Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sexuality and Kundalini

In Gopi Krishna's book, The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius, what do you think the word biological refers to? No tongue twister, trick question here: the answer clearly is SEX, or the repurposing of latent energy for evolutionary advancement within the space of a single lifetime.
"It is sufficient to mention here that during the whole course of this (kundalini) transformation, in addition to the blood and other fuels present in the body, every particle of powerful reproductive fluid in the system is sucked up through the spinal canal to irrigate and feed the various nerve junctions and the brain. This entirely biological operation is carried out in such an unmistakable way that even a novice in physiology cannot fail to notice it. The semen in men is now produced in such abundance that a tiny stream rises day and night through the spine into the cranium to provide the richest and the purest food for the now heavily overworked brain cells. In women, the sexual energy and secretions involved in erotics are used as the fuel. This is a perfect example of the forethought and ingenuity of nature to keep the body equipped with all the necessities to make the completion of the evolutionary process, normally needing eons to accomplish, possible in the short span of one life."
   ~ Gopi Krishna – The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius
Botticelli's Venus American-Style — 2011 Gay & Lesbian Parade (PFLAG), Portland, OR

Everyday, this information is becoming both accessible and understood by more and more people, whether it's through exposure to books like Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time or Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man or just by talking or exchanging information on web forums. People are beginning to understand this information and act on it. Sublimation, as a process for using sexual energy to awaken Kundalini, is ubiquitously up for grabs. There are almost as many techniques as practitioners.

If some fail to arouse Kundalini, it's probably due to the issue of adapting a particular technique to a particular individual. Or perhaps it's Karmic — the individual isn't ready. One lifetime too few perhaps. Or another technique that might work is out of reach.

I get questions pertaining to sexual pathology — involuntary ejaculation, hormonal irregularities, inability to consummate, low semen count, erectile dysfunction — questions from readers considering Kundalini as a possible means for overcoming their condition. Every type of sexual irregularity imaginable. From sexually active men and women, to gays, to the sexually inactive.

Yes, what about gays? Are they somatically or metabolically unable to activate Kundalini? With so little discussion on this issue, it's important to reread Gopi Krishna's passage above. Nowhere does he say that certain groups or individuals are excluded from accomplishing this process. In fact, this process isn't about sexual energy flowing out; it's about conserving sexual energy, about holding it in, redirecting it. And that's a big challenge right there because it supposes that interested parties — especially males — are going to refrain from ejaculation because it interferes with the activation process. It's a big hurdle. Many are infatuated with Kundalini, but don't want to abstain from sex.

It's understandable that individuals who consider themselves "sexually irregular," either over- or under-sexed, or otherwise impaired, should regard Kundalini as a possible solution. And while no group or person is excluded, some persons may need clinical treatment for the irregularities they cite.

However, when I'm asked if Kundalini is a cure for such and such irregularity, there's little I can say. Fact is, I don't know. If I were to guess, I would say it behooves the individual to investigate his/her condition first. Think about treatment. See a pathologist. After all, if Kundalini is only being considered as a remedy for some condition, it might indicate that the person is not truly purposed for the challenge ahead, not suited to the life style Kundalini imposes. You have to consider all sides of the issue. The Backward-Flowing Method: The Secret of Life and Death explores the challenges of living with Kundalini American-Style.


  1. Excellent topic. Not only does the sexual process become a subordinate of the kundalini, feeding the energy with seminal fluid as fuel, The libido goes through some wild swings. Kundalini energy is the repurposiing of the seminal liquid to create a better body. It is the sexual energy going in hyperdrive. Initially this may lead to an encrease in libido but it may then swing to the other end of the spectrum and cause a total loss of interest in the act, eventually stabilizing to a medium state.

  2. Yes, it produces somatic, as well as psychological changes, exactly like the ups and downs you describe. I've been living with those ups and downs for 40 years.

    That's why I urge individuals who speak about raising Kundalini to consider the aftermath. Do they have the psychological fortitude to live with such drastic changes in sexual comportment? I had no idea it would have that effect. But I had never heard of Kundalini before awakening it.

    Today's seekers have lots of information to digest, unfortunately some of it is unproductive.