Thursday, March 28, 2013

Neuro-Energetic Stimulation: Tweaking the Vibrational Mix

In a previous post, Vivek Govekar explored the role of cosmological role of vibration, when he affirmed the following, "What is the nature of reality? Albert Einstein, that wise sage, once remarked, 'Nothing happens until something moves.' This is quite literally true. Nothingness is the pure potentiality, the unborn absolute in it's un-manifest form. When vibration happens, the nothingness gives birth to all that is."

This reality is the basis for all physical science and metaphysical exploration, ancient and contemporary. It covers nature, our bodies — all of existence, the energy continuum.

Let's take a look at some recent man-made discoveries in neuro-energetic stimulation including, vibrational stimulation devices, muscle activation and training techniques, Rife devices, neuromuscular alignment, oxygen intake enhancement, Earthing, and supplements have on the body and Being.

Since I activated Kundalini, I have been able to feel the effects of supplements and neuro-energetic devices. The ones that are authentic immediately shift my Kundalini motor into high gear, allowing me to distinguish between an adverse reaction and a positive one.

For instance, the Scalar Wave Laser, a device a friend loaned me, instantly stimulated my Kundalini. Same goes for Earthing equipment, the difference being that the Scalar Wave Lasar focuses energy to match the vibrational frequency of a designated body organ while earthing simply grounds the body to Earth's electro-magnetic field, allowing the forces of nature to tune the body. In both cases, the body's vibrational output is "tuned" by the equipment. Vibration picking up on the frequency of other vibrations.

I cite these as examples of the cause and effect relationship these devices have with the human body.

Scalar Wave Laser
I attended a training session with the inventor of the Scalar Wave Lasar, whose workings basically boil down to setting it to a particular vibrational frequency — one to which a specific organ is attuned — in order to benignly stimulate and/or positively affect said organ.

That is the premise. During the session, all of the attendees were given a laser device to experiment with. The devices have very sophisticated program settings, allowing the user to "tune" areas and/or organs. I felt the effects immediately and then during the following week, as I experimented further, I continued to feel it working. The question is: Working on What? Since I was not sick, I can't say that it cured or maintained any particular part of me.

During the breaks in the training session, I asked the participants if they could feel the actual energy. No one was able to say he/she "felt" anything, but many said the device relieved a given symptom. I wanted to find out whether they could detect the energy as I could, and although my survey was not scientific, I concluded that while the device may have stimulated energy in others as it did in me, they were unable to feel it. For them, it worked, but only behind the scenes, in the background, like some illicit computer program that transfers fractions of cents in thousands of customer accounts to an offshore account. If you're the beneficiary, you wake up one morning and you're rich!

I was especially impressed one evening during my reclining meditation. This is the moment the Kundalini revs up, sending enormous amounts of sublimated energy up the spine to my brain, which in turn starts all manner of neuromuscular activity throughout my body. "What the heck..." I decided, "I've used my body as a laboratory for the last 40 years. Why not test the laser device by placing it on the lower belly?" The staging area for my nightly energy build up!

I set it to its most general selection and immediately felt a quantifiable intensification of Kundalini energy coursing through me, which increased neuromuscular activity by a factor of three. This continued during the twenty-five minutes I remained in a deep Theta state.

Earthing, or Grounding
Earthing is even more interesting. Why? Because a Scalar Wave Lasar costs upward of $2000, requires batteries  charging, and maintenance while Earthing equipment is passive and, depending on the equipment you select, costs a mere $100-200. Yet, its effect on my body when I am grounded (using a piece of their grounding equipment) is as powerful as the Scalar Wave Laser.

Grounding works like this:
Throughout history humans walked barefoot and slept on the ground. But modern lifestyle, including the widespread use of insulative rubber- or plastic-soled shoes, has disconnected us from the Earth’s energy and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground. Fascinating new research has raised the possibility that this disconnect may actually contribute to chronic pain, fatigue, and poor sleep that plague so many people. 
The remedy for the disconnect is simple. Walk barefoot outdoors whenever possible and/or sleep, work, or relax indoors in contact with conductive sheets or mats that transfer the energy to your body. People who do on a regular basis say they sleep better, feel better, and have more energy during the day.  This simple practice is called Earthing, also known as grounding, and it is both a technology and a movement which is transforming lives across the planet.

