is the water element, it is changeable and unfixed. And it is moved by the Moon since the Moon is the regulator of emotions. This is Hermeticism — understanding of the Universe in a logical and practical way. Hermetic Science is the true science of who we are. It is the Source from which all religion originated. 

Spirit and Fire can always act on Water and Water can drown out Fire, but cannot touch Spirit. In other words, the Ego cannot affect your Spirit, but if you associate only with the Ego, you will forget you even have a Spirit. Willpower is the conscious application of the Spirit through the Fire element. So when we talk about Willpower, it means applying our Spirit and Fire element to change our Water element, our impression of who we think we are, and the reality around us. Fire is regulated and controlled by the Sun. It is light, it is Spirit. It is the First Source, the Father, as the Moon is the Second Source, and the Mother. But these opposites need one another to exist. We, humans, are in the middle of it all.

There is a gap between thoughts and since the Ego is always active and always talking. Quieting the Ego means filling this gap. This can be done willfully because the principle of Willpower is higher in degree than automatic chatter of the Ego. The mind is like a muscle, and the more you work on it, the stronger it gets and it becomes easier to induce silence at will.

The Home of the Awakened Mind

In this gap between thoughts, exists the Now a rapturous state in which to lose yourself for a time, until you are once again conscious of the Ego's thoughts. Depending on how strong your Willpower is, this may last a short or long while. The key is awareness and attention. Focus your attention on silencing the mind which, in turn, raises your awareness. In the Now, you can alter your reality through mental transmutation and realize your highest potential since the Now is a place of pure unlimited potential where anything becomes possible.

This means that if you wanted to become an artist, a musician, or a famous actor or politician, it is a very real possibility. But you must first forget who you think you are, your limitations, and learn to access the "Now" so that you can squeeze the juice of pure potential from it and remake yourself. You must believe this is possible, because it is. Your power of belief is the springboard to making it real. If these are just mere words for you, you will accomplish nothing. Such is The Kybalion. It is "strong meat for men," while the masses are fed "milk for babes." Rule or be ruled. 

This is the Matrix. And you are a hero of your own story, although you probably don't know it yet. You are given the ability to dream as well as the power to accomplish those dreams. But if you listen to the Ego that tells you you cannot do something then you will be right, you cannot. If you listen to the Spirit that tells you you can be anything you want to be, again you will be right. The choice is always yours. Such is the Law.