Monday, December 3, 2012

Stop being a Robot

One of the most frequently asked questions to me is "What exactly does the kundalini do to you?" How does one change? Can those changes be experienced by those that don't currently have an awakened Kundalini? The answers to those questions are complex. It changes you in ways that can't easily be summed up and each experience is different. "Your results may vary" as they say in the commercials.

Having said that, to give a general overview, the most important change that occurs is the loss of your conditioned self. What does that mean exactly? Since birth, each of us is placed in an environment. Regardless of where you grow up, you are part of an established social order. Our minds pick up cues from those that we see around us. When I see my four-year-old daughter, so eager to imitate and get the pat on the back from her parents, doing her best to be like mommy, I see this dynamic played out in real life. Of course, this is the natural learning curve and we all need to go through it.  We learn language, social skills, and find our way in life using this compass. However, a lot of the subliminal messages we pick up in today's society keep us in a limited, programmed state of mind. Certain dos and don'ts, unwritten laws, hierarchies that rule this world are inculcated in us that keep us from reaching our true potential.

For example, a child, when he picks up a little guitar and proclaims, "I'm gonna be a rock star," we all laugh and join in the little role-play. Indulgent parents may even get the kid some lessons and encourage him or her to go for it. Most often though, the "practical" side wins out and the kid is made to "see the light and "be real." Years and years of sibling rivalries, petty jealousies, others passing negative judgment on your dreams and the insistence that you conform to a certain idea of "normal" becomes part of our lives. This does not mean that all parenting is bad and will leave the child traumatized. Good parenting is like planting a sapling and allowing it to grow to a large tree, giving it the right amount of water, fertilizer and protecting it from being destroyed when it is at it's most vulnerable. Bad parenting is making a bonsai miniature out of a giant redwood by pruning the branches and cutting off the roots. The essence of the tree exists, but in a much more unnatural state. It is the triumph of the ego and control over a living being, subjugating the tree or the child to one's demands. This has disastrous consequences to the fragile psyche of the child.

We are the product of messages bombarded from every direction, from commercials, fashion trends, the 'how it is supposed to be' of life. Most people accept this as the only reality and never question the validity of the underlying assumptions. Commercials work because of repitition. Repeat the same message over and over and program the viewer to follow it blindly. I have seen some parents program their children to 'like' a certain field of study by constant repitition regardless of whether the kid likes to be a doctor or not. The threat of social ostracism, of 'letting down' your family and of being different hangs on our heads like an anvil that might crush us at any moment.

A kundalini awakening removes all of the conditioning and hence, the limited self that lives that limited life. It reminds me of the story of the baby elephant that is tied to a post by a metal chain. It has limited mobility. As the animal grows older, it can move around but in a small circle. Once the post is removed, the elephant does not escape. Years of training has programmed it to believe that it can only move in that small circle. We are like that elephant. We have been trained to be and act limited and after many years, we repeat that pattern, and join in programming others, never believing that we are free and that the social limitations are only in our minds. When that paradigm changes, we see the world in a new light.

Kundalini removes the old paradigm from the very roots.  As the energy moves through your spine and brain, it removes blockages caused by old trauma. Usually it is some event in your life that reminds you of something shameful, when everyone laughed at you and ridiculed you for something you did, a moment when you failed to please a parent or some such event that triggered a limitation in your being that you now repeat over and over without even realizing or having a vivid memory of the past incident. Kundalini brings all those events, anything that gets in the way of being your real self, to the surface and then discards those blockages.

This is a long and very traumatic process, which, once completed, leaves a clear, cleansed psyche which is a much stronger self, a new and improved version of yourself, sans baggage and with no more automated responses. I am free to think for myself in this moment without having to think back to the past or to make sure my actions meet the approval of my mother's voice in my head. The voice is gone and so is the platform that allows the voice to have any say in my current actions. It is a blissful feeling. Looking at the world and the programmed robots desperately trying to control and program others is an amusing and disturbing sight, seen from your new perspective.

Drop conditioning. Be in the moment. Remove past trauma. Be free.

This can be achieved by anyone and the methods are freely available to us all. Meditation is the key to cleansing the psyche.  Mindful awareness of our actions helps us identify an automated pattern and change our responses. Knowing that each action is a choice and mindfully weighing the response before acting helps us rid ourselves of the programmed habits that keep us bound to our old selves. Positive affirmations of our chosen goals allow us to program the emptied mind with suggestions of our choice rather than let society fill it up with it's edicts. Avoiding negative people, avoiding commercials, viewing less TV, learning new skills, meeting new people, keeping an open mind and not becoming rigid in our world-view. These are a few things anyone can do. We store a lot in our psyche. It is our duty towards ourselves, for our good health and well being to make sure that mind is balanced and aligned towards our best interests.

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