Monday, December 31, 2012

The Energy Continuum

I don't know if the phrase Energy Continuum originated with me; I don't care. What I do know is it's the closest I can come to expressing what I perceive to be the reality of what can only be termed consciousness that extends beyond the physical, material dimension we like to believe is all there is. I use it because it applies to my observations and experience. It's what I have observed since my Kundalini activation provided me access to the metaphysical dimension, allowing me not only to see beyond the material world, but also into the inner workings of a metaphysical subsystem within my own body.

At present, my accounts cannot be disproved or proven by the scientific community, only discounted as anecdotal. The fact that thousands of kundalini adepts and near death experiencers (NDE) have witnessed and merged with the Energy Continuum holds no sway with scientists. That's fine. Nevertheless, these accounts, though anecdotal, are the first wave in what will ultimately become a tidal wave of scientific exploration on the Energy Continuum, and on Consciousness with a capital C.

Roses represent the awakening Kundalini in the energy continuum
Kundalini Is Not A Bed Of Roses!

Discounting the existence of the Energy Continuum is actually silly. Why? Because so much energy is spent by scientists/atheists and their religionist counterparts in proving/disproving the God/No God theories. Theories that cannot be proven or disproved.

As stated previously, there is no evidence for, or against, either of the two positions: God or No God. None. But there is evidence, albeit anecdotal, for the Energy Continuum.

This should actually please the respective sides of the God/No God argument. Sadly, it doesn't. They've been at it so long, they can't foresee an end to the argument, even though if they settled for what we do know, thanks to mountains of first person Kundalini and NDE accounts, they might drop all the posturing about a notion (God or No God) which, at this time, is neither provable nor disprovable. Drop it and do what? you ask. How about trying to piece together the various accounts of the Energy Continuum and extended Consciousness!

What kind of accounts? We're talking about out-of-body, kundalini meditation, Near Death, astral travel, kundalini experience, Energy Healing, consciousness, and psychic prescience. I'm sure I've left someone or something out. I'm sorry. But there are so many firsthand accounts, metaphysics (beyond the physical) has got to be more than Coincidence, more than Synchronicity. It has to have some foundation, or one out of four people are crazy. I'm not crazy. I have seen the other side and it is continuous (as in everlasting) and full of energy (as in conscious energy). Others — too many to ignore — have also witnessed or become immersed in the Energy Continuum, each in his/her own individual way. Each has his/her story to tell. Why not join forces to study these experiences?

Yes, there is resistance. It comes in many forms, people who say things like:

  • It's all in you mind.
  • There's no proof.
  • Science does not accept anecdotal evidence.
  • Death is like the crash of a motherboard.
  • It's not a question of belief; it's a question of faith.
  • There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers.

Why should this discussion matter to someone pursuing self-realization or metaphysical truth? Why should you care if no one believes in your experience? Is it worth trying to convince closed minds to open and to remain open?

Think about it. When you choose the path of faith and belief, you give up your power. You become subservient to the argument you support; you become subservient to someone else's opinions; you become subservient to polemics, useless discussion of something that cannot and does not affect your life, your health, your conscious refinement, or your being. What do I mean?

If you are truly interested in self-realization, you will forget polemics; you will concentrate on practice, secure in the knowledge that there is an Energy Continuum. Why should you take my word for it? You shouldn't, but the fact that you are reading these words means that something has piqued your interest in the subject. Most likely it wasn't a discussion in a bar about the non-existence of God or a sermon in church about the existence of God; it was an actual physical sensation or experience. Something inexplicable happened in your life: a feeling of weakness followed by a renewal of strength, a moment when you felt great clarity, the ability to heal yourself and others, an instant of energy surging up your spine, an out-of-body experience, clairvoyance, some unusual feat of dexterity, a precognitive vision, the capability to control heart rate or body temperature, extraordinary somatic awareness, scientific or artistic inspiration, and so on. In short, a metanormal experience.

What mattered most to you was the certainty that your sensation or experience was real, not a figment. So what do you do when someone attributes your sensation or experience to mania, madness, mental illness or aberration? What can you learn from this sort of criticism? Simply, that it's better not to talk with close-minded people. You can't get anywhere by arguing. So don't. Redouble your efforts and continue to practice, knowing that many are doing the same. They may not be using the same techniques or the same method. Respect that, knowing that they were probably "picqued" by some metanormal experience in much the same way you were.

There's an energy revolution on this planet. I'm not talking about the energy we extract from the ground. This revolution is taking place in the bodies and souls of men and women. This is the millennium of the Energy Continuum, man's last greatest frontier, if we are to survive on this planet and in this universe. We must find a way to master the negative aspects of our Beings, to change our consciousness as we move forward in a complex, unforgiving, technological world.


  1. Hi semple, the names Jake. I came across your site today just browsing for some knowledge on vibration. Glad I found your site :-) your on the money with your idea about the energy continuum, of course you already knew this. I actually wrote a post about it earlier today. However I spoke of it in terms of the domain of the soul. I done some contemplating on it the other day and came about a nice example using a table. The way I see it is that its kind of superimposed on the physical yet they are both the same one thing. The physical is created when vibrations act on it. Imagine a table the top the physical the bottom the energy continuum. We know its there but we can't see it. It is connected by a vertical axis seen by the sides of the table. Now pour some iron filings on top. This is matter in vibration. Now we use a magnet from underneath and we see a clump of particles attracted to this magnet. I likened the clump to our physical and light bodies which are both a reflection of the soul, which is the magnet.
    True astral projection is done on the physical real time plane. I have yet to determine what part of the body actually leaves the body. As I have yet to attain this ability but do know how to determine what part does. There is the light body which is made up of biophotons. However I can't see this leaving as you bodily functions depend on this and we know the physical body doesn't go anywhere.
    There is a man named Buryl Payne who discovered a field around the body that behaved magnetic but is not magnetic. I believe this may be part of the light body but don't know. An initial test to see if this magnetic part leaves can be done with a biofield meter(which is easily built) and a video camera. This requires someone who on will can project their consciousness (maybe you can?). The other experiment requires some expensive equipment to monitor biophoton emissions.
    I read a series of books which really set me on the path to discovery which I tell everyone to read if they want to discover the truth in who we are. This series is called "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". I highly recommend them. They have changed my paradigm of the evolution of man. I truly believe we have regressed over the millennia. I call it de-evolution. And its time for re-evolution :-P :-)

    Peace brother

  2. Thanks, Jake. Hope you're able to continue your research.