All of which goes to show that these devices, at least the ones I mention here, do work. I first noticed the effects of outside-in, as opposed to inside-out energy sources, that affect my body after taking a Ginseng supplement back in the early nineties. Why shouldn't the awakened Kundalini respond to other energy sources? Food, of course, stimulates Kundalini. I've discussed the subject many times in my books. But this was something different. I felt like a human energy detection machine. Get near to or ingest an energy substance and I could quantify its power and value. Why not? That's what Kundalini is all about — refining internal energy sources, and in the future, possibly discriminating among external sources. Again, vibration picking up on the frequency of other vibrations.

I've never been inside a nuclear facility, but I have been in a large automotive plant. Upon entering the plant, I started to feel like Superman when he's exposed to kryptonite, as if this factory's electro-magnetic field was draining the energy out of my body. I had to get away.

It's empirically clear to me that some substances/energies are toxic and some are benign. Would that each one of us could detect these properties! We might have an altogether different appreciation of the environmental issue if we could feel toxicity in our bones. Imagine how we might  be moved to recalibrate our thinking on wild life were we able to feel the effects of encroaching development on the remaining pockets of wilderness! Imagine being able to feel the negative effects of junk food at time of ingestion, instead of waiting for diabetes to set in! It's a matter of sensitivity. I have made myself into a test device; I like it that way.

Now onto several external sources of stimulation I have recently encountered:

  1.     Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)
  2.     PPM Mouthguard

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)
I have talked with MAT trainers and watched them work on my son for various basketball injuries. Jason, one of the trainers I talked with, tells me it's difficult to explain. The trick, he says, is in the doing. You won't understand the effects through any cognitive process. Only after treatment do you get feedback from the body. Exactly how my 40 years of Kundalini has transpired — continually using the body as a testing ground. Not settling for intellectualization. David, another trainer, says it's all 1s and 0s, as in computer programming. Touch a certain muscle in a certain way and it responds. I won't go into the details; the above links contain overkill information. Nevertheless, I understood immediately that they don't treat symptoms, they treat causes, something that Western medicine has severely neglected, especially when you consider these recent findings on surgical intervention:
Joint pain, Function not Always Better after Surgery (Reuters Health) - "Only about half of people who have a knee or hip replaced see meaningful improvements in pain and disability in the months after surgery, a new study from Canada suggests.
Researchers found people who had worse knee or hip pain to begin with, fewer general health problems and no arthritis outside of the replaced joint were more likely to report benefits. 
"'I think this study really represents the general picture that often people do not have arthritis in just one joint,' said Elena Losina, an orthopedic surgery and arthritis researcher from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston."
PPM Mouthguard theory
The first PPM device* I encountered cost $700; they had to be specially fitted by a dentist. That was two years ago. Since then they've come up with a do-it-yourself model that costs only $30. I bought one and tried it. I wanted to see if my ability as an energy detector also covers this sort of device. I want to see if it affects my Kundalini and if it improves Strength, Balance, Explosive Speed, Agility, Endurance, and Recovery, as touted on their website. Like Earthing,  the science behind this device also has its roots in anthropology in that it harks back to the time before eating utensils were developed:
Archaeological evidence suggests that most human beings had an edge-to-edge bite, similar to apes. In other words, our teeth were aligned liked a guillotine, with the top layer clashing against the bottom layer. Then, quite suddenly, this alignment of the jaw changed: We developed an overbite, which is still normal today. The top layer of teeth fits over the bottom layer like a lid on a box.
This change is far too recent for any evolutionary explanation. Rather, it seems to be a question of usage. An American anthropologist, C. Loring Brace, put forward the thesis that the overbite results from the way we use cutlery, from childhood onwards.
What changed was the adoption of the knife and fork, which meant that we were cutting chewy food into small morsels before eating it. Previously, when eating something chewy such as meat, crusty bread or hard cheese, it would have been clamped between the jaws, then sliced with a knife or ripped with a hand -- a style of eating Professor Brace has called "stuff-and-cut." 
The model I have is for non-contact sports, such as golf, tennis, Yoga, track and field, skating running, etc. It works by realigning the jaw to permit a greater flow of air.
more oxygen means more endurance and strength
PMM mouthguard
In addition to the above factors the manufacturers say they have tested, I would like to see them do some Accuracy testing, as in golf drives, archery, basketball free throws, etc. If my hunch is correct, by optimizing neuromuscular alignment both MAT and the PPM device should improve bodily symmetry, which in turn, should affect accuracy. So much of this emerging science has not been developed in the lab, but through intuitive hunch during years of on-the-job experience — individuals working empirically with 1s and 0s in the laboratories of their own bodies.

