Thursday, June 4, 2015

This Is SO Silly

As concerns Kundalini, I'm a big fan of making a common front. Not that all parties have to agree on all things Kundalini, it's just that when people experience something as life-changing as Kundalini, you'd expect it would lead to a tremendous scientific breakthrough. And it probably will...someday.

Rage against the Machine
Charles Chaplin - Modern Times (1936)
In the meantime, it would be nice if the individuals involved in promoting and evangelizing, researching and teaching, writing and speaking about Kundalini could find a way to collaborate, share, cooperate, and mutually support one another. After all:
"’s all about transformation through activating human energy potentials and yet…and yet, proprietary instincts keep us apart. We share this one goal — transformation via the energy-cultivation properties of Kundalini — and yet we don’t trust each other. Our baser instincts separate us, classify us, make us suspicious of one another and protective of the meager territories we stake out for ourselves. It's like the 49ers of old, rushing into the gold fields to stake a claim, spending more time defending a claim than mining its precious treasure.
"There are many systems out there. It’s hard to keep score in this new age of ours. The only thing that matters — it’s not our instincts or our pride — are the systems that work and the systems that don’t work."
Sacred Cow Terminology Obscures Real Meaning - JJ Semple
The Kundalini Consortium, Wednesday, March 20, 2013
For example, in the past I've been asked to place links from our sites to other Kundalini websites, which I'm more than willing to do, but...when I ask for a link to one of our sites in return, I'm met with a vacuous refusal — a response that completely floors me.

Think about it, soliciting a favor and then refusing to reciprocate is saying, My content is somehow more worthy than yours; I have the right to judge you, but you don't have the right to judge me. What is the source of this kind of thinking? It certainly isn't Kundalini. Kundalini has broadened my horizons, not diminished them. Most of the Kundalini people I know say the same thing: Kundalini lightens as well as enlightens, as in lightening the Being, making it more rarefied and the mind more flexible.

Illustrating collaboration

You may disagree with me and my research on Kundalini, and that's fine; I probably disagree with some of the ideas you propose, but I'm more than willing to exchange links between our respective sites. If your site meets the basic standards of quality, we'll link to it.

Moreover, I'm open to discussion and finding common ground. After all, when a phenomenon meets as much outside resistance as Kundalini does, forming a common front makes a lot of sense. Intolerance is not only silly; it's suicidal. A common front makes people stand up and take notice, which leads to peer review and serious outside study.

Just about everyone I know has a different take on Kundalini. The Trigger and Effects they experienced were also different. But those differences don't mean we can't listen to or support each other, especially since, where Kundalini is today has more to do with science — it's biology, in case you didn't know it — than with religious doctrines.

Recently, we included a post by Cristian Muresanu, which provoked so much outrage that it was deleted from certain FB pages after I posted it there as an alternate approach to Kundalini. When queried, the deleter told me something like, "I know all I need to know about Kundalini."

That's a real scientific approach. A manifestation of clear thinking and openmidedness.

What I did when first approached by Cristian was to listen to him and try to place his experience in context with what I know to be true and what I have experienced. What struck me was the similarity of many symptoms and his ability to identify inner sensations and movements, even though he used a completely different name for his experience. That's right, he doesn't inflexibly refer to his experience as Kundalini; he uses the term Transphysical Energy Activation. And so what? It's not the term that's important; it's the experience.

As for the pictures of the spoons and the cellphone sticking to his head in his post, yes, you can become outraged, or you can take a scientific approach, asking Cristian to duplicate his experiment in front of witnesses, after first assuring all the elements are legit. And you can video it.

Anything but outrage! In fact, less outrage and less compartmentalization, and more tolerance, more acceptance. An energetic opening, a meditative lucidity, kind of like what Osho wrote:
"So be concerned with meditation and not with kundalini. And when you are aware, things will begin to happen in you. For the first time you will become aware of an inner world that is greater, vaster, more extensive than the universe; energies unknown, completely unknown, will begin to flow in you. Phenomena never heard of, never imagined or dreamed of, will begin to happen. But with each person they differ."


  1. Thank you very much JJ for this new post. The things you described are very accurate. The same problems I met here in my country and on our romanian websites, romanian blogs and facebook. This is why I never published a romanian version of the stories I published on your blog, because the critisism would have been even worse. We have a very powerful current of skeptics here in Romania who are against everything which had not been 100% demonstrated and published on top journals and they are using such a bad language that make the reader feel sick at the stomach. I could not publish those photos neither in my original romanian book, not in the UHV english version, because this is considered an unscientific phenomenon. But what most people don't know is the fact they all have enough energy to create this weak biomegnetism, but just they never tried to see if they could focus a little bit. I had recently met a russian researcher, living in Texas for many years... and he has his own science department and private clinic. It is amazing what he had accomplished as a neurologist. He had recently published a paper which shows that we humans can do photosynthesis through melanine. When he published that amazing paper on his academia account, the tags used included mitochondria... The academia has a feature which notified both of us that papers showing the same tag had been published. This is how I met professor Aliev... and he was notified about my own mitochondria paper. And he had an e-mail... I immediately wrote and in less then 5 minutes he replied. He now promised me that we'll do 4 hours of interview and talk more about each other's research. Needless to say he was amazed about my approach onto the mitochondria theory and I was amazed by his very unusual discovery. This is the original paper of professor Aliev and here is my interpretation of mitochondrial healing mechanism I have great hope and expectations in starting a good cooperation with professor Aliev and also to get in contact with his many chinese top researchers, because now, China is going to be the leading power in science and research. I was told by a professor that the entire one year funds for all grants, all science area, of NSF (National Science Foundation) in USA, the chinese are spending on just one medical area: neurology. So I am gaining more hope that one day I'll be able to show evidence of how kundalini works. I'll know more AFTER the meeting with professor Aliev.

  2. I forgot to mention that I decided to leave all the other kundalini blogs and facebook groups and therefore I deleted my posts because comments were completely out of topic and ... on Facebook for example, all what they wanted to know was who was my guru and the traditional path of a certain authentic school and I replied that I don't have any guru and I did not followed any real authentic school... but of course I did followed some yoga classes without succes, or at least ... it didn't worked well for me. The other blog that I left and I deleted my posts have something to do with a kind of kundalini database... but when they asked me as volunteer all they wanted was me to participate at a live talk-meeting on the topic "Creationism vs Evolutionism"... and this is nothing to do with kundalini and the topic itself will never ever have an end because it is the same with "Religion versus Science" which will never have a closure. These are just useless disputes and argues in which I have no interes whatsowever... so I left the groups.