Monday, December 17, 2012

The Divine Vibration

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nikola Tesla
What is the nature of reality? Albert Einstein, that wise sage, once remarked, "Nothing happens until something moves." This is quite literally true. Nothingness is the pure potentiality, the unborn absolute in it's un-manifest form. When vibration happens, the nothingness gives birth to all that is. Call it the big bang theory or 'yoga spandakarika' The theory of spanda (pulsation or vibration in Sanskrit) or string theory. "There was the word and God said, let there be light". This primal sound or vibration, called Aum, Amen, Ameen by different religions is the basis of all creation. Whether we approach this reality through scientific thought or through the inner realization in samadhi, this is the absolute reality underlying all existence.

Existence, the framework based on time-space we experience as finite mortal beings is a very very small part of the infinite unchanging never-born reality that transcends such classifications. The nature of reality. This is a deep subject and there are no easy answers. Can us mere mortals even begin to fathom the universe in it's vastness? Cognitively, we can only grasp at straws. With the experience of kundalini and the deep 'samadhi' or union with the absolute, we can become one with it and experience the 'I AM'.

All that we experience is a result of vibration. Even in an empty room, the molecules and atoms that make up the room and the air within are pulsating at fast speeds. What we call solid material is neither. Physics tells us that the deeper we look, the more difficult it becomes to find a solid particle. Everything is broken down into smaller particles and under it all are just different forms of energy, vibrating strings of energy that make up the mass we experience in the world around us. Reality is not so real. We are made up vibrating energy experiencing other forms of energy around us through our 5 senses.

My kundalini awakening was a 'spontaneous' one. Meaning, I was not consciously aware that I was seeking this blessing but certain guiding forces led me to practices such as yoga and meditation a few weeks before this event occurred. I was leading a 'normal' existence. 9 to 5 job, no interest in spirituality, but a fascination with music (of the Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton variety). The weeks before my awakening, I became interested in Indian classical music. The simplest form of vibration that we all know is music. When a musician strikes a string on a guitar, the string vibrates and we hear a sound. When we organize those vibrations in a composition with rhythm and a beat, we create music. Indian classical music, I later found out, had its origins in the meditative practices of adepts familiar with kundalini energy and the formulation of 'ragas' or compositions based on various scales were specifically formulated for meditation and through it, the awakening and smooth passage of K energy through the chakras (propellers of energy) and nadis or meridians as described in the acupuncture system that are canals that move the energy through the body. Each chakra corresponds to a certain musical note and the ragas are ascending and descending vibratory activating mechanisms that can be used to balance the flow of this energy.

As described before, I was being drawn to this music and I listened to it more and more. In this state of musical ecstasy, listening to the ragas, being aware of the cyclical nature of sound, the peak and trough that make up a wave, but in an intimate way that is not merely 'listening' to the sound but becoming it, one day, at the culmination of the sexual act with my wife, I heard a cracking noise at the base of my spine. For some reason, the word kundalini flashed in my head right away. Having grown up in a religious Indian background, I was aware of the concept even though I had no active interest in the phenomenon up to that point. I laughed off the idea and thought to myself "Yeah, right. That's a fairy tale" and thought nothing of it. I was curious about the crackling sound and the feeling of energy rushing up to my head. Very mysterious and uplifting. Not scary but definitely weird. A sensation I had never experienced before.

As i went out of the room, I felt different. Like I was aware of every little thing that was happening around me. 'Hyper-awareness' is the best word to describe it. There was water gushing out of the kitchen sink and I was aware of each rivulet and how each stream created a complex vibration as it mixed with the other, creating the focused jet of water. Water coming out of a tap. Something we see every day. But at that moment, it was a profound realization. "I understand spin resonance," I said to my wife. A concept from chemistry I had learned without really 'getting it.' Well here I stood, almost hearing each water molecule bounce against another, feeling this resonance. My wife stood there bewildered, not knowing what to say. She could sense something very different about me. I 'saw' (definitely not the right term but the only one I've got) everything as vibrations. The music, the streams of water, the glimmering light from the bulb above me.

That night began a journey down the rabbit hole that continues to this very day. It took me another 2-3 months to confirm that this indeed was a kundalini awakening, but the evidence was piling up high each moment. My body started behaving like it was possessed, contorting into involuntary 'kriyas'. Yogic positions that the body was forcing itself into. I decided to remain skeptical and make sure that this was what it seemed to be, but the energy started moving up and down my spine and became a regular feature of each waking moment. I read up on each and every book I could lay my hands on, researched every website, book and first hand account I could get my hands on. It was a fascinating journey and one that showed up unannounced at my doorstep saying, "Here I am. Deal with me."


  1. Ties in with The Secret of The Golden Flower theme concerning: "Action through non-action." Which I take to mean that the state of absolute stillness one achieves through meditation triggers the enormous Kundalini energy.

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