Material science is falling behind. Kundalini, Scalar Lasers, Earthing, MAT, PPM are in the vanguard of utilizing vibrational energy and neuro-energetic stimulation in order to improve health and human potential and offer alternatives to medical procedures that often bring no respite. In the future, it seems certain that medical treatment will include some sort of vibrational therapy, synchronizing of vibrations to re-calibrate faulty organs.

* The entire 2010 Super Bowl winning New Orleans Saints football team was outfitted with a PPM device.


  1. Fascinating post. I learnt a lot. This stuff needs to be tried out. I am glad you focussed on grounding techniques. Grounding is very very essential throughout the process and it took me about 5 months into my process to find someone that guided me in that direction. It has been very helpful ever since.

  2. Are we discussing the same thing, Vivek?

    Perhaps not. Grounding is another name for Earthing, which is actually connecting the body up to the Earth via some sort grounding mechanism, bare feet or a ground wire. Earthing complets an actual electrical circuit to connect the body with the Earth's naturally electrical energy. Is that what you meant by Grounding?

  3. When I refer to grounding, I mean standing on dirt in my bare feet and allowing excess energy to pass through me into the ground. I actually feel a flow of energy going down through my feet into the ground. This leads to a sense of emptying and relief at having passed the energy down into the earth. Mostly, it is a lot of excess heat and worked up by-product after the energy has done it's work in my spine.

    Initially, the energy would do it's work and stay in my body. In my naievete, I would do whatever I could to increase this flow. Listen to music, use caffeine and I thought by speeding up the process I was helping the energy. This caused more pain and trauma especially to the physical body and internal organs. I was in a psychologically agitated state for many days afterwards. Until I found grounding (or what I call grounding...releasing energy into the ground) and then the excess energy was removed on a regular basis. This led to a lot of calm and peace and fewer psychological episodes of agitation and/or mental anguish.

  4. I learned about Earthing from our cleaning lady (everyone in CA is into alternative lifestyles). You and I were referring to the same thing with slightly different takes on the subject. My understanding is the energy travels the other way: from the Earth into the body as opposed from the subject (you or I) into the earth.

    I purchased a half-sheet and a mat (for use while at the computer) on her recommendation. The sheets and mats come with a ground tester so you can find out if your electric sockets are really grounded (lots of three-terminal sockets aren’t actually grounded). Kits include a special cable, one end of which attaches to the sheet or mat, the other to the ground terminal-only in a wall socket or to a spike you drive into the earth. Once installed, and you touch bare skin to the mat, it conducts the Earth’s natural energy (telluric current) into you body, which our use of rubber and plastic soled shoes has eliminated from our lives... My wife cannot feel the energy, but I can, as a faint tingle. I would suppose that your Kundalini means you have the same sensitivity.

    I find it harmonizes my vibrational frequencies with the Earth's vibrational frequencies. I think that may be what was happening when you started walking barefoot. Anyway, it's a way of remaining grounded inside a house or apartment. Read this...

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