Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating a Balanced State of Mind Through Breath Control

The human brain is capable of creative thought. This is the greatest gift we have received as a result of expanding consciousness over the entire span of human evolution. No other species can create beyond the basic needs of survival and shelter. JJ Semple and I have touched on the subject of human evolution as it relates to expanding consciousness. As JJ mentioned earlier, it is not something that can be understood intellectually. The difference between a theologian and a mystic (someone that has experienced expanded consciousness) is immense.

In my own case, I received two gifts as a result of the awakening. One was the ability to understand music at a deep visceral level. It helped that the energy would respond to the music, causing my body to sway with it. That was just part of the story, however. Music is vibration and it is deeply embedded in our psyche. I have always been a huge fan of music, but was never a musician or singer myself. Turns out, this was just a limitation created by the left-brain dominated mind I lived with for years.

Long road ahead
After the Kundalini process began, I had an urge to learn music formally. It was an amazing experience. My newly awakened mind soaked up everything like a sponge. I went from not knowing how to sing to being an able singer in a matter of weeks.

The other gift I received was photography. Not just being able to handle a camera well, but being able to see better, knowing how to be creative and compose great images. Being able to see things in an everyday mundane reality and making something visually appealing out of them. I attribute all of these changes to the awakened energy working on my psyche and loosening the vise-like grip previously wielded by the logical left-brain. These abilities were within me, but the parts of the brain that governed them were inactive and I didn't realize I could activate them. It was as if they didn't exist.

Ducks under the dock
As Margaret Dempsey mentioned in her recent post, the ability to feel, to imagine and have an artistic frame of mind is the domain of the right brain. The left brain uses logic, but more importantly, I found it also keeps us tied to a rational world. We definitely need rationality and order in our world. There would be no scientific progress or order in the world otherwise. Too much of it can create an imbalance. A rigid and constrained world that lacks imagination and stifles the creative impulse.

Left-brain dominance predominates today: doing a job, making a living, leaving the creation of beauty to others, living a dreary existence. It would suck if that was all we had to look forward to for all time. But times are changing — the worldwide explosion of right-brain activity has ushered in a new wave of creativity. For the moment, yes, we live in a world that trains us to be cogs in a wheel. Left-brain activity is rewarded. But this imbalance is being corrected; it's as if Evolution is telling us: "If you won't stop killing and wasting, I'll have step in and stop it for you. I know, I'll make creativity a prerequisite for survival! That will restore the balance that left-brain dominance has disturbed." 

Guiding lights
During the early stages of my process, I found it very helpful to do alternate nostril breathing to balance the two hemispheres of the brain. The breath is the single most important factor in human existence. We cannot survive beyond a few short minutes when we suffocate. Yogic breathing or pranayama is a key element in the practices associated with raising the kundalini. One simple exercise we can practice in our daily lives is alternate nostril breathing, also known as anulom-vilom.

When the mind is cluttered with thoughts, its incessant chatter creating a ruckus inside us, it can be almost impossible to focus on day-to-day tasks, let alone on meditation. A quick way to bring the unruly mind to rest is through forceful breathing, focussing on expelling the breath through the mouth. Let the inhalation take care of itself. Focus on emptying the lungs of all air with strong, forceful exhalations. Breathe out 5 to 10 times until the stomach is drawn in and all air is expelled. Breathe in through the nose.

Using alternate nostril breathing with this forceful exhalation technique allows you to clear the mind and balance the left and right brain.

After emptying the lungs, cover the left nostril and breathe in through the right nostril. Slow, deep breath drawn into the diaphragm. Let the belly expand. Then cover the right nostril and let out the air through the left nostril. Slow, gentle exhale. Then breathe in through the left nostril and let it out through the right. Repeat this process for 5 to 10 breaths through each nostril.

This exercise helps balance the two brain hemispheres. It returns the mind to a state of calm. It is ideal preparation for a meditation session. It has helped me during times of panic or intense fear, and helps me deal with blocked chakras more effectively. This page provides more detail.


  1. Brilliant post Vivek it's so exciting to see the right brain finally being acknowledged and you have distinguished it with such precision and clarity. You mention about the creativity associated with the right brain, just yesterday I got an email from someone else writing about the right brain who calls herself a 'genius catalyst'!

  2. Thanks Margaret. It truly is a wonderful feeling to discover one's latent abilities and what you are truly capable of once the right-brain abilities are unlocked. This is just th beginning. I discover more each day. genius catalyst is a good name. ties in with the 'black monolith' theme from our previous posts :)